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Title: Going To Be Famous
Vidder: [personal profile] be_themoon
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Music: "Mainstream" by Thea Gilmore
Spoilers: For entire show.
Summary: This is a story about a war in which everyone is fighting for John Connor. It is also a story about a war in which everyone is fighting for their families and their souls and their right to be human. Things get complicated, sometimes.
Streaming/Download: Streaming at Vimeo and download at MediaFire.
Warnings: Violence, people dying.
Notes: This is for paraka, who won me in the help_pakistan auctions. This is almost a month late, but it is in fact here, and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks so much for donating! Many thanks go to [personal profile] wordsatourbacks for a wonderful indepth beta (omg, somebody HAS to write that Jesse/Lauren story).

Heads up, they'll say, history was a big mistake. )

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 so I'm home! Uh. I don't really know what to say. it was amazing? I had a fabulous time with Wyrm and Z, as I'm sure you've all gathered. :D I am completely in love with colleges.

my dad's in the hospital with what appears to be pneumonia and an atrial fibrillation (?), which is better than the initial possible diagnosis of congestive heart failure! he should be out soon, which is good.

Mostly I'm just really really tired. Um. Meto, I've finally finished the rough draft of my T:SCC vid? I dunno if you're still having computer issues, but if you aren't maybe you could give it a look-over for me? Or other people who watch T:SCC and can give me any feedback on the vid. 

And that's about it. I'm exhausted, and happy, and have to study for an astronomy quiz tomorrow morning, and set up when I take the quizzes I missed with my professors, and all sorts of stuff. I think I could use some more sugar. *goes to find the gingersnap dough*

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 Things I have been up to in RL - mailing in voting registration! going through stacks of college info! I have a list of 5 colleges I'm almost definitely applying to - Yale, Brown, Adelphi, Tulane, and U of C, which about fifteen other colleges I'm going to look through to bring that up to 8 total. 

Flist, you are fantastic, by the way. Out of the five colleges I am definitely applying to, my flist is either going to or knows people at four of them. I am like this \o/ at how amazing you are, and how kind and helpful. <33333

Also I am joining a rock climbing team most likely, as of tomorrow! So that'll be interesting. Hopefully with instruction and frequent guided practice I'll be able to start getting V3's, which would be fabulous. (I will also possibly be competing. Ack!)

Fannishly I am fairly quiet. I shall probably be signing up for the xover_exchange, and I have to finish my two help_pakistan projects (A;TLA fic and T:SCC vid), but other than that I won't be doing much. Watched the first episode of this season's Merlin and just couldn't get into it except for a few moments, which made me sad. I might keep trying, but I don't watch TV when it feels like a chore more than anything. 

On the other hand, L&O: UK has a new episode! Jamie Bamber and Freema Aygeman on my screen again was a delight, and the rest of the cast is pretty great too. The episode was kind of horrifying but also quite well done, and I enjoyed it a lot. Pity there's so little of it. :(

Off to do homework and SAT prep! Maybe I shall cook today too, if I can get it in before I go to Teen Court.

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Title: Sea Song
Vidder: [personal profile] be_themoon
Fandom: White Collar
Music: "Sea Song" by Lisa Hannigan
Spoilers: Major spoilers through 2x08.
Summary: Neal + the Burkes, the ways they love. Neal/Peter/Elizabeth.
Streaming/Download: Streaming at Vimeo and download at MediaFire.
Notes: Oh, White Collar. Thank you for making me ridiculously happy every episode. <333

And oh, we are like the sea, and it's right we be so. )

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 So this Tuesday starts my senior year of high school. The fall is going to be interesting - I'm only taking three dual-enrolled classes (Astronomy, American History to 1876, and Pre-History to Medieval Humanities), but I have to study for the SAT, the ACT, and the World History, Literature, and Mathematics Level I SAT Subject Tests. Also get applications for colleges together, and figure out where I want to go. I'm a big fan of Yale and Brown, and my chances are a lot better now that [redacted awesome news not allowed to tell until Wednesday], but I still really need to have third and fourth and fifth choices (I don't particularly want to apply to more than five schools, but I will if necessary). Hopefully I'll be visiting colleges some weekend this fall, which should help me figure out. Part of the problem in finding the schools I want to apply to is that - well, I have no idea what I'm going to major in. If I do Social Work, I would go to grad school for it, so my majors in college are wide open. Aaaaah.

Also, I really, really like teaching people. It's in my genes, guys! All girls in my family are doomed to teach. :P This Friday at co-op, I went in so that they wouldn't have to come back and pick me up before going somewhere else, and one of the Chemistry students had forgotten to do his homework, so I sat down and helped him with it. It was loads and loads of fun, and I don't even really like Chemistry. I just... enjoyed teaching it to someone. I didn't even mind that it was taking over an hour of my limited computer time that day. 

Okay - in the next few months, you can expect my NFE, one White Collar vid, and one as yet unknown fanfic and vid (from help_pakistan). And then I'll probably be pretty quiet on the creation front for a while, though I might do some casual vidding for relaxing purposes.

(AAARGH can I be 18 now stop it LJ with the adult notifications it is less than two months!)

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RL things. )

so, Doctor Who 5x09 Cold Blood reaction post.

akshdgd NOOOO. )

*deep breaths* I attempted to self-therapeutize myself through vidding. The result is a 1:22 Rory vid that did absolutely nothing to make me at peace with it. It'll probably be up soon - it's rough, but I didn't make it for perfection. I'm reserving my perfectionist tendences for the Susan Pevensie vid I have been patiently working on for days now. No, it's not done yet. Almost, but I've got to get one last bit adjusted.

I've been planning to do one drabble every day this summer - most of the time I'll probably do round-up posts once a week, but today I'm just going to put it in this post.

just a nurse
Doctor Who. Amy/Rory, 137 words.

For one, he's a nurse. )

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you guys, so hilarious. my sister, Esther? she is not in fandom. I think fandom would scar her horrifically. for years. she kind of pats me on the head and looks amused when I talk about it, and I have to censor a lot of stuff.

but apparently? vidding is totally Her Thing, especially (maybe only?) when it's the Bourne series. she's completely freaked out over me doing it and keeps watching it and being like "THIS SONG IS VERY JASON, how about you vid this one?" it is HILARIOUS. it is also awesome! so that's what I spent yesterday night doing - talking to Esther about Jason Bourne, vidding, music, fandom, etc., doing some prep work on a song, and naturally from there into how we both find people about five times hotter when they are being competent.

so that was very very fun. :D

here is some poetry, since National Poetry Month is coming to a close!

Head, Perhaps of an Angel by Debora Greger

limestone, with traces of polychromy, c. 1250 )


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