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 First, some recs!

Vialethe wrote some gorgeous Last Battle AU Susan/Edmund travelling the world. 

Beccatoria did a lovely DCAU Wonder Woman vid, "I'm Holding Out For A Hero."

[personal profile] settiai did a fantastic Doctor Who Rory/Amy vid, "You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate". THEY HAVE PERFECT FACES.

Someone wrote me a lovely Ramandu's Island fic for the Narnia Fic Exchange, This is not an ending. I've been bad and neglectful and am only now commenting on it, but I really enjoyed it.

Stuff by me that I never mentioned here! My Remix fic.

Secret Virtues (the Blackmail and Bars Remix)
Highlander: The Series. Amanda, Methos. Pretty much gen. 1,003 words.

Amanda and Methos are definitely my favorite two characters from Highlander, and I love their interactions in canon, so this was quite fun to write. It's a little bit silly. :P

I'm currently speeding through reading the Alex Rider series. (The school library has all of them but the second.) You guys, the level of psychological damage this kid is carrying after just four books is INSANE. I shudder to think of how totally broken he's going to be after 8. 

Communication levels here where I work: MINIMAL. We had a meeting three weeks after I got here where we were finally given a list of specific instructions for our jobs. Yeah. Before that we'd just been doing whatever we'd been told to do and not really knowing what we were supposed to do. I know. There was something on the list of specific duties about "checking the dorms every 30 minutes". I asked about it because I'd never been told to do that or seen anyone do that (including the two people telling me to do it), and they both looked at me and were like "Oh, nobody's told you that?" ... NO, okay, no, because nobody tells anybody anything in this hostel! 

But mostly work is going okay. I may be coming down with chicken pox? Aidan had shingles and I've been feeling kind of bad the past few days. Tomorrow I have all day off so I'm going to sleep a lot and drink a lot of water and hopefully feel better. (It probably hasn't helped that my stomach has once again hit the "oh dear god this food is awful" spot and can't take most of it. I'll have to go to the grocery store today after lunch and see if I can find something decent to eat.) 

Downloading takes so long on this connection.

I sort of love being pretty independent. :D And having money regularly. (Though I am trying to avoid spending most of it. My pay goes straight through to my card, and I try to only use the cash I get from vacuuming a lady's house on Friday's. :D)

I'm writing! I feel really happy about that. I think I'm going to do a "works in progress" meme sometime soon, because I keep fluttering between them and I could use the incentive to finish them. (It's kind of a bizarre list.)


Jan. 11th, 2011 10:43 am
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I have turned in all my applications except for the one that is due on the 1st of February! I am assembling some poetry for consideration in scholarships at two of them, which involves a great deal of polishing and going "aaaaaagh why don't I write short stories that are not fannish!".

ALSO I did Yuletide, because I was eligible for the first time eveeer and I wasn't going to pass up on that. And I got Eagle of the Ninth fic!

Aedific─üre, by opalmatrix. It is utterly delightful and everything I wanted. I can't believe how lucky I got! IT'S AWESOME. It is subtle, subtle Esca/Marcus/Cottia OT3 as they build the farm and tiptoe around each other and become bestest best friends eveeeeeer. :DDD you should totally read it.

And I wrote:

The Things We Say Are True
Skyhigh. PG-13. Penny/Gwen, Warren.
“I’ve broken a lot of personal rules for you,” Penny says.

Which was quite fun to write, in the end. I really enjoyed it. :D

in other news, I somehow ended up creating a three-part, 21 song fanmix for what's really nothing more than me messing around with typical procedurals/supernatural hunting shows. Or what I had thought was just me having fun! Apparently sometime my brain got serious over it? NO. Bad brain! get back to Cabin Fever, it needs you! no more new projects! 

also, my dad comes home this week sometime (which is good, mostly, though difficult as always), school is about to start up again (OMG YAY my schedule is so pretty this spring!), I have actual free time for another week, I'm doing some secretary work for my mom which I shall get paid for, and in general things are shaping up! YAY. TRIPLE YAY. IMAGINE ME GRINNING HAPPILY HERE. The only downside is me having been sick for a week, but even that is getting better!

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 Remix! Someone turned one of my tiny Firefly drabbles into ABC's (Shadows in the Letters Remix), which is a gorgeous Zoe POV on River/Jayne and the ship and the loss of Wash. Look, goodness knows I'm not fannish about Firefly - the drabbles were fun but not something I had any deep thoughts about, and I pretty much never read fanfic for it. But this was gorgeous, and Zoe & Wash were my favorites so this was a joy to read. Zoe! 

Saving a space here for when I go through and rec others from Remix.

Also, I've got a Doctor Who fanvid over at Dreamwidth.

Wild Child
Doctor Who, Amy Pond. What a day to make you a wild child.  Essentially, Amy Pond is crazy awesome.
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omg eeee!

[ profile] remixredux09 has gone public!  I have no idea when the reveal is (oh, July 26, not that long), but LOOK AT WHAT SOMEONE WROTE FOR MEEEE.

Like An Onion Inside Out (The Doctor, the Queen, and the TARDIS Remix) a remix of Falls the Shadow

It is about twenty times more light-hearted than the story I had in mind when writing Falls the Shadow (this is probably good, because god my version is ANGSTY), it's sweet and adorable and the Doctor is a wee bit ginger (also Scottish and on his last regeneration) and Susan is so beautiful.

ANYWAYS. Go! Read it! The more Susan/Doctor fic there is in this world, the better!

(Oh yeah! Also read Ten Synonyms for Sensational, because it is illustrated and whimsical and it is DRACO MALFOY traveling with the Doctor. Heee! Also, calculations of the damage the Doctor's pout do to the universe are involved.)
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GUYS GUYS GUYS. I never mentioned it, but I did [ profile] remixthedrabble and I got TWO remixes out of it.

Velocity Girl, which is a remix of my never a crack in the ivory tower. And also Grey Skies of Britain, which is a remix of my Lopsided Sky.

Go read them! In just a hundred words, both authors have done magnificent things to my fics. MAGNIFICENT.

(Also, have received my assignment for [ profile] remixredux09 and signed up for [ profile] narniaexchange . Yay for writing!)


Jun. 4th, 2009 07:13 pm
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I don't generally do fanfic recommendations, but this one is just too brilliant.

A Doctor Who/ Discworld crossover. Jack and Death's friendship through time. Alternately funny, clever, brilliant, witty, and heartbreaking. Also, DEATH, guys. DEATH. Who is totally the best Discworld character EVAR and I have a lot of love for some other Discworld characters so that is really saying something.

Death and the Definitely-Not-A-Maiden by [ profile] odsbodkins 

Two of the best parts

The first time Jack died, he had enough time to look round confusedly, see the figure in black and go “Wha-” before he was gasping back to life.

The second time he got as far as “Who ar-”.

The third time he was rather more badly minced by the experience, and got out a whole “Look buddy, you'd better have a pretty good explanation for-”.


Jack had been chasing after the alien, jumped a bannister, started running down the stairs – then tripped on his coat, fell down the flight and broke his neck at the bottom.


OMG OMG OMG. MERLIN CRACK, GUYS. MERLIN CRACK, I HAVE FOUND IT AND IT IS EPICLY HILARIOUS. Come on, it has Merlin using COUGHING as a metaphor for doing MAGIC. Also being pervy and very aware of things! And Arthur being jealous and adorable and emotionally messed up!

geoffrey of monmouth was a liar, but that's okay by [ profile] mclachlan 

Hunith sent him to Camelot in the hopes of being something great, to be molded into a man under the tutelage of Gaius, her old friend and the physician to one of the most mighty and terrible households in the world.

Merlin went to Camelot and developed a constant cold.

He doesn't think that's what she had in mind. Especially when coughing can result in one's head being off.



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