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First genderswap meme response up here: Golden Age Pevensies & Queen Cassia, picspam & accompanying fic. Yes, that is a new community. I wanted someplace to dump things that wasn't my personal journal. More genderswap replies coming later for: Supernatural, Merlin, Downton Abbey & White Collar.

and now for the Awesome Ladies meme!

the list:

1. Susan Pevensie (Narnia)
2. Keladry of Mindelan (Protector of the Small)
3. Jesse Flores (T:SCC)
4. Amy Pond (Doctor Who)
5. Nikita (Nikita)
6. Lady Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey)
7. Anastasia "Dee" Dualla (Battlestar Galactica)
8. Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds)
9. Anna Milton (Supernatural)
10. Diana Barrigan (White Collar)
11. Kono Kalakaua (Hawaii Five-0)
12. Holland Donaghue (OC)
13. River Song (Doctor Who)
14. Jenny Lewis (Primeval)
15. Eowyn (Lord of the Rings)

(do you know how hard this was to narrow down? I wanted to put EVERYONE on there. I switched names in and out for probably half an hour before settling on this. SO MANY LADIES.)

and responses!

11 responses. ) 

and that one meme with your WIP titles. I don't really have a WIP folder, just a writing one, but let's see what I've got in there. 

I have got to finish some of this stuff. )

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Title: Going To Be Famous
Vidder: [personal profile] be_themoon
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Music: "Mainstream" by Thea Gilmore
Spoilers: For entire show.
Summary: This is a story about a war in which everyone is fighting for John Connor. It is also a story about a war in which everyone is fighting for their families and their souls and their right to be human. Things get complicated, sometimes.
Streaming/Download: Streaming at Vimeo and download at MediaFire.
Warnings: Violence, people dying.
Notes: This is for paraka, who won me in the help_pakistan auctions. This is almost a month late, but it is in fact here, and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks so much for donating! Many thanks go to [personal profile] wordsatourbacks for a wonderful indepth beta (omg, somebody HAS to write that Jesse/Lauren story).

Heads up, they'll say, history was a big mistake. )

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 so I'm home! Uh. I don't really know what to say. it was amazing? I had a fabulous time with Wyrm and Z, as I'm sure you've all gathered. :D I am completely in love with colleges.

my dad's in the hospital with what appears to be pneumonia and an atrial fibrillation (?), which is better than the initial possible diagnosis of congestive heart failure! he should be out soon, which is good.

Mostly I'm just really really tired. Um. Meto, I've finally finished the rough draft of my T:SCC vid? I dunno if you're still having computer issues, but if you aren't maybe you could give it a look-over for me? Or other people who watch T:SCC and can give me any feedback on the vid. 

And that's about it. I'm exhausted, and happy, and have to study for an astronomy quiz tomorrow morning, and set up when I take the quizzes I missed with my professors, and all sorts of stuff. I think I could use some more sugar. *goes to find the gingersnap dough*

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 Things that have been happening - me having alternatively a fantastic time and then freaking out quietly 'cuz of all the socialness. 

A lot of late night watching House with my dad, because my mom's been using the laptop a lot for her own work and so I have nothing to do late at night. 

Transcribing for my mom.

Far too much solitaire than is probably healthy.

A lot of Ultimate Frisbee and rock climbing (one or the other six days in a row last week!) 

Hey, I turn 18 in like two months! and my sister turns 21 in three days, and my other sister turns 16 in 3 months, and my younger brother turns 13 in three months too. All these significant birthdays! it's weird.

Rewatching the entire first season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles yesterday and today, mostly today due to the cranked-up-to-11 cramps I had. 

Uh, Teen Court yesterday, which was interesting.

How did it get to almost 12 again? Agh, I have to stop DOING this. Goodnight!

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let us talk about my day, in which one of three random guys who were playing hooky while I was at Park told me to "keep running, whore!" ... on second thought, no, let us not. I am still unsure of whether my non-response was the best one. (the rest of the day was fine, though!)

we shall, however, talk about how I got my mind completely blown by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles over the past three days, and am now flailing about how there are only TWO SEASONS and I want moooore and they can't do that not after the end of Season 2 they just can't omg NOT FAIR. I just. D: DEREK. and Cameron! and the MUSIC. "Donald, Where's Your Trousers" my heaaaart. JOHN AND SARAH <333. I cannot believe that cliffhanger they ended on, that's just mean. D: I was pretty much in shell shock after I finished the season finale, unable to get out a single coherent sentence about it. I'm still having trouble with that. you guys, John Henry and Savannah were so adorable, and Weaver was just askdhfls I looooved her and CHARLEEEEY. and John was really starting to come into his own those last six episodes.

this means, however, that I am all shell-shocked out and probably won't watch SPN until sometime tomorrow, because I have to save some for Doctor Who today (<3333).

we can also talk poetry!

Belfast Tune by Joseph Brodsky

Here's a girl from a dangerous town. )

We can also talk about how I wrote this up very, very late at night and got my internet connection cut off before I could post it. :P

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+ I have my Remix assignment! I am quite pleased. We are matched on fandoms I am quite excited about writing in, wheee!

+ Last night I dreamed about my entire family being home, all together, doing crazy awesome things together, with a guest appearance by Mary, who had magically transported us all to New Zealand. Well, that didn't take much interpreting. *misses Mary*

+ Mary, you couldn't have warned me about 2x01? D: oh, CAMERON. John! PB&J KEEPS THE RESISTANCE OKAY. I finally get that icon of yours. :D

+ I have a very short poem tonight, and then tomorrow I get a Criminal Minds! which has so far been having favorable reactions in areas I trust, so YAY!

it is not so much that I miss you by Dorothea Grossman

It is not so much that I miss you
as the remembering
which I suppose is a form of missing
except more positive,
like the time of the blackout
when fear was my first response
followed by love of the dark.
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Hey hey [ profile] marycontraire , I think you will be interested to know that today I finally fully watched the first two episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. :D I am watching the third and about to go to bed now. :P

And oh yes, I've been meaning to mention in here how much I loved last week's Doctor Who. Now, I do want to have down on record that I have some issues with the issue of forgetting as relates to women's agency, but I haven't yet decided if it warranted concern in this episode or if it was just a knee jerk reaction on my part due to what happened to Donna. (D:) But any which way you parse it, Liz Ten was fabulous, and Amy was fabulous, and even more fabulous was "Gotcha," which gave me warm fuzzy feelings of joy and sibling-hood and love.

ETA: This explains why I love Haley Hotchner SO MUCH very very well. (Criminal Minds Season 5 spoilers at link.) She was amazing, and is totally on my list of ladies who rocked their world. <333

Wound by Corinne Wohlford Taft

If I have loved, it is mostly / because that is what I have / called it. )


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