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In general interest, in my personal Narnia canon Aconite (commonly known as Monkshood or Wolfsbane in real life) is generally known as Queen Susan's Mantle, often shortened to Queen's Mantle or Susan's Mantle (the second is much less common). It's also sometimes called evening's mantle, though that's less common. (One of Edmund's titles was the King of Evening.)

In other news, writing Narnia Exchange a little. NARNIAAAAA. Also beta-ed someone! And am working on Redux some! And omg someone help I'm going to drown in writing and I still have three modules of Latin left and *hyperventilates*.

I'll just be in the corner, shall I?

ETA: This is totally relevant to your interests (not really, but it is to mine :P). This line just came up in my nostalgia-travel fic.

Halfway through Arizona, Jared decides that getting two hotel rooms has gotten completely unneccesary. "It's not like we really use the second one," he points out, and though Anna squirms and Owen looks studiously out the window, they have to agree. 

"Now that that's settled, who has been eating all my Twinkies?" Katie demands.

I'll just be in the corner. Headdesking. Probably repeatedly.
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A few things I found through my f-list and am passing on:

From [ profile] almostinstinct -
[ profile] cereta on rape and men. I was reading through some of the comments and realized that I'm very comfortable around men once I've sized them up and considered whether or not I could fight them. I'd never really consciously considered it before, but I'm very comfortable around short people and weaker guys, and I tend to be more tense and uptight around big guys. I generally am fairly comfortable around men, though, because a) I'm a tall girl (5'9" and possibly still growing), b) I grew up playing sports and running and wrestling my siblings (all 5 of them) and fighting in the water, and c) a large majority of the guys I know are homeschool Christians and guys that I trust. And yet, even then I'm wary, which shouldn't have to be necessary.

From [ profile] lassiterfics -
Merlin Season Two Press Release OMG YAYYYY! I can hardly wait for Season Two - I'm really, really looking forward to it.

From [ profile] marycontraire -
A Jack Knifed Juggernaut (I am born again) by [ profile] arenotvalid 
I've never watched T:SCC, though I've been meaning to try it out for a while, and know only the barest basics of the premise, but this fic is brilliant and beautiful and gorgeous. Everyone should read it, for serious. For very serious. WALK DON'T RUN. MOVE IT Y'ALL.

Also today, a list of randomness.
1. Received in mail today:
a. one beginner's bobbin lace-making kit, courtesy of my mother. I'd been remembering doing it three or four years ago at the Florida Folk Festival and being wistful and she found this on eBay for me.
2. Places I want to go:
a. The Florida Folk Festival. There is square dancing, y'all. You dance with strangers because it's just that much fun (last time we went, my sister and this guy totally had a crush on each other, and it was very sweet and adorable, and they danced turkey in the straw together), and you listen to music and look at practical exhibits and traditional dances  and Seminole beadwork (which you can also buy if you want) and make crafts and listen to story-tellers and lecturers and if the bobbin lace lady is there you can make bobbin lace at the one she has set up for others to try and there is kettle corn the way it was meant to be made and it's like some sort of fair, only with a lot more cultural stuff and not nearly as much inanity. It's awesome, okay? But you have to bring a skirt that swirls.
b. London. 'Nuff said.
3. Ways my mom was awesome today:
a. the bobbin lace kit.
b. not pushing me to go to the baseball games.
c. getting us to clean the schoolroom (trust me, this is a feat of amazingness).
4. Things my mom and Kat and I cleaned today:
a. about half the front yard.
b. THE SCHOOLROOM, WOOT. Well, it's floor. It's not really the schoolroom anymore, but it's still got the bookshelves that are pretty much around the entire room (we installed bookshelves on the walls two years ago around), a computer, our game shelves, all of our sewing materials, knitting materials, craft materials, SO MANY BOOKS. And it was a freaking mess.
5. Ways my sister was annoying today.
a. whined about coming home after work instead of going to see her GOLDEN LOVE MATT.
b. does not seem to appreciate the fact that he is immature and has no backbone, despite the fact that everyone else in the family sees this very clearly.
c. apparently mom 'asks him too many questions' when he comes over, and it makes him not want to come over. OH NOES, QUESTIONS. GASP. WHAT'S HE GONNA DO? ... damn, he's going to make a horrible brother-in-law someday if he doesn't hurry up and grow up.
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Feeling a fair bit better. On the other hand, cannot log into my online class, which is a major BAD BAD THING NOOO because I'm still behind and the Chinese class is going to start in about five weeks and I have to get approximately a semester of Latin II done by then.

Me, slacking? NEVER.

oh hey look I figured out how to log in! yay!

feeling a bit perky. haven't had any coffee or really anything.

I take that back. being harassed by my younger brother is not inducive to perkiness. *scowl*

ice cream and pound cake after dinner, woot!

I feel like writing an essay on strong women characters. because this is what I have been thinking about most of the day. O.o
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Went to see Night at the Museum 2. One of those adorable, plot-wise ridiculous but hilarious, a little inane but funny movies. I liked the first, I liked the second, and is it really really bad that I ship Jedidiah/Octavius as either an epic bromance ftw bffl or with slash-goggles as lovers? Because those two are freaking EPIC.

Shows Betsy has been squandering all of her time watching: Season 5 of The Office, what there is of Season 1 of The Unusuals (canceled, damn it, I've liked what I've seen and I don't watch cop shows almost ever), filling in the gaps of Doctor Who, finally watching a few Season 4 episodes from Supernatural I hadn't gotten to yet. I've been way behind on The Office, which I really enjoy, especially Jim and Pam. And they are totally going to have a kid! Yay!
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Awww, man. I really really need to get a bunch of Latin and English done, and arrange for my Chinese to start later (which is what I originally wanted, but there was some crazy legislative shit going down in Florida regarding grants and language courses and I had to sign up right then or risk not being able to take it at all, so).

And come on Boston! Give me some records!

Not to mention Susan and Edmund want me to write them traveling the world in an LB AU based on the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, entropy and apotheosis. Yeah.

Sorry kids, not happening! I need to work on school and original fic!
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My notes from Chemistry review with my mom yesterday look something like this.

"First Law of Thermodynamics: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only change form.
Second Law of Thermodynamics: The rate of entropy in the universe can only accelerate or remain the same, it cannot be reduced.
chaos vs. order
Entropy = the amount of randomness or disorder in something.

Yeah, my mom thinks I'm a bit weird.


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