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 still pretty miserable. headache-y and not good in general. at least I am no longer nauseous? mostly? this is so stupid. 

I've been meaning to do this since Remix went live but have been kind of sick most of that time. 

He That Outlives This Day was written for me. It's a remix of my HP fic How Do They Rise Up, and it is FANTASTIC. It takes the same story and goes at it from Padma's perspective instead of Hermione's. Thoughtful and beautiful and lovely. I have been so lucky with Remix authors. Every time so far, they've just turned out the most amazing remixes of some of my favorite works. <3333 Read it. It's beautiful.

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 can't stop throwing up, feel like hell frozen up and warmed over, etc. etc. I've literally got myself set up with my laptop and water and pot in the bathroom. 

cheering things?
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 oh god oh god I can't decide what college to go to I can't deciiiiiiiiiide

clearly I should read No Man's Land instead, this is a good life decision, amirite?


I am incapable of making important decisions. 


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so yesterday I got like twelve hours of sleep. I feel properly alive for the first time in weeks.


spoilers for Justice League: Generation Lost 24 )

in other news, I finally dumped my icons. 41 icons in assorted fandoms (predominantly DCU, especially Batgirl) can be found here on LJ and here on DW.


(And suddenly I realize who I need to icon: HAWKEYE, MY LOVE. Young Avengers is basically my only Marvel love.)

I would also like to note that Nikita is a really freaking courageous show. sorta spoilery )
Re: real life. *sigh* Crushes are just so inconvenient, especially when you are almost definitely leaving the country in three months and not coming back for a year but still kind of want to try to date someone. Like, really kind of want to. Feelings are just too much trouble, I swear.
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statistics group meeting (done! oh my god somebody else in this group actually DO SOMETHING, please, that would be awesome)
rehearsal dinner!
bachelorette party!

running around madly, basically. One of my best friends (I have known her for... twelve years now? A reaaaaallly long time) is back in state for the first time in 8 months, and it is to get married! We have been reminiscing a lot, and filling party favors a lot, and the others have been stressing out while I do my normal "oh look a crisis how can we fix this?" thing. (It... frustrates people. They don't like how calm I get under pressure, because they are panicking.) 

and then tomorrow is theoretically free, but we're all going to be doing stuff for the wedding still, and then the wedding itself is Sunday! and then I won't see Lea again for a long time. :( 

Someday I'll have to tell you guys some of the stories from our youth, because we were imaginative and ridiculously awesome and we played some of the most fun RP games eveeeeer. (Princes almost died under chandeliers! We were lost royalty! Esther played an assassin once (with a convoluted plot to murder the princess by dropping a chandelier on her, natch). And that's not even getting into the stories of the tricks we played on each other (and on one memorable occasion, my mom played on Esther and Lea). 

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HEY GUYS. In the spirit of "JOB HUNTING COLLEGE INTERVIEWS MY BACK IS ON FIRE FROM CRAMPS" I would like to present meme-time.

Give me a fandom (or preferably a character or a pairing, or a group of characters if you want to be specific, especially if it's a large cast, it actually might be easier if you do it this way) and I’ll make a genderswap graphic with people from the opposite sex that I think could play those parts.


I have a list of fifteen characters. All are women. Ask me questions, or give me scenarios involving those characters. (Like: What does 7 think of 12? What happens when 3, 10, and 6 form a band?) I will answer them, and hilarity will ensue.


Jan. 19th, 2011 06:08 pm
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+ still sick! but I'm pretty sure everyone is. :P

+ PRIMEVAL, OMG. This season is killer.

+ White Collar has returned! JOY, etc. And I just remain so pleased that though Neal and Peter are the main characters, they really utilize everyone they've got. Jones and Diana and Sara and Elizabeth aren't just tossed out. Which :D (P.S. LOLZ NEAL TRYING TO FIGHT.)

+ Nikita soon? Yes? I thought it was tomorrow, but I'm not seeing any place saying that. Maybe next week.

+ So they're adapting Being Human to America/Canada. I've watched about half the first season of the UK version and loved it (and then got busy and couldn't finish it).some of it spoilery )

+ The Cape is out - very classic superhero, etc. I'm watching for Summer Glau, but the story is interesting enough that I'm not pulling out anyways. At least not yet.

+ I have had my first and second day of classes, and seen all four. I think I'm going to enjoy them (well, not Statistics much, but I won't hate it). I already know one of my teachers is awesome, and the other three all seem very engaging and fun, and the subjects are ones I really like. So yay!

and lastly, this meme is going around again, and I can never resist it.

Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any or all of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, and possibly a short excerpt as well.

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I have seen Dawn Treader, and I loved it. Bit of a hurry, so I'll just copy-paste what I wrote over on NFFR.

Loved loved loved it.
Spoilers. )

In other news, my dad is apparently going to have "minor surgery" to clear up an infection? I don't know! Nobody tells me anything around here. FML. Off to park, perhaps running around and throwing things will help.

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so I really haven't been updating, um, almost at all.


TV: I am keeping up on - uh, nothing? I kept up on Merlin! at least the last three weeks. and enjoyed the finale very much, while being amused at the weird mixing up of myths going on (as always). Sam and Kat have found Psych through my older brother and are devouring it, so I've seen random episodes of it while they're watching. It's really, really fun, and relaxing, though it totally hits my embarassment squick buttons all the time. some Glee, too, though I tend to skip loads of it and mostly watch the Kurt parts and the music.

my dad: came home tonight. He's exhausted and not feeling well, and I'm kind of unsure as to how this is going to work without us all feeling a deep desire to murder things, but at least he's out of the hospital.

college applications: in process.

other stuff: I'm doing puppeteering every night this week for this thing my church runs. my choir concert is this Sunday. finals are next week, but they shouldn't be that hard (not cumulative, yay!). Mostly I just want to get this school year and my applications done and turned in, and then watch TV for ... a REALLY LONG TIME. Law and Order: UK! (JAMIE AND FREEMAAAAAAA.) The Good Wife! (KALINDA.) Supernatural! (fairies, I hear!) Psych! the whole way through this time! The Event, which I am deeply behind on. .... that might be it. I can't remember. (OMG DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL SOOOOOON.)

other things I will be so happy to have more time for! the 3-sentence ficathon. :DDD GUUUUYS IT IS SO MUCH FUN and so low-key and stress relieving and beautiful. Come play with me!
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After a downright awful day due to mood swings, this is just what I needed. (Actual tears over how happy I am this movie is coming out, you guys. ROSEMARY SUTCLIFF.)

having watched this trailer some seven times now (no shame, y'all), I can report that the euphoria is remaining. 

ETA: just realized I should do actual update. too tired and still kind of upset to say much, but my grandfather had a temporary recovery and now appears to be going downhill again. It's very likely he'll die soon. My father will hopefully be getting heart surgery soon after Thanksgiving. I'm staying on schedule for NaNo just barely. Mostly stuff is kind of crazy.
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 so I'm home! Uh. I don't really know what to say. it was amazing? I had a fabulous time with Wyrm and Z, as I'm sure you've all gathered. :D I am completely in love with colleges.

my dad's in the hospital with what appears to be pneumonia and an atrial fibrillation (?), which is better than the initial possible diagnosis of congestive heart failure! he should be out soon, which is good.

Mostly I'm just really really tired. Um. Meto, I've finally finished the rough draft of my T:SCC vid? I dunno if you're still having computer issues, but if you aren't maybe you could give it a look-over for me? Or other people who watch T:SCC and can give me any feedback on the vid. 

And that's about it. I'm exhausted, and happy, and have to study for an astronomy quiz tomorrow morning, and set up when I take the quizzes I missed with my professors, and all sorts of stuff. I think I could use some more sugar. *goes to find the gingersnap dough*

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tonight I met 5 people from Fight Club, and it was epic, and also everyone should read The Demon's Lexicon. and apparently Diana Duane's books too.

I dunno if I'll be able to go home.
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 because I have to learn not to procrastinate, am feeling incredibly stressed and a little bit freaked out. paperwork! airplanes! packing! no time to do anything tomorrow! homework! transcription!

*deep breaths* 

So - well, very very busy, and then gone until Wednesday the 20th. <3333 love you guys! catch you on the flip side.
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 1. L&O:UK last week was excellently done, SO GOOD in an artistic sense and Bamber gave a fantastic performance, and also it took a jackhammer to my triggers. but it was also sort of cathartic? I don't know if I can explain it.

2. awwwwww to SPN 6x02. I think I may be in the minority of my flist in that I am really enjoying S6 so far. it is sort of nuts, but I expect no less of my SPN! and we get Cas back next week, which is cool. :D

3. Z AND WYRM, IN EIGHT DAYS. <333 part of me cannot believe this is actually going to happen. :D

4. a friend of mine was pretty seriously ill these past few days - he hadn't been feeling good for a while, and then he went into the hospital and then it wasn't salmonella or e. coli like they thought and they were like TESTS and it was kind of crazy to get the news thirdhand, especially since someone was like "they are testing for cancer!". They finally found what it was, and it should be relatively easy to cure, so thank goodness for that. but yeah, that was not cool. 



Sep. 24th, 2010 02:11 pm
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First, the internet at my house has been being awful recently, so I may be pretty absent in the next several days. UGH UGH UGH so annoyiiiiing. 

So, TV stuff! 

The Event pilot. 
3/5? maybe a 4/5? )
Supernatural S6 premiere tonight! I look forward to watching it tomorrow. :D

What else? L&O has been back, though I have to wait another week for the episode all about Matt. (MATT <3333). I am hopeful that we will get a lot more this season about his fantastic boss Harriet, because I adore everything I've gotten about her so far. 


I think I have a new Show. )


Well, just 3. Cold War by emthiessen on LJ, a video around the Doctor Who S5 finale. GORGEOUS. "This is a cold war, do you know what you're fighting for?" You guys know how the finale gets me - this vid is all about WHY, I guess. 

I have not, in fact, abandoned SPN, despite my love for Nikita. Man With A Thousand Faces, a Gabriel vid. OH GABRIEL. Sometimes I just adore you. :(

When You Were Young, another Doctor Who S5 vid, because apparently when you put Doctor Who to The Killers I will fall over myself to watch it. Oh Amy&11! "We're burning down the highway skyline on the back of a hurricane that started turning when you were young." I LOVE THEM SOOOO.

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 Things I have been up to in RL - mailing in voting registration! going through stacks of college info! I have a list of 5 colleges I'm almost definitely applying to - Yale, Brown, Adelphi, Tulane, and U of C, which about fifteen other colleges I'm going to look through to bring that up to 8 total. 

Flist, you are fantastic, by the way. Out of the five colleges I am definitely applying to, my flist is either going to or knows people at four of them. I am like this \o/ at how amazing you are, and how kind and helpful. <33333

Also I am joining a rock climbing team most likely, as of tomorrow! So that'll be interesting. Hopefully with instruction and frequent guided practice I'll be able to start getting V3's, which would be fabulous. (I will also possibly be competing. Ack!)

Fannishly I am fairly quiet. I shall probably be signing up for the xover_exchange, and I have to finish my two help_pakistan projects (A;TLA fic and T:SCC vid), but other than that I won't be doing much. Watched the first episode of this season's Merlin and just couldn't get into it except for a few moments, which made me sad. I might keep trying, but I don't watch TV when it feels like a chore more than anything. 

On the other hand, L&O: UK has a new episode! Jamie Bamber and Freema Aygeman on my screen again was a delight, and the rest of the cast is pretty great too. The episode was kind of horrifying but also quite well done, and I enjoyed it a lot. Pity there's so little of it. :(

Off to do homework and SAT prep! Maybe I shall cook today too, if I can get it in before I go to Teen Court.

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 am sick and exhausted. Feverish with a sore throat and achy joints all over. Yay. 

Flist, may I request cheering up? I tried using yesterday's White Collar, but that didn't work out so well. (TRAUMA.)

I had stuff I was going to talk about, but I'm having trouble remembering what.
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 So this Tuesday starts my senior year of high school. The fall is going to be interesting - I'm only taking three dual-enrolled classes (Astronomy, American History to 1876, and Pre-History to Medieval Humanities), but I have to study for the SAT, the ACT, and the World History, Literature, and Mathematics Level I SAT Subject Tests. Also get applications for colleges together, and figure out where I want to go. I'm a big fan of Yale and Brown, and my chances are a lot better now that [redacted awesome news not allowed to tell until Wednesday], but I still really need to have third and fourth and fifth choices (I don't particularly want to apply to more than five schools, but I will if necessary). Hopefully I'll be visiting colleges some weekend this fall, which should help me figure out. Part of the problem in finding the schools I want to apply to is that - well, I have no idea what I'm going to major in. If I do Social Work, I would go to grad school for it, so my majors in college are wide open. Aaaaah.

Also, I really, really like teaching people. It's in my genes, guys! All girls in my family are doomed to teach. :P This Friday at co-op, I went in so that they wouldn't have to come back and pick me up before going somewhere else, and one of the Chemistry students had forgotten to do his homework, so I sat down and helped him with it. It was loads and loads of fun, and I don't even really like Chemistry. I just... enjoyed teaching it to someone. I didn't even mind that it was taking over an hour of my limited computer time that day. 

Okay - in the next few months, you can expect my NFE, one White Collar vid, and one as yet unknown fanfic and vid (from help_pakistan). And then I'll probably be pretty quiet on the creation front for a while, though I might do some casual vidding for relaxing purposes.

(AAARGH can I be 18 now stop it LJ with the adult notifications it is less than two months!)

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Excuse me, I have to go flail over how ridiculously awesome fandom is. help_pakistan is doing quite swimmingly! Bidding has started now - I'm offering one 1K fanfic here and 1 fanvid here. Starting bids $1 on each. For those of you who have money and are looking to buy, you can also check out the delicious account for the auctions, where you can search by type offered, fandom, etc. 

Flist, your response alone was awesome. <33333 I loooove you guys. 

The only other thing currently of interest is the pattern I've been figuring out - when I'm in a happy phase, I can't sleep - when I'm in a down phase, I sleep for HOURS and HOURS. I would find this more amusing if waking up three or four times every night (I can remember three distinct dreams from last night alone) didn't make me inclined to be snappy and crankish. Can I not just enjoy being happy, body?

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 Head over to help_pakistan, guys? The floods there have been really really bad, and the turn out so far is much too sparse. 

My thread is here. Offering words.


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