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 can't stop throwing up, feel like hell frozen up and warmed over, etc. etc. I've literally got myself set up with my laptop and water and pot in the bathroom. 

cheering things?
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Sick as a dog.

Throwing up about every 10 minutes, can't keep anything down, and really miserable.

Need cheering up. D:
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sick. possibly flu? not really sure. head hurts, bones hurt, throat hurts, you get the gist. not going to class tonight or tomorrow - hopefully I'm in shape for Friday.


I'm listening to Glee music  (the mash-ups from 1.06! both the boys and girls did such a fantastic job, and there's a boy's version of the Halo/Walking On Sunshine too! this is fantastic) and watching SPN. wow, you guys, how did one show get three of the most talented, handsomest actors on it? one show. it's ridiculous!
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HOLY CRAP Y'ALL. It is possible that I have hair-line fractured one of my ribs simply from COUGHING two weeks straight.

It's at the least very badly bruised, hurts whenever I move. This is NOT GOOD. If it still hurts in a few days, I'll probably have to get it x-rayed.

In other, excellent news, MY MOM IS AWESOME. *squee* I told her how I was really getting frustrated because I didn't feel like I was actually learning anything NEW from any of my classes except for my science and math (both of which are the subjects I don't like nearly as much), and she agreed that I should go for something a lot more challenging next year. And this is where the up-side of homeschooling comes into play, because she's said that she would be willing to do a World History Course with me on British Colonization, which would be SO FLIPPING SWEET. It would mostly involve finding awesome books and reading them and discussing it and maybe writing some papers and stuff. AND LEARNING. LEARNING IS AWESOME.

She also suggested taking an AP English next year, maybe even along with the English 1.0 if I dual-enroll at Daytona State College (formerly DBCC). And I might do Physics, which would be interesting if completely INSANELY DIFFICULT.
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I would just like to state the part where I am so bloody tired of coughing all. the. time. and being exhausted because I keep waking up in the middle of the night.

Also, I am home alone. Doing nothing. I should be writing, but instead I'm eating icecream (I really shouldn't be, I know, but I've been drinking water and eating healthy stuff mostly for the past five days and it hasn't helped at all, so) and surfing TVtropes and keeping an eye on LJ.

Speed up LJ! Betsy needs entertainment!


Mar. 31st, 2009 08:14 pm
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Still sick - had to skip choir, which sucks. Not going to get to teach this week, which means no money ($15 from tutoring one day a week isn't much, but this is my whole income damnit). Missed math, will probably miss it again unless this gets better. Had to take two aspirin to feel halfway reasonable. The only good thing I can see coming out of this AT ALL is if I get to miss co-op school on Friday morning, but that means missing park too and I really could use NOT BEING SICK THAT LONG. *scowls*

In other, JUST AS ANNOYING NEWS, there was this awesome quote somewhere, I think by [ profile] lassiterfics (I'm pretty sure actually about that), about how Peter and Arthur are so alike... it included something like 'The land and the king, holding a silent vigil for each other across time' and it was so frickin' gorgeous and perfect and I CANNOT FIND IT.

Also, my caps are out of control.

As a method of consolation, I wrote happy Narnia fluff earlier (already posted, 'When All The Leaves Are Gold'). Also read lots of G. K. Chesterton, especially this gem, called The Towers of Time. My favorite part has to be this stanza...

(There is never a crack in the ivory tower
Or a hinge to groan in the house of gold
Or a leaf of the rose in the wind to wither
And she grows young as the world grows old.
A Woman clothed with the sun returning
to clothe the sun when the sun is cold.)

I would just like to say - eeeeeeeeeeee. 'And she grows young as the world grows old./A woman clothed with the sun returning/to clothe the sun when the sun is cold.' I'm not even sure why this is so awesome, BUT IT IS.


Apparently he wasn't aware I had a book waiting for me, so he didn't ask for it when he went. DANGIT.


Mar. 30th, 2009 08:49 pm
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Esther apparently passed her bronchitis along to me.

Anything that makes me feel like it's hard to breathe is definitely NOT GOOD. It's not like I don't have weak lungs anyways, that tend to die on me if I run too much. Nooo, they've just got to add bronchitis on top.

I'll be over in the corner sulking.


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