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Today: assorted everythings. (Technically it is the morning of Day 5. It's still night time for you guys so there! :P Day 5 post will come later.)


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Cassandra Cain

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Artemis Crock

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Martha Jones (who was technically my Day 3 additional lady but I forgot halfway through that I needed to do two extra ladies because I was doing two days)

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Ginny Weasley

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 So I'm trying desperately to finish, edit and submit my fic for the Narnia Fic Exchange this weekend, before Mary and Aidan get here. (OMG SO EXCITED)

Could I get some beta volunteers? The only bit you'd need to know is Voyage of the Dawn Treader, primarily bookverse. It's about 1,400 words right now, and it'll probably wind up around 2,000, maybe a little bit over. I'm not sure right now. It's trying to overshoot the limits I have. *eyes it* I don't have much time, so I doubt it'll get much longer than 2,000 words. 

I was rewatching Half Blood Prince, which always gives me an urge to write an epic post-DH fic about Malfoy and his family recovering and moving on. I just have a lot of Feelings about Narcissa and Malfoy, okay! A LOT OF FEELINGS. (Lucius I don't have much sympathy for, really.) I'm just pretty sure someone has done it better, so the few sentences I wrote before I was like "Betsy shut up and write NFE" are stuck in limbo with the Prentiss-in-hiding fic and Hardy-Boys-in-trouble fic. 

I want to get those done, hmmm. I think next year for Yuletide I'll see if I can sign up with the Hardy Boys.

cannot wait to see Deathly Hallow Part II. They were never as huge a part of my childhood as they were of so many people's, but everything I hear says it's a fantastic movie, and I think I'd definitely regret it if I didn't see it in theaters. 
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 still pretty miserable. headache-y and not good in general. at least I am no longer nauseous? mostly? this is so stupid. 

I've been meaning to do this since Remix went live but have been kind of sick most of that time. 

He That Outlives This Day was written for me. It's a remix of my HP fic How Do They Rise Up, and it is FANTASTIC. It takes the same story and goes at it from Padma's perspective instead of Hermione's. Thoughtful and beautiful and lovely. I have been so lucky with Remix authors. Every time so far, they've just turned out the most amazing remixes of some of my favorite works. <3333 Read it. It's beautiful.

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+ Today I had Christmas! my sister is leaving tomorrow and won't be back again for a long time, so we figured we would have Christmas this Sunday, complete with the traditional breakfast (Christmas Morning Coffee Cake, bacon, eggs, oranges/orange juice) and a tree and everything, which turned out really nice. :) We didn't do a lot of presents, but the ones we did were really good - a sweater, a lap stand for the laptop, a water bottle, and my sister got matching rings for all four of us girls. And then later at my grandmother's I got cash and a really nice necklace, and when we stopped by Whole Foods Market on the way home I got myself two boxes of tea, both green. I'm drinking one of them right now, it's quite nice. So yay!

+ School's wrapped up, except for my final in A. P. Gov., which is nice. School doesn't start again for me until January 20th, though I do have to get my books before that.

+ I'm working on the [ profile] apocabigbang and have quibbles about a few things. I want all of the Pevensies there, and I'm specifically going to be pretty vague about how they got there. And I really want to have Sam and Dean and Castiel, but part of me wants to use this as a midway point for the Dean and Cas we see in 'The End', because it would fit pretty well as a 'break them more!' thing. BUT. I really want Sam in on it. So maybe I'll hint that this happened in the alternate-timeline-that-Zachariah-created too? AGH. I don't know. (Pairings showing up so far in my vague outline. Sam/Lucy/Edmund, Dean/Castiel, Peter/Susan, past!Susan/Dean.)

+ just something I wanted to mention - one of my friends who has watched the old Trek series/movies recently watched XI and was like 'I loved it all except for Uhura - she wasn't RIGHT. she was too sharp!' and I just sat there and went 'wut?' she also objected to the Spock/Uhura relationship because it wasn't in the actual series. which. I dunno, it was just frustrating to me, because everyone (in RL that I've talked to) seems to be bringing Uhura down when she was ridiculously awesome and so on top of things. I loved her! why can't everyone else? :(

+ I've still been neglecting my f-list, which is sad. I'm going to get back on top of things this week, though. I have been reading everything on my f-list, just been really distracted and busy, even after NaNo ended (portfolio! tests! omg for a second there I panicked and was like 'I HAVEN'T TAKEN MY MATH FINAL' but no. no, that was last Thursday. whew!). this week is purely for relaxing and hanging out online with y'all and writing. it will be fabulous!

+ it is rec time! divided up!

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(so, I think I'm mostly back! Finals next week, some A.P. Gov left, nothing in Latin but my final exam, and I'm done! OMG YAY.)

okay, so. remember the three-sentence ficathon that everyone at your f-list has probably been talking about. yeah.

this is a story in which [ profile] grim_lupine and I make our best efforts to expose the entire fiction world of characters to Edmund Pevensie, because everyone should Edmund. ("NEEDS MORE EDMUND." "What does?" "EVERYONE.")

a fabulous saga )

Other things I've written this ficathon.

:DDD this is fuuuun! )
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Title: How Do They Rise Up
Characters/Pairings: Hermione & Padma, canon pairings
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A fair bit of remembering war.
When: Post-DH.
Summary: Hermione has always been good at analytical.
Disclaimer: Characters and world courtesy of J. K. Rowling. They're hers, in other words, not mine.
Author's Note: Beta-ing done by the amazing [ profile] torylltales & [ profile] marycontraire - huge thanks to both of them. The title, of course, is from the song that features heavily in Terry Pratchett's 'Night Guard', all copyright Pratchett. This is the longest piece I've ever done. Some notes - this is AU in that at some point Rowling did state that Hermione was the only one of the Trio to return to Hogwarts, which I kinda completely switched. Other than that, all canon pairings are in place, canon deaths, etc. Thanks for reading! Feed-back is loved.


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In random news of the day, my 3K HP fic... needs more. I'm still completely unsure of what this 'more' will consist of, but yeah.

Also Eccleston can act like nobody's business, and I really need to go find the DVD's and watch it on a TV screen proper-like.

And thirdly, I am so clumsy. In the past three days, apart from the normal requisite running into tables and chairs and benches and counters, I have also stabbed myself in the leg with part of a wicker laundry basket and stubbed my toe hard enough that it still hurts four days later. I have also fallen off a table. Don't ask.

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LJ is so QUIET. It is odd and driving me nuts!

Random HP fic is rapidly approaching two thousand words and... well, I don't know. We'll see. I'll send it off for beta-ing tonight probably ([ profile] marycontraire & [ profile] torylltales have both offered <333) and then we shall see.

ALSO. APPROPRIATE ICON IS APPROPRIATE. This has been my approximate mood all day. ALL DAAAAAY. I'm not sure if this is good or bad, I think good. Maybe.


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Anyone on my f-list interested in beta-reading an HP fic? Hermione-centered, Padma Patil as the other MC I suppose, currently somewhere around 1.5K and buildling. It won't be multi-chapter, just a one-shot, but it will be long. Mostly gen with some subtext and Hermione/Ron, some language, images of war, etc. Probably rated PG-13.

Rewards: my undying thanks, etc. etc., possible fic in the offing for you if you want one, etc. etc.
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If you're wondering why I'm over here in the corner crying, it's because of this.

Harry Potter fanfiction, about Neville's year at Hogwarts and the battle from his perspective. It's heartbreaking and yet terrifying hopeful at the end and OHGODIAMSOBBING does that make it clear enough how good this is? And I finished the last chapter at least fifteen minutes ago.

Also? I ship Michael/Terry SO HARD.

... apparently once I break through the first boundaries of my 'LOOK I JUST DON'T SHIP SLASH. REALLY' ... it all goes to hell?

BUT NO, SERIOUSLY. HOW CAN YOU NOT SHIP THEM? I mean, he was willing to kill him and *sobs* and I really don't think there's any way for me not to ship them, the amazing people that they are. No, seriously. Just read Chapter 18 (once you've read the others, of course!).

Also, we finally get a picture of what the Final Battle was really like, not just Harry around the edges, and it's just... see, this is why Rowling couldn't include that in the book, it would have been so much more angsty if she had.

Seriously. One of the very, very few fanfiction novel-length stories (WIP's or completed) that I've ever liked. In fact, the only other one is [ profile] bedlamsbard 's Dust which is, you know, HARDCORE LEVELS OF AWESOME. So...


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