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PRIORITY NUMBER ONE: punching the flu in the face

PRIORITY NUMBER TWO: keeping myself from dying of boredom and fever

PRIORITY NUMBER THREE: not move too much because of said flu and also because my right ribs hurt because i fell off a couch onto a coffee table yes i am a real adult. the best adult!

PRIORITY NUMBER FOUR: resolutely ignore family stuff because there is nothing i can do about it at the moment

PRIORITY NUMBER FIVE: read ALL THE COMICS mostly Flash ones because Wally West is legitimately fantastic guys

let me spam you really quickly here with his awesome

no look you don't understand he is RIDICULOUSLY GREAT )

hi guys how are y'all?
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First up! There were some beautiful things written for me recently.

written for me + two vid recs + comic rec )

stuff I've written recently )

And while I don't feel like tracking down all the stuff I wrote this year, I figure I might as well answer the end-of-year writing questions meme because why not?

talking about fic )

Um, I'm also going to declare this free-for-all on asking me anything about anything I've written. I kind of doubt there are questions, but if there are feel free to ask, or tell me that I got something wrong, or other stuff.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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 First, some recs!

Vialethe wrote some gorgeous Last Battle AU Susan/Edmund travelling the world. 

Beccatoria did a lovely DCAU Wonder Woman vid, "I'm Holding Out For A Hero."

[personal profile] settiai did a fantastic Doctor Who Rory/Amy vid, "You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate". THEY HAVE PERFECT FACES.

Someone wrote me a lovely Ramandu's Island fic for the Narnia Fic Exchange, This is not an ending. I've been bad and neglectful and am only now commenting on it, but I really enjoyed it.

Stuff by me that I never mentioned here! My Remix fic.

Secret Virtues (the Blackmail and Bars Remix)
Highlander: The Series. Amanda, Methos. Pretty much gen. 1,003 words.

Amanda and Methos are definitely my favorite two characters from Highlander, and I love their interactions in canon, so this was quite fun to write. It's a little bit silly. :P

I'm currently speeding through reading the Alex Rider series. (The school library has all of them but the second.) You guys, the level of psychological damage this kid is carrying after just four books is INSANE. I shudder to think of how totally broken he's going to be after 8. 

Communication levels here where I work: MINIMAL. We had a meeting three weeks after I got here where we were finally given a list of specific instructions for our jobs. Yeah. Before that we'd just been doing whatever we'd been told to do and not really knowing what we were supposed to do. I know. There was something on the list of specific duties about "checking the dorms every 30 minutes". I asked about it because I'd never been told to do that or seen anyone do that (including the two people telling me to do it), and they both looked at me and were like "Oh, nobody's told you that?" ... NO, okay, no, because nobody tells anybody anything in this hostel! 

But mostly work is going okay. I may be coming down with chicken pox? Aidan had shingles and I've been feeling kind of bad the past few days. Tomorrow I have all day off so I'm going to sleep a lot and drink a lot of water and hopefully feel better. (It probably hasn't helped that my stomach has once again hit the "oh dear god this food is awful" spot and can't take most of it. I'll have to go to the grocery store today after lunch and see if I can find something decent to eat.) 

Downloading takes so long on this connection.

I sort of love being pretty independent. :D And having money regularly. (Though I am trying to avoid spending most of it. My pay goes straight through to my card, and I try to only use the cash I get from vacuuming a lady's house on Friday's. :D)

I'm writing! I feel really happy about that. I think I'm going to do a "works in progress" meme sometime soon, because I keep fluttering between them and I could use the incentive to finish them. (It's kind of a bizarre list.)

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So I made a post picspamming all the comics ladies I have totally fallen in love with!

But due to coding issues I posted it only on LJ. Link is HERE. Please do check it out, and if you don't want to comment on LJ feel free to comment here instead!
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so yesterday I got like twelve hours of sleep. I feel properly alive for the first time in weeks.


spoilers for Justice League: Generation Lost 24 )

in other news, I finally dumped my icons. 41 icons in assorted fandoms (predominantly DCU, especially Batgirl) can be found here on LJ and here on DW.


(And suddenly I realize who I need to icon: HAWKEYE, MY LOVE. Young Avengers is basically my only Marvel love.)

I would also like to note that Nikita is a really freaking courageous show. sorta spoilery )
Re: real life. *sigh* Crushes are just so inconvenient, especially when you are almost definitely leaving the country in three months and not coming back for a year but still kind of want to try to date someone. Like, really kind of want to. Feelings are just too much trouble, I swear.
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 guys. guys

one of the reasons I'd always been a little bit wary of comics was because I wasn't sure I'd appreciate how they treated women, but Stephanie Brown just rapidly became one of my favorite characters ever. I haven't read her comics as Spoiler and Robin (partially because I know tragic things happen to her in them and that would make me horribly sad), but her run as Batgirl has basically been one long moment of total awesome. 

THINGS ABOUT STEPHANIE: ayries explanation of why she loves her on Tumblr, plus a little add-on from me. It addresses what I love most about Stephanie - she's not in this for the glory, or for revenge - she's in it for the people she helps, entirely, and she's here to bring hope to a line of work most of the Batfamily brings a gloom and despair attitude to. She never loses her smile. She may want others to approve of her, but their disapproval doesn't stop her from doing what she feels is her calling. She's still in love with Tim Drake, but when he comes back she realizes that starting up their relationship again would be about as far from healthy as it gets and tells him so, bluntly. 

more things! including two bits from her comics, icons, etc. )


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