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Title: between one June and another September
Fandom: Twilight
Characters/Pairings: Mary Blake (Renesmee Cullen)/Leah Clearwater
Rating: PG
Warnings: a little bit of language. nothing big.
When: Third of the Mary Blake 'verse. Set after the one unchanging thing is I. Post-BD, naturally.
Summary: In the beginning, she comes home.
Disclaimer: Twilight isn't mine. Meyer can keep it.
Author's Note: It's finally finally done! You know, only about two months after I started it. :P Anyways. This fic is Mary/Leah, but I left a lot of it rather subtextual, so yes, you probably aren't reading too much into it. The title and all of the poetry excerpts are from marina by T. S. Eliot, except for the last one, which is from Civilization by Carl Phillips. You don't even want to know how close I came to including this entire scene that was basically just them reading poetry. A lot of it. Symbolic poetry! Poetry I love! I had somewhere around fifteen tabs of poems open before I shook myself and went 'no Betsy no! write the story! geek about poetry on your own time!' Random piece of trivia: elocation (or, exit us) by Evie Shockley came thisclose to getting included, because it is just such a Mary poem. Anyways, yeah. Story time! (Can you tell I'm really nervous about this one?)

In the beginning, she comes home. )
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I feel very happy today! Therefore, while I can, I am going to talk about happy things. Happy things! *is enthusiastic*

a) This song. It has the lyrics 'how many of them can we make die!' How can you not love it? XD

b) Okay, just music in general. Kasey Chamber's 'Nothing At All', Imogen Heap's '2-1', which was written for the PC movie (!!!) but wasn't accepted because it was too dark, and Britney Spear's 'Circus.' (stop laughing at me! I've loved it ever since I saw this vid, which is honestly the best meta-vid for nu!Kirk EVER.)

c) Every single thing in [ profile] erasureathon , omg. SO AWESOME. *hugs all the pretty erasures* I have yet to finish commenting on them, but eee!

d) I am feeling  a lot better about the Narnia Exchange piece right now. I've decided to leave it Edmund POV, but there is a possibility that at some point there will be an accompanying Peridan POV because I really, really want to know what he was thinking during all of this.

e) This new trailer for New Moon. SHUT UP. JACOB IS AWESOME, AND THERE ARE WEREWOLVES. This is honestly all I care about.

f) yesterday my mother was at the meat market, and she said something along the lines of 'My daughter will probably be biking up tomorrow to get stuff for our dinner.' (She had to go to a college about two hours away today for meeting her new TA and other stuff.) And the guy was apparently like 'Oh, is that your daughter? The tall, skinny girl who smiles a lot?' Which naturally made me smile a lot. XD I do make a point of smiling and talking to people who are checking me out or helping me out at stores, and it was just really cool to know it got noticed.

g) I am getting some school done! Probably not enough, but I'm doing okay. And I got dinner made again today and had to be responsible, and, I dunno. I'm just feeling happier today. XD

h) I am so excited for [ profile] narniaexchange ! Now that I'm not feeling hideously stressed over mine, I'm able to look forward to all the fabulous fics that are doubtless going to come out over there. I've already seen two, and they've both been absolutely marvelous, and I cannot WAIT for all the rest! It makes me want to get mine done and turned in even faster!

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Stuff that isn't me whining!

1) the next Renesmee piece is considering killing me and taking over the world. It's currently clocking in at 2K, and I still need to go back, make sure Seth is mentioned, and it wants me to completely rewrite the ending and leave the Cullens out of it. Which, ugh. UGH.

2) So my mom is gone to Virginia for the weekend to see her parents and brother at the big family mansion they turned into a b&b, a place my dad is convinced God doesn't want us going near, hence making me worried he's going to freak out at anything and also the most responsible person in the house because so far my dad has suggested pizza, subs, watching the old Battlestar Galactica on a sort of marathon run, playing card games, and spent the rest of his time in his room not caring whether we're working or not.

3) If I do not get at least 2 Latin and 4 Government assignments turned in over today and tomorrow, I am so screwed.

4) Like said, I've been watching the old Battlestar Galactica because my dad likes it now, and it's kind of fascinating watching it and figuring out that 'hey, that's where they got so-and-so!' It's nowhere near as good, and there are nasty alien bug things all over, and honestly I sometimes want to punch the characters, but my basic reaction is still 'Oh, babies', and my excitement over characters I barely know is confuzzling my dad. Also, my really good guesses as to what's going to happen next. Hee.

5) My erasure, completely opposite to my narnia fic, is going surprisingly well! I've erased around a thousand words, maybe a little more, and am working on the rest now that Narnia is off to beta and I don't have to worry about it for a little bit more.

6) No, seriously. I have to turn in that Latin and Government. agh. need to work on it.

7) I completely overhauled my icons just a bit ago. It was lots of fun!

oh, cedric

Aug. 2nd, 2009 03:09 pm
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Okay, I'm pretty sure this is going to be a post on the scale of epic.

thanks and cracked teeth )
I've caught up with my f-list! I went back to around Thursday and hopefully caught everyone from then on. Sorry if I missed anyone!

Things I want to recommend to people.

A) [ profile] zempasuchil drew Mary Blake/Renesmee. It is adorable.
B) Anything on [ profile] houseofpevensie . I'm a bit erratic on commenting on them, but the writing is superb and I adore the characters.
C) [personal profile] animus_wyrmis posted her lovely Leah/Angela fic with no name. So pretty!

TV shows I watched while I was in a horrible mood - Chuck (about six episodes of the first season), Pushing Daisies (part of the first episode before I got kicked off the computer), Supernatural (a few of my favorite episodes), Project Runway (I have to admit, I generally skip to the reunion episode after my favorites get kicked off).

As proof that I really need to slow down on the fic writing and just concentrate on a few, I'm going to go ahead and do the 'give a line from each of your WIP's' meme. Um. For some of them it's more like post a paragraph.

harborverse, nostalgia!origfic, what images return (next renesmee), untitled susan!fic, untitlted narniaexchange, untitled erasureathon )

I must turn in one Latin assignment and two Government assignments, and then I shall return to play with fic! Renesmee metafic is being difficult. a) I completely forgot Seth b) I introduced the Cullens. I'm thinking that needs to be a later story, that this one should be only about Mary and Leah. I dunno.
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Okay just behave now!

Sit down and behave I am being serious okay aaaaaah

This is the part where I should go 'shit' and hit the keys a lot in hopes of producing something, isn't it? *headdesk*

(inspiring this section so far - T. S. Eliot's Marina)

(if it keeps going much longer - omg send help - probably Carl Phillips' Civilization too)
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Things[ profile] lassiterfics told me to talk about.

church, being the moon, many siblings!, homeschool, my favorite place in the world )

Moments in the past few days.

While playing Set (it's a matching card game) with Kat and Sam, said completely deadpan, "They come in the night you know," and continued playing as if nothing had happened, effectively freaking them out. Yay!

Took down Kat's and my bunkbed, scrubbed it, got most of my room cleared out and ready for the old wallpaper to be steamed off and new wallpaper put up.

Cleaned out my bookcase - four shelves of papers and books with an inordinate amount of maps and name lists and drabbles and things I need to keep writing if I can just remember the plot I started with.

Thought 'I need to be working on narniaexchange now' multiple times.

Realized that although I thought I was writing Mary&Lea for the next installment of Mary 'verse, what I was really writing was Mary/Lea. For instance. Mary thinks about ying and yang and the imbalance of power and how pale her arms look when compared to Lea's dark tan. Also. "Imagine a world with no time," Lea says. Mary brushes her fingers against Lea as she thinks, I'd like that.

Repeated face-palming ensued.

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Title: And All Her Yesterdays
Characters/Pairings: Renesmee Cullen
Rating: PG
Warnings: ... nothing, really.
When: Elaboration of a period during Going South.
Summary: She just wants to be herself.
Disclaimer: The Twilight books are not mine, and I am thankful.
Author's Note: Part of my Mary 'verse. Set during Going South, before The One Unchanging Thing Is I. Renesmee in Harvard as she becomes Mary Blake and learns what love is. Un-betaed. May have small changes tomorrow when I wake up and look it over and go 'OMG WHAT WAS I THINKING.'


She just wants to be herself. )
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Title: The One Unchanging Thing Is I
Characters/Pairings: Renesmee Cullen
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Unexplicit violence/murder.
When: After Breaking Dawn.
Summary: She is always moving on.
Disclaimer: The Twilight books are not mine, and I am thankful.
Author's Note: Continuation to Going South. Things that come after. Title comes from White Fog by Sara Teasdale, which can be found here. This 'verse may still not be done, because I really, really want to see her with the Volturi sometime, and also there's so much from her years at Harvard I never said.


Heraclitus had said, The only constant is change. )

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Title: Going South
Characters/Pairings: Renesmee Cullen
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence, death.
When: After Breaking Dawn.
Summary: When she looks in the mirror, her eyes are still brown. She smiles.
Disclaimer: Not mine, thank heavens.
Author's Note: Look, I'm not a fan of Twilight, so this can't actually be called fanfiction, I think. Um. It's more meta on Renesmee, because my first thought on reading BD was "WTF EWWW" and my second thought was "wow, Renesmee is going to be so screwed up." So yeah. Meta. Not fanfic. Also, there was going to be more, but I liked the last sentence too much as an ending. Someday there might be a companion piece to this. The title comes from the last line and also from the phrase 'to go south' which means something like 'to get messed up.' Continued in The One Unchanging Thing Is I. Elaboration of the time Renesmee spent in college is in And All Her Yesterdays.


She can take care of herself )


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