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+ still sick! but I'm pretty sure everyone is. :P

+ PRIMEVAL, OMG. This season is killer.

+ White Collar has returned! JOY, etc. And I just remain so pleased that though Neal and Peter are the main characters, they really utilize everyone they've got. Jones and Diana and Sara and Elizabeth aren't just tossed out. Which :D (P.S. LOLZ NEAL TRYING TO FIGHT.)

+ Nikita soon? Yes? I thought it was tomorrow, but I'm not seeing any place saying that. Maybe next week.

+ So they're adapting Being Human to America/Canada. I've watched about half the first season of the UK version and loved it (and then got busy and couldn't finish it).some of it spoilery )

+ The Cape is out - very classic superhero, etc. I'm watching for Summer Glau, but the story is interesting enough that I'm not pulling out anyways. At least not yet.

+ I have had my first and second day of classes, and seen all four. I think I'm going to enjoy them (well, not Statistics much, but I won't hate it). I already know one of my teachers is awesome, and the other three all seem very engaging and fun, and the subjects are ones I really like. So yay!

and lastly, this meme is going around again, and I can never resist it.

Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any or all of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, and possibly a short excerpt as well.

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 1) There is a guy at my gym who looks like this. (I have mentioned this before. Every time I say it, I wonder if he actually does look that much like him, and then I see him and come home and google James Murray again and go '... yeah, he really does.') Today he cut his hair, looked even more distractingly hot, and I spent far too much of my practice time ogling him. (I have such a crush/hero worship thing for him going on. It is sad. But it is not like I actually expect anything out of it, so we're all good!)

2) OW OW OW OWWWWWW hurt so much everywhere from team practice. But my technique is getting better, I can do actual push ups, hang off things a little longer, campus better, and I am so freaking close to that teal. (WANT. WAAAAANT. It just got it's rating - V3. WANT.)

3) We have weekly quizzes in Astronomy, graded on a curve. Today I got my results from last Thursday's. I got a 55% - 11 out of 20 questions answered right. My grade went UP 3 points to a 104% total. Whaaaat.

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 Things I have been up to in RL - mailing in voting registration! going through stacks of college info! I have a list of 5 colleges I'm almost definitely applying to - Yale, Brown, Adelphi, Tulane, and U of C, which about fifteen other colleges I'm going to look through to bring that up to 8 total. 

Flist, you are fantastic, by the way. Out of the five colleges I am definitely applying to, my flist is either going to or knows people at four of them. I am like this \o/ at how amazing you are, and how kind and helpful. <33333

Also I am joining a rock climbing team most likely, as of tomorrow! So that'll be interesting. Hopefully with instruction and frequent guided practice I'll be able to start getting V3's, which would be fabulous. (I will also possibly be competing. Ack!)

Fannishly I am fairly quiet. I shall probably be signing up for the xover_exchange, and I have to finish my two help_pakistan projects (A;TLA fic and T:SCC vid), but other than that I won't be doing much. Watched the first episode of this season's Merlin and just couldn't get into it except for a few moments, which made me sad. I might keep trying, but I don't watch TV when it feels like a chore more than anything. 

On the other hand, L&O: UK has a new episode! Jamie Bamber and Freema Aygeman on my screen again was a delight, and the rest of the cast is pretty great too. The episode was kind of horrifying but also quite well done, and I enjoyed it a lot. Pity there's so little of it. :(

Off to do homework and SAT prep! Maybe I shall cook today too, if I can get it in before I go to Teen Court.

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FIRST and most importantly as well! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] zempasuchil . I hope it is a fabulous one. :D I would write you things, but I am afraid that I am too busy. <33333 I shall make do with good wishes and cheer! LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS.

Speaking of busy: this Saturday my mom leaves for New Zealand. She'll be gone for a week attending my sister's wedding. My older sister is out West skiing with her boyfriend and his family. Essentially, this means that I'm in charge of meals, cleaning, school, and getting everyone (including me) to school/baseball/other places on time for a week. This will Not Be Fun, especially because both of my younger siblings are kind of jerks when it comes to cleaning. I do almost all of the cleaning in the house - they do some yard work on Saturdays and make lots of messes. (Yesterday night I found molded over steak in the back of the stove, which I had had no occasion to use or clean since last Friday. I had mistakenly assumed that others weren't just dumping dirty frying pans and plates in there.) When I ask them to clean, they don't. When I get angry at them because of that, they yell and say that I never do anything. At which point I go really quiet and kind of scary. It is not fun.

Also: ScriptFrenzy and Remix, same time. I can... totally do this? Uh. TOTALLY. well, I can, but it'll be tough. but I am SO PLEASED to be writing Cabin Fever, SO PLEASED you have no idea. I have been needing a new original fic project to distract me from wanting to turn to go nowhere with you into a whole 'verse.

Three tests recently - one today, one last Tuesday, one take-home due next Tuesday. Got a 61% on the Biology test, which is killing me inside. I just. GAH. It's definitely my fault, there. *facepalm*

Okay time for happy things. happy things like writing memes! TWO OF THEM. an old favorite and one picked up from fahye.

Ask me a question about one of my fics -- characters, plot, what happened before or after, what the writing process was like, what scenes I cut or changed, other ways the fic could have gone, relevant bits of backstory/headcanon/worldbuilding, what a certain line or scene meant or was in reference to, what various characters were doing offscreen, or anything else you can think of. Questions can be as silly/serious/sexy as you like.


Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, or something else that I want readers to know.

ETA: THAT'S IT I'M GOING HOME AND MAKING SOMETHING WITH SUGAR OR AT LEAST VAGUELY SWEET AND NOTHING CAN STOP ME I SWEAR TO GOD. *glitter rage meltdown* Shit, I knew I was heading towards this. It's what I was trying to avoid with cathartic sad TV, which worked but not as long as I'd hoped. Now I'm tired and crying in the school library for NO REASON whatsoever. goddamnit. I have a driving test tomorrow and I cannot fail it and. I just.

going home. making sugar. doing writing memes and fixing Pevensies/Winchester of Doom and I am going to HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND.
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Cabin Fever: Season 1 Episode Guide.

feel free to shake your heads sadly over my ridiculous state about something that doesn't exist.

also, if this was real I would want Season 1 James/Liam vidded to Kiss With A Fist by Florence + The Machine. yes, yes I am a little crazy today.

other things that aren't really that important: uhhh, I may have a research paper due in Psychology next week. That I haven't even actually picked the topic for. oh, crap. also, we are ALL STILL SICK, though I'm pretty much recovered. this thing is ridiculous.
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Watched Criminal Minds 5x12 )

agh agh agh. must stop procrastination. I've set myself a deadline of Monday to start whittling down on it, and I've been working on it a little bit over the holiday (not heading straight for the computer in the morning - cleaning up my room first, doing some other housework, getting food) and I mean, it's the holidays. procrastination then is understandable. but it does need to stop now. I need to get myself organized on Monday, I need to lay out a schedule, and while I can't stop the procrastination all in one fell swoop (that has NEVER worked), I can at least get myself started. and I need that.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be a nightmare. I've been almost completely isolated over the past three weeks (well, almost a month, actually), even partially from the internet (that's why I've been commenting at a pretty low rate and not posting almost at all) and it's been heaven. Jumping headlong back in (three classes and then choir) is going to feel a little like hell. Get through one week at a time. Reacclimate. I can totally do this. I am, however, totally looking forward to my classes. school & learning, OMG. yay!
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+ Today I had Christmas! my sister is leaving tomorrow and won't be back again for a long time, so we figured we would have Christmas this Sunday, complete with the traditional breakfast (Christmas Morning Coffee Cake, bacon, eggs, oranges/orange juice) and a tree and everything, which turned out really nice. :) We didn't do a lot of presents, but the ones we did were really good - a sweater, a lap stand for the laptop, a water bottle, and my sister got matching rings for all four of us girls. And then later at my grandmother's I got cash and a really nice necklace, and when we stopped by Whole Foods Market on the way home I got myself two boxes of tea, both green. I'm drinking one of them right now, it's quite nice. So yay!

+ School's wrapped up, except for my final in A. P. Gov., which is nice. School doesn't start again for me until January 20th, though I do have to get my books before that.

+ I'm working on the [ profile] apocabigbang and have quibbles about a few things. I want all of the Pevensies there, and I'm specifically going to be pretty vague about how they got there. And I really want to have Sam and Dean and Castiel, but part of me wants to use this as a midway point for the Dean and Cas we see in 'The End', because it would fit pretty well as a 'break them more!' thing. BUT. I really want Sam in on it. So maybe I'll hint that this happened in the alternate-timeline-that-Zachariah-created too? AGH. I don't know. (Pairings showing up so far in my vague outline. Sam/Lucy/Edmund, Dean/Castiel, Peter/Susan, past!Susan/Dean.)

+ just something I wanted to mention - one of my friends who has watched the old Trek series/movies recently watched XI and was like 'I loved it all except for Uhura - she wasn't RIGHT. she was too sharp!' and I just sat there and went 'wut?' she also objected to the Spock/Uhura relationship because it wasn't in the actual series. which. I dunno, it was just frustrating to me, because everyone (in RL that I've talked to) seems to be bringing Uhura down when she was ridiculously awesome and so on top of things. I loved her! why can't everyone else? :(

+ I've still been neglecting my f-list, which is sad. I'm going to get back on top of things this week, though. I have been reading everything on my f-list, just been really distracted and busy, even after NaNo ended (portfolio! tests! omg for a second there I panicked and was like 'I HAVEN'T TAKEN MY MATH FINAL' but no. no, that was last Thursday. whew!). this week is purely for relaxing and hanging out online with y'all and writing. it will be fabulous!

+ it is rec time! divided up!

one show, two vids, three fics, lots of poetry. )
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[ profile] movementmvt is [ profile] zempasuchil 's brainchild, and is awesome, though I'm pretty sure those two things are mutually inclusive. ANYWAYS. the idea is that fandom/academia is totally OTP, and that revolutions/movements are awesome. always. the lady herself says: "so I haven't done anything to it yet but KNOW THIS: It is a comm for your squee and content of the academia/fiction kind, of stories based on Movements (social, historical, literary, ideological, meaningful!) and Movements that stories should be based on. post/link to relevant fics, ask questions, share interesting information, generally have fun!" fandom/academiaaaaaa!11!!!one! in short, it is AWESOME and there will be fabulous discussion of fandom and academia and fantastic recs, so you should join in. because of awesomeness! inherent in the system!

In other much-less-exciting news, I got 108 on my latest math test. also, on my English midterm (which was an in-class essay) a 100/A+. With the comments "brilliant" and then at the end "I continue to be impressed with your high quality of writing and with the maturity of your ideas and expression. You are a true intellectual." The thing that makes this totally relevant? The essay was written in response to the prompt "What technology has changed your life, and how?" and I wrote about the internet and fandom. crossing the fandom/RL divide in academia! wheee! interestingly enough, tonight and last Monday we are working on writing in class an analysis/rebuttal of someone's essay that online communication is empty and meaningless and ruining our teenagers. yeah, I'm doing a rebuttal. whee!

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sick. possibly flu? not really sure. head hurts, bones hurt, throat hurts, you get the gist. not going to class tonight or tomorrow - hopefully I'm in shape for Friday.


I'm listening to Glee music  (the mash-ups from 1.06! both the boys and girls did such a fantastic job, and there's a boy's version of the Halo/Walking On Sunshine too! this is fantastic) and watching SPN. wow, you guys, how did one show get three of the most talented, handsomest actors on it? one show. it's ridiculous!
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Feeling better today. Time to show you the good stuff! because there totally is good stuff happening. :D

+ I got a 98% on my first college algebra test! yeah, I was really worried about that one, and so happy it turned out well.

+ Glee was fabulous this week. So was SPN, Merlin, and The Office. Yay!

+ I've been erasing a book called 'My Window Looks Down East' by Elinor Graham, a little bit at a time, for the past several weeks. I was really busy and thought I didn't have time to this last week, but I picked it up and did just a little bit last night and it really helped me cool down and relax. She's got such lovely phrases and words she uses - I want to show you the first page I did. It's not very long. :D

trees lose leaves
all the air burns
It is time to live transfiguration
and carry the memory through the winter.
This is that autumn
so let us walk a road a few hours in golden light
the sun's rays and flowers burnished bronze
a graceful simplicity
alone at once clearer
and more
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HOLY CRAP Y'ALL. It is possible that I have hair-line fractured one of my ribs simply from COUGHING two weeks straight.

It's at the least very badly bruised, hurts whenever I move. This is NOT GOOD. If it still hurts in a few days, I'll probably have to get it x-rayed.

In other, excellent news, MY MOM IS AWESOME. *squee* I told her how I was really getting frustrated because I didn't feel like I was actually learning anything NEW from any of my classes except for my science and math (both of which are the subjects I don't like nearly as much), and she agreed that I should go for something a lot more challenging next year. And this is where the up-side of homeschooling comes into play, because she's said that she would be willing to do a World History Course with me on British Colonization, which would be SO FLIPPING SWEET. It would mostly involve finding awesome books and reading them and discussing it and maybe writing some papers and stuff. AND LEARNING. LEARNING IS AWESOME.

She also suggested taking an AP English next year, maybe even along with the English 1.0 if I dual-enroll at Daytona State College (formerly DBCC). And I might do Physics, which would be interesting if completely INSANELY DIFFICULT.


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