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 First, some recs!

Vialethe wrote some gorgeous Last Battle AU Susan/Edmund travelling the world. 

Beccatoria did a lovely DCAU Wonder Woman vid, "I'm Holding Out For A Hero."

[personal profile] settiai did a fantastic Doctor Who Rory/Amy vid, "You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate". THEY HAVE PERFECT FACES.

Someone wrote me a lovely Ramandu's Island fic for the Narnia Fic Exchange, This is not an ending. I've been bad and neglectful and am only now commenting on it, but I really enjoyed it.

Stuff by me that I never mentioned here! My Remix fic.

Secret Virtues (the Blackmail and Bars Remix)
Highlander: The Series. Amanda, Methos. Pretty much gen. 1,003 words.

Amanda and Methos are definitely my favorite two characters from Highlander, and I love their interactions in canon, so this was quite fun to write. It's a little bit silly. :P

I'm currently speeding through reading the Alex Rider series. (The school library has all of them but the second.) You guys, the level of psychological damage this kid is carrying after just four books is INSANE. I shudder to think of how totally broken he's going to be after 8. 

Communication levels here where I work: MINIMAL. We had a meeting three weeks after I got here where we were finally given a list of specific instructions for our jobs. Yeah. Before that we'd just been doing whatever we'd been told to do and not really knowing what we were supposed to do. I know. There was something on the list of specific duties about "checking the dorms every 30 minutes". I asked about it because I'd never been told to do that or seen anyone do that (including the two people telling me to do it), and they both looked at me and were like "Oh, nobody's told you that?" ... NO, okay, no, because nobody tells anybody anything in this hostel! 

But mostly work is going okay. I may be coming down with chicken pox? Aidan had shingles and I've been feeling kind of bad the past few days. Tomorrow I have all day off so I'm going to sleep a lot and drink a lot of water and hopefully feel better. (It probably hasn't helped that my stomach has once again hit the "oh dear god this food is awful" spot and can't take most of it. I'll have to go to the grocery store today after lunch and see if I can find something decent to eat.) 

Downloading takes so long on this connection.

I sort of love being pretty independent. :D And having money regularly. (Though I am trying to avoid spending most of it. My pay goes straight through to my card, and I try to only use the cash I get from vacuuming a lady's house on Friday's. :D)

I'm writing! I feel really happy about that. I think I'm going to do a "works in progress" meme sometime soon, because I keep fluttering between them and I could use the incentive to finish them. (It's kind of a bizarre list.)

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so yesterday I got like twelve hours of sleep. I feel properly alive for the first time in weeks.


spoilers for Justice League: Generation Lost 24 )

in other news, I finally dumped my icons. 41 icons in assorted fandoms (predominantly DCU, especially Batgirl) can be found here on LJ and here on DW.


(And suddenly I realize who I need to icon: HAWKEYE, MY LOVE. Young Avengers is basically my only Marvel love.)

I would also like to note that Nikita is a really freaking courageous show. sorta spoilery )
Re: real life. *sigh* Crushes are just so inconvenient, especially when you are almost definitely leaving the country in three months and not coming back for a year but still kind of want to try to date someone. Like, really kind of want to. Feelings are just too much trouble, I swear.
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 you guys you guys today I went to the library and they had The Demon's Covenent in omggg. I haven't been able to place it on hold because that is a bad idea with my parents and the titles, but with it there I could just check it out SO I DID. 

those who told me Covenant was even better than Lexicon? OMFG *HIGHFIVE* I DIDN'T KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE BUT APPARENTLY IT IS? ;alskhdlkdhdk YEEEEEES.


THIS BOOK. you should all read it. :D )

in like personal news and stuff I am doing all right. my dad is in ICU still because he is being a bit stubborn about actually, like, eating and drinking and doing the exercises he needs to do, but he's not in any real danger beyond the normal risk for all people recovering from heart surgery. I have my driver's license and have spent most of the past two days ferrying people around. :P I am at 45K for NaNo and hope to win today or tomorrow. We shall see. <3333 love you all. I am so thankful for you guys. 

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Things wot I am reading:

Liberty: The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France by Lucy Moore. What I find really fascinating is that this really brilliant woman, Germaine de Stael, clever, witty, talented, was also against women's rights. And she wasn't the only one of these women to be against women's rights! it's a really odd dichotomy. apparently it's partly because of Rousseau, who was popular? and part of the argument against the old Regime was that it had let women gain positions of power (even though this wasn't really true - women gained an illusion of power, but they had almost no real control, and to gain it they had to sacrifice their reputations). so yeah, I find that strange.

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+ my library got in around 11 new Pratchett books. feast on those words. ELEVEN NEW PRATCHETT BOOKS THAT I HAVEN'T READ ASHKLGHDLFKDJGS. well, that's no longer true. I've already finished three of them - Jingo, Equal Rites, and Thief of Time, all three of which were FABULOUS. I now feel a great desire more of Susan Sto Helit, and thoroughly understand why so many people seem to adore her. she's fantastic! not to mention, my mom picked one of them up because she was certain she would disapprove, started reading, and got hooked! AHAHAHA. she picked up Going Postal, which I'd just brought home and haven't read yet, and was all 'how come I have never heard of him? he's hilarious! how did you find out?' :DDDDDD yayyy! I don't know how long her interest will last - probably until she finds out there are witches - but until then, hooray!

+ hahaha, TV this week was fabulous. more on Merlin... sometime later.

+ NaNo! NANO NANO NANO. in short, NaNo. :D I'm reworking my nostalgia novel into a story about revolution and magic and oppression and lots of geekery on language and philosophy and mythology and idealogy and who knows what else. it will be fun!

+ speaking of which, music! I went through my music and wrote down the songs that fit the story. so here's a... for lack of a better word... fanmix for my novel. heh. no download, but they're all available on

musiccccc )

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I've been reading, y'all! It feels nice - I haven't been able to get almost any reading done this year. I read Carpe Jugulum and Monstrous Regiment for the first time and reread Thud! and Night Watch, and I also reread Johnny Tremain and Calico Bush. I kind of really want fanfiction for those last two, guys. REALLY. Also for Monstrous Regiment, because Lofty and Tonker! Awwww. And I sorta love Maladict, because so awesome. Terry Pratchett does vampires right.

In other news, some sort of something is being written, though I'm not really sure what it is. It's HP fanfic, which is distinctly odd for me (I've done one! Once! For a prompt!) and we shall see. Another sort of something is being written that may or may not be Peter and Edmund being snarky and amusing, sometimes through letters. I'm not really sure.

Also, I'm fairly certain I'm going insane. In a pressure-cooked sort of way becuase even with co-op over there's still people everywhere and so little time to myself and I really, really need to be by myself.

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Out of curiosity, has anyone on my f-list read this short story? It's called The Lottery, and it's by Shirley Jackson, and it has to be one of the best short stories I've ever read and at the same time the most horrifying.

It really feels like an alternate reality to me, and I want so badly to know more about this place, because no matter how scary it is it also sounds really interesting to write about.

I bet there's magic over the mountains and everybody's terrified of it.

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'Seahenge' by Francis Pryor just came in from the library. The lovely [ profile] almostinstinct recommended two of his other books to me, but my library system had neither of them so I got this one out instead, and it's WONDERFUL. Makes me wish I could get my hands on the two she recommended, because OMG DEATH AND THE LANDS REALIGNING AND EVERYTHING PRACTICALLY DESIGNED TO MAKE ME SQUEE.

I'm already on Chapter 6 on my first break-neck read-through, though I get the feeling I'm going to have to read it again afterwards, more leisurely and maybe even take notes. *sighs in bliss* Seriously, if I weren't convinced I'd be horrible at it and end up hating it (look, I like being outdoors and sports, but I don't have the endurance or the patience to do it and I also have this need to have really easy access to a computer <333), I'd be looking at a major in Archaelogy RIGHT NOW.

It's definitely taking my attention away from my ribs, which are now aching in two places, and my lungs, which do not feel happy. Also, I met This One Boy at the library while I was picking up Seahenge, and he used to have a crush on me and tried to ask me out so I do not feel at all comfortable around him. It's not that he's not nice and cute and all that, I'm just not planning on dating right now and the idea makes me uncomfortable because I am telling you, I am too young to be off making out with boys. TOO YOUNG.

Thirdly, [ profile] lassiterfics filled my day with glee when she posted this entry. IT'S LIKE, META WITHIN META CRACK. CIRCLES OF THE WORLD AND ALL THAT STUFF. Honestly, I don't know where her brain comes up with this BUT CAN I BORROW IT FOR A FEW DAYS?


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