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Title: waiting for(ward)
Original Text(s) Erased: Waiting For the Great Leap Forward
Erased By: [personal profile] be_themoon
Original Text By: [personal profile] woldy
Fandom (of original text): Harry Potter
Fandom (of erasure): N/A

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 Back from camp, done with the last day of work, HOLIDAYS.

oh yeah also Mary broke her collarbone. so. um. that happened.

Also Crossover Exchange!

Nevcolleil wrote me a lovely Criminal Minds/Inception crossover, Life Ain't A Dream, about Spencer and Arthur and their tangled life together. You guys should go check it out, it's really nice and I love the idea of Spencer and Arthur being childhood friends who wreaked havoc together before turning into something more.

I wrote The Curious Case of the Time Agent and His Sister for turkeyish, a Torchwood/Narnia fic which is actually set roughly in the same universe as that other Torchwood/Narnia fic I did ages ago, To Go Nowhere With You. (I strongly suspect there will be an Edmund/Ianto coda to this fic prettyyy soon. Also there is the fic that is specifically a sequel to TGNWY.) I am also writing a pinch hit which will show up sometime soon. Also I want to thank flyakate again for being an invaluable and wonderful beta. That fic was in a horrific state when she got it, and she did a quick turnaround and a very good beta on it at the same time. <3333

ALSO erasureathon has started and the person erasing for me is amazing and has already done one. xenoamorist erased Far From His Home and turned it into as small as a world and as large as alone, which is an amazing, beautiful piece of poetry about Castiel and Dean being in love and the awkwardness of bodies and it is really, stupendously well done. YOU SHOULD GO READ IT.

ps I am sort of watching TV but mostly just sitting around joining Aidan and Mary in their epic Battlestar Galactica watch. It mostly goes like this. "Betsy is it going to get better? At all?" "... Well, no, not really." "ARGH." *puts on another episode* 

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I interrupt my still-going-and-starting-to-catch-up NaNo to bring you this important news


And you want to do it.

um information about erasures - it is when you take a piece of writing and you pick and choose words from it to form a poem? it is SUPER FUN.

EXAMPLES: last round Lass did this one for me based on 'this temporary flesh and bone' and it is excellent! I did this one which is based on a Bond story by the lovely nextian. If those are not enough examples just browse through the erasureathon comm!

BASICALLY if you like language, poetry, words, etc. You will like erasureathon.

oh my god I keep misspelling things.

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+ today is apparently the International Day of Awesomeness? that's cool! I shall therefore pimp out [ profile] erasureathon, because the mini one is coming to a close and there are some absolutely GORGEOUS poems up.

+ in that vein, I just posted my own erasure for this erasureathon. :D

and call it correspondence
~500 words
an erasure of Operating Instructions by [ profile] nextian 

The next morning send a neat note.

+ Tired but happy. Hopefully I can get in some actual reviewing tonight? That would be nice. :D
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FIRSTLY. [ profile] erasureathon !!! which I have been meaning to remind people about for the better part of a week and a half. *facepalm* Anyway, I think signups have been extended to next Monday, so those of you who haven't should run over and sign up. go go! shoo!

SECONDLY. [ profile] isurrendered , the place to play even more in all the worlds being created by the completely fabulous TV show meme. it's still getting started, so put it on watch and soon there will be instructions as to what to do, including a post where you can link to your versions of the meme so that we can compile them in a master list.

(omg so doomed)
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Feeling better today. Time to show you the good stuff! because there totally is good stuff happening. :D

+ I got a 98% on my first college algebra test! yeah, I was really worried about that one, and so happy it turned out well.

+ Glee was fabulous this week. So was SPN, Merlin, and The Office. Yay!

+ I've been erasing a book called 'My Window Looks Down East' by Elinor Graham, a little bit at a time, for the past several weeks. I was really busy and thought I didn't have time to this last week, but I picked it up and did just a little bit last night and it really helped me cool down and relax. She's got such lovely phrases and words she uses - I want to show you the first page I did. It's not very long. :D

trees lose leaves
all the air burns
It is time to live transfiguration
and carry the memory through the winter.
This is that autumn
so let us walk a road a few hours in golden light
the sun's rays and flowers burnished bronze
a graceful simplicity
alone at once clearer
and more
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I feel very happy today! Therefore, while I can, I am going to talk about happy things. Happy things! *is enthusiastic*

a) This song. It has the lyrics 'how many of them can we make die!' How can you not love it? XD

b) Okay, just music in general. Kasey Chamber's 'Nothing At All', Imogen Heap's '2-1', which was written for the PC movie (!!!) but wasn't accepted because it was too dark, and Britney Spear's 'Circus.' (stop laughing at me! I've loved it ever since I saw this vid, which is honestly the best meta-vid for nu!Kirk EVER.)

c) Every single thing in [ profile] erasureathon , omg. SO AWESOME. *hugs all the pretty erasures* I have yet to finish commenting on them, but eee!

d) I am feeling  a lot better about the Narnia Exchange piece right now. I've decided to leave it Edmund POV, but there is a possibility that at some point there will be an accompanying Peridan POV because I really, really want to know what he was thinking during all of this.

e) This new trailer for New Moon. SHUT UP. JACOB IS AWESOME, AND THERE ARE WEREWOLVES. This is honestly all I care about.

f) yesterday my mother was at the meat market, and she said something along the lines of 'My daughter will probably be biking up tomorrow to get stuff for our dinner.' (She had to go to a college about two hours away today for meeting her new TA and other stuff.) And the guy was apparently like 'Oh, is that your daughter? The tall, skinny girl who smiles a lot?' Which naturally made me smile a lot. XD I do make a point of smiling and talking to people who are checking me out or helping me out at stores, and it was just really cool to know it got noticed.

g) I am getting some school done! Probably not enough, but I'm doing okay. And I got dinner made again today and had to be responsible, and, I dunno. I'm just feeling happier today. XD

h) I am so excited for [ profile] narniaexchange ! Now that I'm not feeling hideously stressed over mine, I'm able to look forward to all the fabulous fics that are doubtless going to come out over there. I've already seen two, and they've both been absolutely marvelous, and I cannot WAIT for all the rest! It makes me want to get mine done and turned in even faster!

oh, cedric

Aug. 2nd, 2009 03:09 pm
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Okay, I'm pretty sure this is going to be a post on the scale of epic.

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I've caught up with my f-list! I went back to around Thursday and hopefully caught everyone from then on. Sorry if I missed anyone!

Things I want to recommend to people.

A) [ profile] zempasuchil drew Mary Blake/Renesmee. It is adorable.
B) Anything on [ profile] houseofpevensie . I'm a bit erratic on commenting on them, but the writing is superb and I adore the characters.
C) [personal profile] animus_wyrmis posted her lovely Leah/Angela fic with no name. So pretty!

TV shows I watched while I was in a horrible mood - Chuck (about six episodes of the first season), Pushing Daisies (part of the first episode before I got kicked off the computer), Supernatural (a few of my favorite episodes), Project Runway (I have to admit, I generally skip to the reunion episode after my favorites get kicked off).

As proof that I really need to slow down on the fic writing and just concentrate on a few, I'm going to go ahead and do the 'give a line from each of your WIP's' meme. Um. For some of them it's more like post a paragraph.

harborverse, nostalgia!origfic, what images return (next renesmee), untitled susan!fic, untitlted narniaexchange, untitled erasureathon )

I must turn in one Latin assignment and two Government assignments, and then I shall return to play with fic! Renesmee metafic is being difficult. a) I completely forgot Seth b) I introduced the Cullens. I'm thinking that needs to be a later story, that this one should be only about Mary and Leah. I dunno.
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Completed fic for[ profile] remixredux09 , got it beta-ed and posted it. Hope to begin work on[ profile] narniaexchange more seriously tonight. Mowed a half acre of really thick grass and got a headache so bad even aspirin didn't help it, the evil little thing.

AND YET! JOY ON THE HORIZON, GUYS.[ profile] erasureathon has opened for business! I might try to properly promote it tomorrow and make a banner, but for now this is just me going *squeeee* and signing up right this second, thank you very much. So the sign-ups are going to be going until July 25th, assignments will be out by Aug. 1st at the latest, and everything will need to be posted by Aug. 29th, which gives more than enough time to write it and turn it in and is also 10 days past the Narnia Exchange deadline, so yay!

Also, while explaining erasure,[ profile] zempasuchil linked to Tom Philipp's A Humument the website, which has all the pages of the first edition and is so, so pretty. For instance -

see, it is
this was broken by

The woman we are speaking of is
over her ankles
the storm and fire
desire of art; and
the art of art

I love poetry! *more squeeing*

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So! Remember the erasure thing? Well, [ profile] zempasuchil suggested an erasure-thon, something I am all for and think would be wicked fun. So! I'm spreading it along my f-list in an attempt to stir up more interest. And also, a poll about it! Because they are FUN.

[Poll #1426922]


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