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I just realized that over the past few months, I've accumulated quite a new friends - some from Narnia, some from isurrendered, some just picked up in various places.

Things Those Of You Who Are Fairly New Should Know:
1. I vary wildly between being very honest about my depression (possibly bipolar disorder) or only talking about good things. Pretending it doesn't exist is my gut instinct. I'm trying to be more honest about it, if only because it forces me to be honest about it with myself. So warnings for occasional discussion of mental issues.
2. I also occasionally discuss my familial issues.
3. Things I will almost never discuss on this journal: religion or politics. If I do, they will be cut. I'm not bothered by other people writing about them, it's just a personal decision on my part.
4. I'm a feminist.
5. You start drama, bad things happen.
6. LOVE YOU GUYS. <333

OH HEY that essay is due tomorrow SHIT. Tune in tomorrow to find out if Betsy can BS two-three pages of imagery discussion on Larissa Szporluk's Menace of the Skies, partially picked because I delight in baffling my professor with my actual interest in poetry. (He said in class "Attach a copy of the poem to your essay if you think I haven't read it before. I'll probably recognize any poems you do." Me: "HAHA" *searches through collection of bookmarks*)
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oh beloved f-list! please to be reccing nonfiction books on the British Empire? any portion of it!

also: oh yeah I've got a dreamwidth account I can crosspost from. DUH.
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hey guys, remember how I wanted to write that one essay about kids getting kicked out of fantasy worlds?

yeah, well, I have a research project assignment in ENC1102. approximately 10-page page paper on anything I want in literature.

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Apparently, when I have no school to do but yet need something to do - I do sort-of school anyways. In this case, research for a paper that might never get written, about the prevalence of children's stories in which at the end most/all of the protagonists either choose to leave or are forcibly kicked out of the fantasy land they have found. exhibit a, naturally, being Narnia. I even have a timeline now! For series, the date is the year of the first book's publishing.

1865 - Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. English, forcible eviction.
1900 - Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. American, chooses to return home.
1904 - Peter Pan (the play) by J. M. Barrie. English, chooses to return home. (The book adaptation was published 1911.)
1950 - Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. English, forcible eviction.
1965 - The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper. English, forcible eviction.

Anyone know of other children's literature, at any point in time, in which the children find a different world and have to leave it at the end?
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hi guys, this is just a short drop-by.

+ I have been reading my friends list, just not commenting on much of anything. time time time! I has none of it. sorry.

+ I kind of sort of really hate my period. cramps, I have plenty of.

+ nanowrimo is actually going pretty well. I'm still a little bit behind, but not by enough to actually be worried about, especially if I can get in 3K today (which, uh, I can, since I can write 1000 words in 15 minutes, consistently).

so yeah. I've been keeping an eye on the progress of those of you who are doing it, but I'm just curious - where is everyone? wordcount, how's the story going?

+ something is totally relevant to interests! I am writing, for my English class, a 1-1.5K paper on social interaction on the internet and how it can totally be good for teenagers and other such things. obviously, I'll be drawing on personal experience - I found a journal called 'Computers in Human Behavior' (!!!) which has several good articles, and I was wondering if any of you knew any good articles I could use. I'd ask for blog posts, but citing them would be... problematic. :P
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[ profile] movementmvt is [ profile] zempasuchil 's brainchild, and is awesome, though I'm pretty sure those two things are mutually inclusive. ANYWAYS. the idea is that fandom/academia is totally OTP, and that revolutions/movements are awesome. always. the lady herself says: "so I haven't done anything to it yet but KNOW THIS: It is a comm for your squee and content of the academia/fiction kind, of stories based on Movements (social, historical, literary, ideological, meaningful!) and Movements that stories should be based on. post/link to relevant fics, ask questions, share interesting information, generally have fun!" fandom/academiaaaaaa!11!!!one! in short, it is AWESOME and there will be fabulous discussion of fandom and academia and fantastic recs, so you should join in. because of awesomeness! inherent in the system!

In other much-less-exciting news, I got 108 on my latest math test. also, on my English midterm (which was an in-class essay) a 100/A+. With the comments "brilliant" and then at the end "I continue to be impressed with your high quality of writing and with the maturity of your ideas and expression. You are a true intellectual." The thing that makes this totally relevant? The essay was written in response to the prompt "What technology has changed your life, and how?" and I wrote about the internet and fandom. crossing the fandom/RL divide in academia! wheee! interestingly enough, tonight and last Monday we are working on writing in class an analysis/rebuttal of someone's essay that online communication is empty and meaningless and ruining our teenagers. yeah, I'm doing a rebuttal. whee!

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SO! [ profile] zempasuchil posted a link to you are here: the journal of creative geography (!!!!!!) which made me whimper with glee because CREATIVE GEOGRAPHY oh academia you can be so RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME SOMETIMES. ahkhdlgkhsdlkfjsdlg

but I am busy I CANNOT TRY TO WRITE FOR THIS JOURNAL NOOOO I have [ profile] xover_exchange due in two months, and one of said months is NOVEMBER during which I am doing NANO (I got my prompt for the crossover exchange, btw, AND OMG YAAAAAAY I cannot give things away but I shall have LOADS AND LOADS of fun!) and then there's the SPN fic I've been writing off-and-on for a little bit with [ profile] marycontraire 's birthday in mind (it's going to be late, but most everything from me is late these days D:) and well at least I finally finished that Susan fic and posted it! because the next three months there is going to be one hell of a lot of writing! NaNo = 50K, [ profile] xover_exchange = at least 1.5K but considering what I want to write will be probably at least double that, the SPN fic is threatening to be long if I can't curtail it (but I don't really WANT to), and the imaginative geography thing if I do manage to get around to it (which I had better!) promises to be full of ridiculousness and squeeing and stuff. *headdesk* 

Happy two-days-after-your-birthday, [ profile] marycontraire ! I'm sorry this is late, for some weird reason I thought your birthday was today (my brain is scattered). eventually there will be SPN girls-being-awesome fic for you! <333333333333 you're awesome!
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things I read recently on the power of words and languages!

In my English reading book Major Themes for Modern Writers, the author Harvey Wiener wrote an introduction to a group of essays about language and said:

Yet we cannot help asking what exactly is language. ... It is a gift of the supernatural, societies with a strong belief in magic assert. In the Judeo-Christian world, the idea has lingered: In the beginning was the word, the Bible teaches; the word is divine.

the word is divine! see, that's one of the few things about Christianity that I love so much. words are important to them. REALLY important. I mean, some of the more annoying Christians manage to turn even that into this huge fuck-up, but still. words are important! I love religions that place an importance on language. *happy sigh*

anyway, it was one of the essays right after that one that I originally wrote down things from, because the guy writing it quoted something Samuel Johnson had said, and the something was awesome.
Sounds are too volatile and subtle for legal restraints; to enchain syllables, and to lash the wind, are equally the undertakings of pride.

a lot of the essay was talking about how languages change, which I really feel like just shoving in my dad's face and making him read it (this is the man who refuses to use the word 'fun' because it used to mean 'profane'. YES. I am not kidding - I could not make stuff like this up). and then there were two small things that made me sigh happily too in the essay itself (which was by Tony Earley).
Words and blood are the double helix that connect us to the past.

Sometimes the truest answer to "Who are you?" is "I don't know."

so yay for language stuffs!

tv this week? AWESOME, you guys. so awesome. )


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