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so once upon a time long ago i advanced a concept of a tv show and started working on it, and lately i revisited it and went 'yes i like lots of this but other things do not snag me as they should TIME TO FIX IT'

SO Cabin Fever remains very similar in most ways but also changed in some others and agh I just want to write more of it or for it to be real either of the above

not that i have actually done a great deal but here is the little bit i have done because i would like to share it with you guys for hey also happy things are happening purposes

Cabin Fever.

Tagline: Humanity went to space, but they took all their monsters with them.

After Earth finished fighting the Unification War, they looked back to the stars, to the planets they had found that could support life. And to one of them, they sent a ship full of cryo’d settlers for this new world. Manned by a skeleton crew comprised mostly of convicts serving out their life sentences in exchange for a fresh start once they reach this new world, the Dauntless is 27 years into that journey. There are adults now on board who don’t remember Earth.

And there are children of convicts who don’t believe that they should be treated as criminals simply because of their parentage.

Ciara Andrews (Archie Panjabi) is their leader, and she’s willing to go to any lengths to obtain equal treatment for all. Finley Collins (Anthony Stewart Head) will go any lengths to ensure that the ship’s power structure remains as it is, certain that upsetting it would lead to chaos they cannot afford. His daughter, right hand, and assumed successor Shay (Eva Green) has to determine what she truly believes.

But there’s more going on than any of them realize. The ship is coming alive in ways no one could have predicted and dying in others, the journey more wearing than expected.

And humanity may want to find the stars, but nobody ever asked the stars if they wanted to be found.

from the tags on the tumblr post this originally happened upon, because i don't feel up to cleaning up the information and presenting it in a coherent fashion right now:

#also starring: #sarah shahi as the ship #alona tal as archie's younger sister (from another father) #a mechanic who falls in love with the ship #michael shanks as a super important revolutionary #originally he was the ciara analogue but i looked at it and went nah #i like it better with these two ladies #i'm not sure who but two awesome ladies as codependent sisters #jimmy jean-louis as a wisecracking hacker #part of me misses the specific james/liam iteration of the relationship between the two leads #but i actually think the dynamic between shay and ciara while similar some ways #will be awesomer in others #james mcavoy as one of the top security officers and a total sweetheart #natalie morales as the ship's doctor #OTHER PEOPLE #awesome people #revolutionaries everywhere! #actually revolution is technically only the first season #i have a four season layout #season 1: revolution #season 2: reconstruction/what the hell why are we being attacked by aliens #season 3: salvation in unexpected forms #season 4: godkillers #hi #i have a lot of feelings about this story

and written for meto:

Lethe loves space. It’s the only thing bigger than her, her body of a ship her ship of a body pulled together by metal struts and pins that by themselves run bigger than any small human body. Space is always there, pushing back against her, stretching out into infinity.

When she is in her small human body she finds it terrifying, though, wonders how the others can stand in the observation rooms and watch it go past. They are so small, pinned against the endless dark. How can they not see that her metal body is the only thing separating them from an end that is so permanent she does not know words for it?

“We do know,” Mary says when she asks, palm spread against the glass of the window, watching the stars. “And of course we’re scared. But it’s beautiful.”

“Even when you are this small?” Lethe asks, still standing well away from the window. (That would make no difference, should this structural support give. She would be tossed out into the emptiness and there would be no return.)

“Especially when we are this small.” The smile on Mary’s face is like the stars themselves. Lethe does not know how else to categorize it. 

meto i am totally writing you more things as soon as finals are doooone i am also super open to the idea of prompts or whatever because i want to do exploring in this and sort out the changes and how they work over spring break yes
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