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 Things that have been happening - me having alternatively a fantastic time and then freaking out quietly 'cuz of all the socialness. 

A lot of late night watching House with my dad, because my mom's been using the laptop a lot for her own work and so I have nothing to do late at night. 

Transcribing for my mom.

Far too much solitaire than is probably healthy.

A lot of Ultimate Frisbee and rock climbing (one or the other six days in a row last week!) 

Hey, I turn 18 in like two months! and my sister turns 21 in three days, and my other sister turns 16 in 3 months, and my younger brother turns 13 in three months too. All these significant birthdays! it's weird.

Rewatching the entire first season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles yesterday and today, mostly today due to the cranked-up-to-11 cramps I had. 

Uh, Teen Court yesterday, which was interesting.

How did it get to almost 12 again? Agh, I have to stop DOING this. Goodnight!

be_themoon: I want a better world. By me. (GK: Walt: no idea what we're doing)
 *facepalm* Am fairly certain my body doesn't even know the definition of good timing. But I am feeling pretty much all better today, which is good! Just the remnants of a sore throat. :D thanks for the good wishes, guys. 

okay! one not-fun-at-all thing (and possibly even triggering for sexual violence victims, due to his phrasing) - TWoP's Jacob says some really nasty things about Amy Pond (and looking at his recent recaplet of Vincent and the Doctor, he also uses the phrase "bipolar bullshit", which. Okay, I don't have the time tonight to discuss this, because I will melt down.)

In happier things!

Harborverse - I haven't talked about it in a while, but I've been poking at Part 2 for a bit, working out plot, and yesterday/today I figured out that I've been focused on the wrong area - Cedric isn't the focus of the story. It's really all about Holland, and I'm so pleased about that. I couldn't make her central before because I couldn't figure out what she was doing, but now she has a plot arc and a character arc, with joining the Provosts and various other Things, and I'm really excited to write her, and her with Cedric, and her with Awesome People of the Provost and Awesome Mafia Leaders and her with Magic Beings. And basically just excited to be writing original regularly again, omg. Donaghues, I have miiiiissed you. (Things I need to do - rewrite Part 1. Perhaps I will get the newest rough draft done for NaNo this year? I want to set a higher goal for myself, and it's really a completely different story than the original Part 1. Also rough drafted, which is crazy for me.) Yay writing! *flails hands* SO HAPPY.

So I watched an episode and a half of House with my dad tonight (yeah, I know, he watches House - it always surprises me, but I'm pretty sure it's more about the health things than anything). It was pretty fun! I don't think I'd watch it on a regular basis, but it was really nice to have something to do with my dad that we were both interested and active in - I think he liked that he got to explain most of the relationships and characters, as I only know the basics and character names, and that I was watching something with him. So yay!

I've friended several new people recently - for those of you who are relatively new, I'm Betsy (or Beth, or Elisabeth, or Be), I love writing and fandom and music, and in RL I exhibit many of the symptoms of bipolar disorder, which causes me problems. I dunno! It's pretty easy to figure me out, really. I love to talk to people, and chatter about fannish things. 

I HAVE SUCH AN AWESOME FLIST. <333333 You guys are just SO FUN and intelligent and smart and talented - it's really incredible. I love you guys so much, I really do. I've had some rough times lately, as you know, and your warmth and kindness have been indescribably helpful, as have you simply being your wonderful selves on my flist. 


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