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I'm going to go with it was good, though it is hard to tell through my haze of "WTF OMG WTF".

the icon meme is going around again! I got it from [personal profile] sophinisba this time. :D

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

She gave me:

Keywords: BSG: Athena: fists like lightning
Comment: heart like a highway: by phuck
I love Athena - out of all the BSG ladies, she is probably my second-favorite (there is no escaping from the awesome that is Kara Thrace). But Athena is awesome in a completely different way, really. Really, I love all the 8's. Boomer was tough, and cocky, and she got broken horribly. But Athena! She adopted a family and then she stuck to it through thick and thin. She was incredibly loyal, and she never pulled punches, and she didn't accept other people's dismissal of her. I was so, so happy she got a happy ending, I can't even. ATHENA, darling!

Keywords: LotR: Eowyn: dignity in despair
Comment: remember brighter days: by unknown
Eowyn! She and Galadriel were my first Awesome Ladies, back when I was 10 and read LotR for the first time. (I added Luthien to the list not long after, and several others.) But the important thing here is clearly Eowyn, and her inferiority complex. For someone who didn't write women much at all, Tolkien wrote some very lovely and varied ladies. As for her becoming a healer at the end, I think it's wonderful. It's not because she's a woman - it's because she's conquered the craving she had for glory and fame and death. It's because she was healed herself and now she wants to help others. I have no doubt that she remained fully competent in matters of warfare. I have had 7 years of finding Awesome Ladies since I first found Eowyn, but she'll always have a place very close to my heart.

Keywords: STXI: Uhura: lady alone
Comment: armed with awesome: by be_theicons
Guys, it's UHURA. Genius linguist! Competent, calm, cool and collected! Anyone who does languages has my whole-hearted respect and adoration. She is so capable of taking care of herself, and I love that she just keeps turning Kirk down and rolling her eyes and being completely awesome. I am crossing my fingers that she'll get a much bigger role in the second film, because I want more of her, always. I find it only logical that Spock would want to date the smartest and most attractive linguist in the school.

Keywords: Leverage: team: OMG HIDE
Comment: mom and dad will kill us if they find out: by elena_hepburn
Parker & Hardison & Eliot! <333 I adore the family dynamic on Leverage, it's one of my favorite things about it, and I love that these three bicker and squabble and poke and prod at each other like siblings. I love how comfortable they become with each other, and how in Season 2 they all call Sophie at various times, and how they back each other's plays and run around being awesome and instinctively knowing what each other need and worrying about each other. I love Parker and her crazy, and Eliot and his scary, and Hardison and his geekiness, and that's just stripping them down to their very bare essentials. Parker poking at Eliot's arm! "Does it hurt?' "Yes!" "Does this hurt too?" 'YES." they are LOVELY.

Keywords: Narnia: Susan: fire at will
Comment: a shore and safe place for my shipwreck: by mowd_icons
I love Susan. This... isn't really much of a surprise, I'd guess. I identify with her a lot, and I love that in the Prince Caspian movie she got to be badass and tough and demonstrate that she's not a fainting flower or something silly like that. I'm not going to start on my issues with C. S. Lewis and how he treated Susan, but I am going to say SUSAAAAAAN you are beautiful and wonderful and strong and you survived so much! I will miss you in Dawn Treader a lot. :(

Keywords: Misc: Pic: no good reason to act her age
Comment: and every reason to remain free: by malignantdaisy
I initially got this just because of the text, because it is a perfect fit for me. I really see no good reason to act my age - whether I'm acting older or younger depends on the day and situation. I later found out that the picture is of Romana II from Doctor Who, which is wonderful. I'm going to watch all of the Romana episodes when I can find them, because I think she sounds wonderful. In the meantime, her all dressed up (in some pretty awesome clothes) and with the perfect text shall remain my default icon.

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