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one: omg there is an alternate universe wherein Jo Harvelle is alive. with her own crew. travelling around being badass and amazing. tell me stories about this! Obviously Emily Prentiss is on her team. Inbetween careers, with nothing to do but wait and plan and scheme until she can take Ian down permanently, she falls into bed with Jo and then into her life. She keeps saying it's temporary, but Jo knows the hunting life, knows how it gets into your skin, digs in deep. She wonders if Jane/Karen/Tara/Carmen will really be able to walk away in the end. She wonders why she can't just walk away now. She never asks, though. She knows how people look when they're running from something. Maybe someday she'll even tell Jo her real name.

Who else is in this crew? I vote for Alex from Nikita! Perhaps Amy Pond and River Song drop by every so often. "Spoilers," they say apologetically. They leave as soon as the job is done, heading back to their own life.

omg Justice League: Generation Lost is almost done! I am so excited for the last issue, I cannot even.

ALSO: I feel like Cass and Wendy and Stephanie and Damian should make their own little club. Probably called something like "Hero Kids With Supervillain Parents". They could eat cookies and refuse to talk about their feelings and then kick some ass, with Wendy making snarky comments in their ears, the rush of the wind in their face as they swing across the streets of Gotham. Unstoppable. They are more than the sum of their parts. They are better than their parents ever were. They stared death in the face and they walked away from it, stronger for it. This is the heart of them - the hope for a better tomorrow. A place where nobody has to be them.

oh hai Remix. hm.

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