Feb. 18th, 2011

be_themoon: I want a better world. By me. (Writing: if nothing else)

one: that one massive project of mine, a mix and exposition for an original project so I can get it out of the way and shoved into a To Write Much Later folder. the only constant (being change), a monster squad mix.

two: we should talk about The Eagle, I feel. and write awesome fic for it! you guys, there is a kink meme! it is tiny, and you all know my hang-ups with porn (I project my privacy issues EVERYWHERE), but I am hopeful that there will also be awesome fic that is not in fact all about the sex! I want more book verse Esca/Marcus/Cottia fic! I want more movie verse Esca/Marcus fic, and how eventually they meet up with Cottia and maybe they all head into the far wilderness somewhere else and are awesome forever? I DUNNO. I JUST WANT FIC. CAN THERE BE FIC. Can we talk about how much fun this movie is and how utterly gay it was and how I am already vidding it? (It is totally just a draft until I get actually decent source. Yes.) and how apparently there needs to be road warriors post-apocalyptic AU fic?


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