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 Back from camp, done with the last day of work, HOLIDAYS.

oh yeah also Mary broke her collarbone. so. um. that happened.

Also Crossover Exchange!

Nevcolleil wrote me a lovely Criminal Minds/Inception crossover, Life Ain't A Dream, about Spencer and Arthur and their tangled life together. You guys should go check it out, it's really nice and I love the idea of Spencer and Arthur being childhood friends who wreaked havoc together before turning into something more.

I wrote The Curious Case of the Time Agent and His Sister for turkeyish, a Torchwood/Narnia fic which is actually set roughly in the same universe as that other Torchwood/Narnia fic I did ages ago, To Go Nowhere With You. (I strongly suspect there will be an Edmund/Ianto coda to this fic prettyyy soon. Also there is the fic that is specifically a sequel to TGNWY.) I am also writing a pinch hit which will show up sometime soon. Also I want to thank flyakate again for being an invaluable and wonderful beta. That fic was in a horrific state when she got it, and she did a quick turnaround and a very good beta on it at the same time. <3333

ALSO erasureathon has started and the person erasing for me is amazing and has already done one. xenoamorist erased Far From His Home and turned it into as small as a world and as large as alone, which is an amazing, beautiful piece of poetry about Castiel and Dean being in love and the awkwardness of bodies and it is really, stupendously well done. YOU SHOULD GO READ IT.

ps I am sort of watching TV but mostly just sitting around joining Aidan and Mary in their epic Battlestar Galactica watch. It mostly goes like this. "Betsy is it going to get better? At all?" "... Well, no, not really." "ARGH." *puts on another episode* 

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I interrupt my still-going-and-starting-to-catch-up NaNo to bring you this important news


And you want to do it.

um information about erasures - it is when you take a piece of writing and you pick and choose words from it to form a poem? it is SUPER FUN.

EXAMPLES: last round Lass did this one for me based on 'this temporary flesh and bone' and it is excellent! I did this one which is based on a Bond story by the lovely nextian. If those are not enough examples just browse through the erasureathon comm!

BASICALLY if you like language, poetry, words, etc. You will like erasureathon.

oh my god I keep misspelling things.

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 So it's day 1 of the lady love fest! I've got three ladies

 - Susan Pevensie (Narnia)
 - Cassandra Cain (DC)
 - Artemis Crock (Young Justice)

I figured Day 1 I would just talk a little bit about each of these amazing ladies and why I love them so much. I also have a plan to each day have a fourth segment where I do one little thing about a lady I didn't claim but who tends to be treated poorly in fandom. 

Also, I'm open to requests/suggestions/prompts for picspams, short (VERY short) fics, questions you'd like me to answer about those three ladies, etc. 

That having been said, on to Day 1!

Susan Pevensie

it's Narnia guys spoilers for that I guess? ) 

Cassandra Cain

spoilers for Cass' series ) 

Artemis Crock

spoilers for tie-in comic and show )




and that concludes Day 1 for me! GUYS I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOURS.

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I think you will all appreciate this! and should join up and do it! :D

We Love The Women That Fandom Hates

GO GO GO. I want to see all the awesome lady posts on my flist! (Two guesses as to the two people I signed up with AND THE FIRST TWO DON'T COUNT.)


Aug. 17th, 2011 07:46 pm
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I feel like doing memes okay. I also feel like talking about couples I love deeply, or find interesting, etc. etc. I don't wanna go to sleep or leave the internet, whyyyyyyy. 

Listed below are descriptions of some of the fictional couples that I ship. With the vagueness and obscurity, try to guess the people listed in the comments.

Most of these are canon ships, but there are a couple fanon and one crack crossover ship.

1. She's a girl who wants to be an investigative journalist, he's a smart mouthed but extremely intelligent and talented artist. Together, they fight aliens! Rani/Clyde from Sarah Jane Adventures, guessed by [personal profile] wordsatourbacks and wingedflight21.

2. She's new to this world, but so is he. He's emotionally stunted, she definitely isn't. They are absurdly adorable. Superboy/Miss Martian from Young Justice, guessed by katakokk

3. They are going to be the best damn monarchs EVER. (He can't cook.)

4. They played rooftop tag, bonded over evil dads, and believe in redemption wholeheartedly. Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown from DCU Comics, guessed by [personal profile] metonomia 

5. They were good together, weren't they? They were better than good. 

6. They've been in love since they were eleven, no matter how hard he swore she was insufferable. You can't tell me differently. Ron/Hermione from Harry Potter, guessed by [personal profile] kayloulee , grim_lupine, and wingedflight21. 

7. He used to be a king, now he's got an indeterminate job involving being a badass. He makes a great cup of coffee and is incredibly competent. Their relationship is based on five hours, give or take a bit. Edmund Pevensie (Narnia)/Ianto Jones (Torchwood), guessed by [personal profile] wordsatourbacks , flyakate and wingedflight21.

8. He's an uptight and competent professional, he's the emotionally intelligent guy who enjoys irritating him. Together, they steal secrets. Arthur/Eames from Inception, guessed by [personal profile] kayloulee , flyakate, and probing_grays.

9. She's a rogue agent on the run. She doesn't see a reason to live until she's given a mission. They just want to fix everything. And be in love. Alex/Nikita from Nikita, guessed by[personal profile] wordsatourbacks and wingedflight21

10. He's a space archaeologist with recurring death issues, she's the talented and gorgeous lying thief who just. won't. leave. Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran from Stargate SG-1, guessed by [personal profile] alexseanchai and anastigmatfic. (Admittedly, the recurring death issues was kind of a dead giveaway.)

11. Snarky psychic seeking ferroequinologist. Shawn/Gus from Psych, guessed by [personal profile] wordsatourbacks 

12. You are my god-given solace. I'm angry with you right now, I'm not talking to you. Garcia/Morgan from Criminal Minds, guessed by eudaimon

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 So I'm planning on getting paid time on both DW and LJ before I leave, using the money I'm making tutoring. (Today and tomorrow alone should more than cover it, so I feel justified.) I went ahead and got the two-week free trial on LJ and therefore have 15 new icons (predictably, all ladies except for one of part of the Criminal Minds team) and feel a great urge to show them off.

I also want to catch up with everyone, because I've been so busy! So, therefore - 


Anything! What you've been doing, what show you're watching, do you have an awesome picspam or video to link me to, what are you writing, are you traveling, do you want to mock my descent into comics, have we pretty much never talked but we totally should?


<33333333333 I LOVE YOU ALL. 

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 From about 3-10 EST today, I'll be rewatching all the Narnia movies and chatting with friends HERE. come join in! any time that works for you.

It's going to be loads of fun. :D
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firstly, happiest of happy birthdays to Lass! I was going to post that, y'know, yesterday, but I didn't want to until the fic went up. <333333333333334569101 YOU ARE MY SUNSHIIIIIIINE, YOU MAKE ME HAPPYYYYYY WHEN SKIES ARE BLUUUUUE.

secondly, and this is kind of RL important - I need advice on buying a laptop. I don't like Macs, for starters. (I don't like working on them or their set-up style, and would need a really convincing argument to buy one.) I need a laptop that's good for graphics, is very sturdy, and as lightweight as I can get it. I want a pretty large screen, but I also need to be able to travel with it easily. I guess a 13" or 15"? And it needs to either have a lot of space on the harddrive or there needs to be an easy way for me to get more room to put stuff on. So - advice? What laptops have you found are really good? Which ones fail all the time? Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!

LASTLY AND ALSO TOTALLY IMPORTANT. This Sunday (EST) afternoon, probably starting around 2 but maybe later, I'm going to be rewatching all the Narnia movies. Timing depends somewhat on who else can be there when. I should definitely be around all afternoon anyways. I'll be on Skype and the NFFR chat rooms and Tumblr and Twitter and pretty much everywhere and would love company.

This brought on by me having a really bad headache Monday night and rewatching bits and pieces of all three movies, and continuing to do so today. (oh my god, how come the last bit of LWW always makes me cry? SO BEAUTIFUL, SO HAPPY, SO IN CONTROL and then it is all just STRIPPED AWAY FROM THEM LEWIS I HATE YOU FOREVER.) like - I don't even want to fic, there are too many feelings to fic them. TOO MANY FEELINGS. ALL I KNOW IS FLAIL AND SQUEE. 

as reference, here are the Tumblr posts I made:



(rewatching VotDT again: nnnnnnnngh boys in chains why is this cast so pretty.)

Also Doctor Who this week was spectacular. Oh, Gaiman. Thank you. I do not like all your stuff, but you did well. 

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one: spoilers for SPN 6x17 )

omg Justice League: Generation Lost is almost done! I am so excited for the last issue, I cannot even.

ALSO: I feel like Cass and Wendy and Stephanie and Damian should make their own little club. Probably called something like "Hero Kids With Supervillain Parents". They could eat cookies and refuse to talk about their feelings and then kick some ass, with Wendy making snarky comments in their ears, the rush of the wind in their face as they swing across the streets of Gotham. Unstoppable. They are more than the sum of their parts. They are better than their parents ever were. They stared death in the face and they walked away from it, stronger for it. This is the heart of them - the hope for a better tomorrow. A place where nobody has to be them.

oh hai Remix. hm.

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 guys. guys

one of the reasons I'd always been a little bit wary of comics was because I wasn't sure I'd appreciate how they treated women, but Stephanie Brown just rapidly became one of my favorite characters ever. I haven't read her comics as Spoiler and Robin (partially because I know tragic things happen to her in them and that would make me horribly sad), but her run as Batgirl has basically been one long moment of total awesome. 

THINGS ABOUT STEPHANIE: ayries explanation of why she loves her on Tumblr, plus a little add-on from me. It addresses what I love most about Stephanie - she's not in this for the glory, or for revenge - she's in it for the people she helps, entirely, and she's here to bring hope to a line of work most of the Batfamily brings a gloom and despair attitude to. She never loses her smile. She may want others to approve of her, but their disapproval doesn't stop her from doing what she feels is her calling. She's still in love with Tim Drake, but when he comes back she realizes that starting up their relationship again would be about as far from healthy as it gets and tells him so, bluntly. 

more things! including two bits from her comics, icons, etc. )

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one: that one massive project of mine, a mix and exposition for an original project so I can get it out of the way and shoved into a To Write Much Later folder. the only constant (being change), a monster squad mix.

two: we should talk about The Eagle, I feel. and write awesome fic for it! you guys, there is a kink meme! it is tiny, and you all know my hang-ups with porn (I project my privacy issues EVERYWHERE), but I am hopeful that there will also be awesome fic that is not in fact all about the sex! I want more book verse Esca/Marcus/Cottia fic! I want more movie verse Esca/Marcus fic, and how eventually they meet up with Cottia and maybe they all head into the far wilderness somewhere else and are awesome forever? I DUNNO. I JUST WANT FIC. CAN THERE BE FIC. Can we talk about how much fun this movie is and how utterly gay it was and how I am already vidding it? (It is totally just a draft until I get actually decent source. Yes.) and how apparently there needs to be road warriors post-apocalyptic AU fic?

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I have seen Dawn Treader, and I loved it. Bit of a hurry, so I'll just copy-paste what I wrote over on NFFR.

Loved loved loved it.
Spoilers. )

In other news, my dad is apparently going to have "minor surgery" to clear up an infection? I don't know! Nobody tells me anything around here. FML. Off to park, perhaps running around and throwing things will help.

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Excuse me, I have to go flail over how ridiculously awesome fandom is. help_pakistan is doing quite swimmingly! Bidding has started now - I'm offering one 1K fanfic here and 1 fanvid here. Starting bids $1 on each. For those of you who have money and are looking to buy, you can also check out the delicious account for the auctions, where you can search by type offered, fandom, etc. 

Flist, your response alone was awesome. <33333 I loooove you guys. 

The only other thing currently of interest is the pattern I've been figuring out - when I'm in a happy phase, I can't sleep - when I'm in a down phase, I sleep for HOURS and HOURS. I would find this more amusing if waking up three or four times every night (I can remember three distinct dreams from last night alone) didn't make me inclined to be snappy and crankish. Can I not just enjoy being happy, body?

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 Head over to help_pakistan, guys? The floods there have been really really bad, and the turn out so far is much too sparse. 

My thread is here. Offering words.

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So Aidan's gone as of Friday afternoon (Mary's staying for three weeks, yay!). We went to the beach, to the springs, played Ultimate Frisbee, had a party, and played possibly illegal amounts of board and card games. I socialized for what ended up being almost five days. Still utterly exhausted and anti-social. I slept badly Friday night, woke up three times or so.

Yesterday night I didn't get enough sleep either, for other reasons. Mostly involving The Roach Saga. (I HATE roaches, guys. SO MUCH.) About five in the morning today a roach took it into it's head to be as obnoxious to Mary as possible, including running across her face. *shudder* Then it got onto my bed, and things spiraled out of control from there until Mary was sleeping on the couch in the living room and Katherine and I had the lights on and were watching Primeval (the last four episodes of Season 3) and White Collar's first episode on my bed, while encouraging our dog to kill any roaches she found in our room. So yeah. I got... six hours of sleep last night? I've been alternating between hyper and looking drugged all day. Anyway, that all led to the Great Roach Hunt, wherein Kat and Mary and I spent large portions of today clearing out my room. Really thoroughly.

Come on down to metatardis!
Where we are all definitely madmen in boxes.

It's going to be pretty fabulous, guys. There have already been some great meta-pieces, and I know there'll be more. You should drop by! 

Vid recs! I have four.

Your Ghost by [ profile] charmax is a devastating and beautiful Winchester family epic. The lyrics are utterly perfect, the song is beautiful with the right melancholy to it, and the story told is wonderful. Three generations of Campbells/Winchesters, with all their utter tragedy!

Never Gonna Leave Me by [ profile] lee_fragilidad is a Syfy Alice vid, Alice/Hatter, and it's just the right mix of upbeat running/fighting and wishful glances. The cutting is sharp and the whole thing is really well-constructed.

Bad Romance by [personal profile] such_heights may have me convinced that I need to finish watching S2 of Merlin. (I'm.. .not sure why I haven't, actually.) But I definitely have to watch the Morgause episodes, and this vid is why. Gwen/Morgana/Morgause love triangle! WANT.

Lullaby For A Stormy Night by [personal profile] such_heights is the tiny!Amy and Eleven vid we all knew we wanted. So adorable, omg. ♥

On TV-watching fronts! White Collar 2x01 was quite lovely. Neal and Peter were in fine bickering form, Mozzie played a great role. I only wish there had been more (MUCH MORE) of El and Diana, and that that one Scare hadn't happened at the end.spoilerrrrrs )

Primeval is pretty wonderful - I wish it was more racially diverse, but they are fairly decent on delivering Awesome Ladies Being Awesome and there is no shortage of handsome men and I am shallow. spoilers through 3x03 )

Femgenficathon it is! this needs to be DONE. I need to move on! wait what why am I writing Claudia Brown/Jenny Lewis fic all of a sudden. *eyes* but I wanted to write Rosalie fic? except... I guess that's not happening. 

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 + I, uh, may or may not have revamped all my icons. Again. (Note: the one icon that has remained constant since more or less the beginning is Susan-being-kickass. The icon might change, but it's the one type of icon I think I've always had. SUSAN.)

+ it's not my fault! it's just, there was Jo, and I LOVE Jo, and plus it was a wanderlust icon! and things just kept spiraling completely out of control from there. (also WANDERLUST. I have it so badly.)

+ People have been wonderfully awesome today! flist, carry on being awesome! <333

+ One thing that was not particularly awesome - in the lesson at Sunday school today, the teacher spent a good five-ten minutes talking about how it's your fault (and only yours) if you're upset, or sad. Which - okay, I think I'm a mindset where I can actually talk intelligently about this for a moment. rambling for a moment. )

+ Huh! I still feel happy. This is good. 

+ You guys, the "gotcha" moment from the Doctor Who finale is now guaranteed to make me start crying. Actual tears! OH SEASON FIVE, how so AWESOME?

+ I have writing mojo back! Interestingly enough, not for fanfic at all (oops! uh. I will get those things I need to write done! I will! Just not today. Or this week.). In fact, it is all for original fic, Harborverse and then I've got some 2K of character outlining and scene bits for something to put in the WIP folder and come back to later. Or possibly I'll just write today, whatever I want to, because I have inspiration and I have been missing this so much, so MUCH. The joy of writing is a beautiful thing, and I really needed that yesterday, and I love the feeling and the joy of visualizing things and writing them down and I just love it so so much. <3333 I'm off to write now! 

ETA: I almost forgot! I wanted to link you to all to this fantastic anti-rape ad - apparently it is being run in Scotland? It is really well-done.

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ugh, fail.

This one, where WWII and concentration camps are co-opted for magical white love. 

Or the one where people have *standards* for female characters. That mostly seem to involve bashing them? Including MARTHA JONES?

Today at park day, a lot of the boys got together, caught a lizard, and started trying to feed it to ants. Alive. Because this was fun? My brother told them to stop and then came to my mom when they didn't, whereupon my mom stormed over, released the lizard, and forced them to actually think about what they were doing for a good fifteen minutes, making me full of joy at her righteous wrath, because I was also full of wrath. (Mrs. T took pictures of them in a circle getting chewed out. Sometimes I love moms and their crazy senses of humor.) 

Awesome things, on the other hand!

My sister will be here MONDAY, with her husband. wheee! I am so excited. I have only met him once before, and I'm pleased to get to see him again, and to get my sister for almost a month. *so excited*

There is a Female Character Friending Meme going on! On DW and LJ. I approve. :D

[ profile] spnsupporting , a comm for claiming and writing minor SPN characters! I'll put my table here when I get it. :D I'm going to be requesting mostly Team Free Will: The Next Generation, and hopefully will continue their story. <333 

A cut to put the table behind! )
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 things I want: lots more indulgent world-building fic about a world Doctor Who  )

you know, the more things I hear about SPN S6, the more I get excited for it! it's sounding kind of epic. 

poetry is EPIC, guys! especially when you're relating it to fandom, which means that [ profile] gid_hanasheh and [ profile] motherlessguns are awesome and that everyone should watch them.

man, SPN is addictive, isn't it? and it spreads like wildfire! let's see. I got Lass hooked, Lass got Z and Wyrm into it (and I think others I don't know), Larm and I got Meto and Irish and Kate into it, and now I'm sort of worried for ALL OF YOU GUYS' SANITY. SPN will steal it! and rip your heart out! oh wait, you know that now. 

I want to watch Happy Town, because it's crazy and fun, but at the same time - it creeped me out SO badly, and that was just the first episode. I think I have to be very careful about how I'm doing emotionally before I finish watching it. 

I did, however, watch the SyFy Alice, which has been on my list for a long time, and Alice/Hatter is adorable, y'all. Also everyone kicks ass! I always enjoy that.

I get to plan hopeful college-visiting! YAY.

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Signal Boost: why Haiti after the earthquake is totally the appropriate place to set your J2 romance! /sarcasm

People are doing the explaining pretty well why exactly this is offensive, so I don't really have much to say beyond: oh, Author, that was not appropriate. I really don't know how you thought it was. And at this point, I really have to agree with the people who say that the intentions that went into writing this fic don't. mattter. They don't make it less offensive. 


OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE, WORLD. give me a break here! Must you give me race-fail AND gender-fail on the same day?

I cannot even begin to describe how really, really unhappy I'll be if they do let AJ and Paget go. Seriously. Oh Criminal Minds! I trusted you! Don't fail me now. D: See icon for further opinions.


Laptop out to the shop for back-up disc-making and defragmentation, I think my mom said? But it'll be back tonight, yay! While waiting for it to return so I can write Stonehenge Apocalypse/Supernatural crossovers in peace. In the meantime, I got distracted from my mission to watch Happytown by the glory that is Methos. Snarky English-accented cynical kind of amoral dorky 5000-year-old guy who claims he sticks his head out for no one and then REPEATEDLY attempts to fight the hero's battles for him? Because he's a loyal devoted LYING LIAR WHO LIES? You know I'm on it.

DON'T WORRY, LASS. I shall return to Happytown once I have finished with Methos. The first watch-through, that is. (GUYS IT'S LIKE DEAN/CASTIEL THE REMAKE (or the original?). They have a dramatic break-up, completely with throwing each other around on cars and sobbing! Only not always as serious, and Methos has a sense of humor.) I'm finding myself quite liking Duncan too - he's so honorable! An honorable guy can sometimes be boring but you can ALWAYS count on him.)

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First off, I would like to take a moment to pimp the Narnia Fic Exchange. (OMG YAY.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Go! Sign up! Enjoy! Sign-ups are open until June 19th. *claps hands excitedly* I am looking forward to this SO MUCH, you have no idea.

Doctor Who last Saturday! Guys, SO GOOD. 

Spoilers for Doctor Who 5x10,  )

Stuff from next week's blurb/preview. )

HEY DW FANDOM, while I'm on Doctor Who. Stop it with the slut-shaming and other absurdity! Feminism: you're getting it wrong. If you dislike Amy, try to dislike her in a rational manner. I know it can be done! I know people who are doing it in a rational manner! You can do it too. (Well, I'd prefer you just convert to thinking she is the awesomest, but I'll settle for disliking her for rational reasons that don't involve saying she dresses like a slut, which is especially insulting to me because - well, does that mean you think I'm a slut for having legs like hers and wanting to wear her clothes?) I encourage you to engage in reasonable discussions, thoughtfulness, and a deep deep look at internalized misogyny. Thanks!

no love until you stop the hypocrisy and vileness, 


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