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 First, some recs!

Vialethe wrote some gorgeous Last Battle AU Susan/Edmund travelling the world. 

Beccatoria did a lovely DCAU Wonder Woman vid, "I'm Holding Out For A Hero."

[personal profile] settiai did a fantastic Doctor Who Rory/Amy vid, "You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate". THEY HAVE PERFECT FACES.

Someone wrote me a lovely Ramandu's Island fic for the Narnia Fic Exchange, This is not an ending. I've been bad and neglectful and am only now commenting on it, but I really enjoyed it.

Stuff by me that I never mentioned here! My Remix fic.

Secret Virtues (the Blackmail and Bars Remix)
Highlander: The Series. Amanda, Methos. Pretty much gen. 1,003 words.

Amanda and Methos are definitely my favorite two characters from Highlander, and I love their interactions in canon, so this was quite fun to write. It's a little bit silly. :P

I'm currently speeding through reading the Alex Rider series. (The school library has all of them but the second.) You guys, the level of psychological damage this kid is carrying after just four books is INSANE. I shudder to think of how totally broken he's going to be after 8. 

Communication levels here where I work: MINIMAL. We had a meeting three weeks after I got here where we were finally given a list of specific instructions for our jobs. Yeah. Before that we'd just been doing whatever we'd been told to do and not really knowing what we were supposed to do. I know. There was something on the list of specific duties about "checking the dorms every 30 minutes". I asked about it because I'd never been told to do that or seen anyone do that (including the two people telling me to do it), and they both looked at me and were like "Oh, nobody's told you that?" ... NO, okay, no, because nobody tells anybody anything in this hostel! 

But mostly work is going okay. I may be coming down with chicken pox? Aidan had shingles and I've been feeling kind of bad the past few days. Tomorrow I have all day off so I'm going to sleep a lot and drink a lot of water and hopefully feel better. (It probably hasn't helped that my stomach has once again hit the "oh dear god this food is awful" spot and can't take most of it. I'll have to go to the grocery store today after lunch and see if I can find something decent to eat.) 

Downloading takes so long on this connection.

I sort of love being pretty independent. :D And having money regularly. (Though I am trying to avoid spending most of it. My pay goes straight through to my card, and I try to only use the cash I get from vacuuming a lady's house on Friday's. :D)

I'm writing! I feel really happy about that. I think I'm going to do a "works in progress" meme sometime soon, because I keep fluttering between them and I could use the incentive to finish them. (It's kind of a bizarre list.)

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one: spoilers for SPN 6x17 )

omg Justice League: Generation Lost is almost done! I am so excited for the last issue, I cannot even.

ALSO: I feel like Cass and Wendy and Stephanie and Damian should make their own little club. Probably called something like "Hero Kids With Supervillain Parents". They could eat cookies and refuse to talk about their feelings and then kick some ass, with Wendy making snarky comments in their ears, the rush of the wind in their face as they swing across the streets of Gotham. Unstoppable. They are more than the sum of their parts. They are better than their parents ever were. They stared death in the face and they walked away from it, stronger for it. This is the heart of them - the hope for a better tomorrow. A place where nobody has to be them.

oh hai Remix. hm.

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Remix reveals are up! I have yet to actually get around to making up a list of recs from it, and at this rate I probably won't, but I might as well drop off mine!

Here's A Girl From A Dangerous Town (the Unbroken Heart Remix)
Torchwood. Lucia Moretti, Jack Harkness, Melissa Moretti. ~1500 words.

“No, Harkness, I’m not sleeping with you,” Lucia says firmly.
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 Remix! Someone turned one of my tiny Firefly drabbles into ABC's (Shadows in the Letters Remix), which is a gorgeous Zoe POV on River/Jayne and the ship and the loss of Wash. Look, goodness knows I'm not fannish about Firefly - the drabbles were fun but not something I had any deep thoughts about, and I pretty much never read fanfic for it. But this was gorgeous, and Zoe & Wash were my favorites so this was a joy to read. Zoe! 

Saving a space here for when I go through and rec others from Remix.

Also, I've got a Doctor Who fanvid over at Dreamwidth.

Wild Child
Doctor Who, Amy Pond. What a day to make you a wild child.  Essentially, Amy Pond is crazy awesome.

Moffat! <3

May. 17th, 2010 10:31 am
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+ omg, Remix done and out to beta turned in! WOO.

+ TeeVee. Criminal Minds - lovely. SPN finale - good and also really mindscrewy. Doctor Who "Amy's Choice" - lovely.

+ Speaking of Doctor Who. This is some lovely meta on the differences in writing style between RTD and Moffat, and pretty much pinpoints why I love Moffat's style so much more. <333 Spoilers for Season 5 through 5x07. )

+ Did Pirates of Penzanze today, and it came off okay. I think I even did all right myself! So yay for that. :D
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got home Saturday night - I had a great time, I've really missed hanging out with Leah and Esther. Also we had discussions about sex in the Bible. This included a long argument about whether or not Ruth and Boaz had sex, premarital sex and whether the Bible actually condemns it, and the following conversation:
Leah: He comforted me in the Biblical way.
Me: If we're talking Biblical, he plowed your furrows.

so socializing didn't kill me, yay! on the other hand, I'm really really wary about my dad's behavior today. he's been doing okay recently and I cautiously relaxed, but he's not doing so great today. *bites nails*

okay. off to write a 10-page paper, then a 2-page paper, then study for three tests (one Tuesday, two Thursday). and make sure I'm ready for my dress rehearsal for Pirates of Penzanze tomorrow.

also I'm going to need a beta for Remix, probably on Thursday or Friday? it'll be Torchwood.

ETA: oh yeah, like most people, I've got 7 DW invite codes. I'm putting them up for grabs here first, and eventually I'll be posting them to [site community profile] dw_codesharing .
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I'm off! Be back Sunday.

Things I may or may not have done before I left - compiled a primer for myself on Major League Baseball rules, just to make sure I've got things right, and a list of all GK characters.

oh my god, you guys, and this is on top of the 2K of Edmund/Ianto sequel I've been poking at ever since I wrote the first one, and then Remix (which I should really get started on, obviously).

I'll have a lot of time in the car?
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+ I have my Remix assignment! I am quite pleased. We are matched on fandoms I am quite excited about writing in, wheee!

+ Last night I dreamed about my entire family being home, all together, doing crazy awesome things together, with a guest appearance by Mary, who had magically transported us all to New Zealand. Well, that didn't take much interpreting. *misses Mary*

+ Mary, you couldn't have warned me about 2x01? D: oh, CAMERON. John! PB&J KEEPS THE RESISTANCE OKAY. I finally get that icon of yours. :D

+ I have a very short poem tonight, and then tomorrow I get a Criminal Minds! which has so far been having favorable reactions in areas I trust, so YAY!

it is not so much that I miss you by Dorothea Grossman

It is not so much that I miss you
as the remembering
which I suppose is a form of missing
except more positive,
like the time of the blackout
when fear was my first response
followed by love of the dark.
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I'm probably not going to repost it on my journal, so here's the pertinent information on what I wrote for Remix Redux '09!

Miles to Go (The Cocoa at Midnight Remix)
PG-13, gen, Hermione Granger & Draco Malfoy with unshown Hermione/Ron
“What, marry me?” Hermione snorts. “Yeah, not happening.”

So yeah! This is the infamous Hermione/Draco that turned out gen that I moaned about for a while. It turned out surprisingly easy once I got over writing what started out as Hermione/Draco (and also made it not Hermione/Draco XD).
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GUYS GUYS GUYS. I never mentioned it, but I did [ profile] remixthedrabble and I got TWO remixes out of it.

Velocity Girl, which is a remix of my never a crack in the ivory tower. And also Grey Skies of Britain, which is a remix of my Lopsided Sky.

Go read them! In just a hundred words, both authors have done magnificent things to my fics. MAGNIFICENT.

(Also, have received my assignment for [ profile] remixredux09 and signed up for [ profile] narniaexchange . Yay for writing!)


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