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8D 8D I'm still in love with the concept and the storyline all this time later so I think that is a good sign!

NUMBERS ARE MY ACTUAL NEMESIS but I don't think it's very high numbers. Probably around a hundred higher level people, maybe three times that for convicts. Most of them are still alive since it's only been twenty years and when they could they chose people still fairly young. Men are overrepresented because they're overrepresented in the criminal population in general. Kids were planned for - they actually encouraged families going together if possible, since the concept was "serve out your sentence on the ship where you'll have a life instead of being in prison and then be totally free once you guys settle the planet in like... fifty years".

Pretty much everyone is totally cool with waking the sleepers because they were hand picked to start a colony and do basically all the heavy work - once they get there they'll have no specific duties left and a lot of them plan to just sort of fade into the background and live their lives. Which is actually where some of the conflict among the convicts comes from, because a lot of them are like aghhh IF YOU JUST KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN we'll be totally free in thirty more years and no one will notice us at all but if you keep making trouble now you can bet they will AND ALSO some of us might wind up dead before then at this rate SO STOP

there are probably a couple of them who think about the idea that if they don't wake anyone up they'll have an entire planet to themselves but they'll also have to do all the heavy lifting to get it livable so nahhhh
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