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 Things I have been up to in RL - mailing in voting registration! going through stacks of college info! I have a list of 5 colleges I'm almost definitely applying to - Yale, Brown, Adelphi, Tulane, and U of C, which about fifteen other colleges I'm going to look through to bring that up to 8 total. 

Flist, you are fantastic, by the way. Out of the five colleges I am definitely applying to, my flist is either going to or knows people at four of them. I am like this \o/ at how amazing you are, and how kind and helpful. <33333

Also I am joining a rock climbing team most likely, as of tomorrow! So that'll be interesting. Hopefully with instruction and frequent guided practice I'll be able to start getting V3's, which would be fabulous. (I will also possibly be competing. Ack!)

Fannishly I am fairly quiet. I shall probably be signing up for the xover_exchange, and I have to finish my two help_pakistan projects (A;TLA fic and T:SCC vid), but other than that I won't be doing much. Watched the first episode of this season's Merlin and just couldn't get into it except for a few moments, which made me sad. I might keep trying, but I don't watch TV when it feels like a chore more than anything. 

On the other hand, L&O: UK has a new episode! Jamie Bamber and Freema Aygeman on my screen again was a delight, and the rest of the cast is pretty great too. The episode was kind of horrifying but also quite well done, and I enjoyed it a lot. Pity there's so little of it. :(

Off to do homework and SAT prep! Maybe I shall cook today too, if I can get it in before I go to Teen Court.

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So Aidan's gone as of Friday afternoon (Mary's staying for three weeks, yay!). We went to the beach, to the springs, played Ultimate Frisbee, had a party, and played possibly illegal amounts of board and card games. I socialized for what ended up being almost five days. Still utterly exhausted and anti-social. I slept badly Friday night, woke up three times or so.

Yesterday night I didn't get enough sleep either, for other reasons. Mostly involving The Roach Saga. (I HATE roaches, guys. SO MUCH.) About five in the morning today a roach took it into it's head to be as obnoxious to Mary as possible, including running across her face. *shudder* Then it got onto my bed, and things spiraled out of control from there until Mary was sleeping on the couch in the living room and Katherine and I had the lights on and were watching Primeval (the last four episodes of Season 3) and White Collar's first episode on my bed, while encouraging our dog to kill any roaches she found in our room. So yeah. I got... six hours of sleep last night? I've been alternating between hyper and looking drugged all day. Anyway, that all led to the Great Roach Hunt, wherein Kat and Mary and I spent large portions of today clearing out my room. Really thoroughly.

Come on down to metatardis!
Where we are all definitely madmen in boxes.

It's going to be pretty fabulous, guys. There have already been some great meta-pieces, and I know there'll be more. You should drop by! 

Vid recs! I have four.

Your Ghost by [ profile] charmax is a devastating and beautiful Winchester family epic. The lyrics are utterly perfect, the song is beautiful with the right melancholy to it, and the story told is wonderful. Three generations of Campbells/Winchesters, with all their utter tragedy!

Never Gonna Leave Me by [ profile] lee_fragilidad is a Syfy Alice vid, Alice/Hatter, and it's just the right mix of upbeat running/fighting and wishful glances. The cutting is sharp and the whole thing is really well-constructed.

Bad Romance by [personal profile] such_heights may have me convinced that I need to finish watching S2 of Merlin. (I'm.. .not sure why I haven't, actually.) But I definitely have to watch the Morgause episodes, and this vid is why. Gwen/Morgana/Morgause love triangle! WANT.

Lullaby For A Stormy Night by [personal profile] such_heights is the tiny!Amy and Eleven vid we all knew we wanted. So adorable, omg. ♥

On TV-watching fronts! White Collar 2x01 was quite lovely. Neal and Peter were in fine bickering form, Mozzie played a great role. I only wish there had been more (MUCH MORE) of El and Diana, and that that one Scare hadn't happened at the end.spoilerrrrrs )

Primeval is pretty wonderful - I wish it was more racially diverse, but they are fairly decent on delivering Awesome Ladies Being Awesome and there is no shortage of handsome men and I am shallow. spoilers through 3x03 )

Femgenficathon it is! this needs to be DONE. I need to move on! wait what why am I writing Claudia Brown/Jenny Lewis fic all of a sudden. *eyes* but I wanted to write Rosalie fic? except... I guess that's not happening. 

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+ Today I had Christmas! my sister is leaving tomorrow and won't be back again for a long time, so we figured we would have Christmas this Sunday, complete with the traditional breakfast (Christmas Morning Coffee Cake, bacon, eggs, oranges/orange juice) and a tree and everything, which turned out really nice. :) We didn't do a lot of presents, but the ones we did were really good - a sweater, a lap stand for the laptop, a water bottle, and my sister got matching rings for all four of us girls. And then later at my grandmother's I got cash and a really nice necklace, and when we stopped by Whole Foods Market on the way home I got myself two boxes of tea, both green. I'm drinking one of them right now, it's quite nice. So yay!

+ School's wrapped up, except for my final in A. P. Gov., which is nice. School doesn't start again for me until January 20th, though I do have to get my books before that.

+ I'm working on the [ profile] apocabigbang and have quibbles about a few things. I want all of the Pevensies there, and I'm specifically going to be pretty vague about how they got there. And I really want to have Sam and Dean and Castiel, but part of me wants to use this as a midway point for the Dean and Cas we see in 'The End', because it would fit pretty well as a 'break them more!' thing. BUT. I really want Sam in on it. So maybe I'll hint that this happened in the alternate-timeline-that-Zachariah-created too? AGH. I don't know. (Pairings showing up so far in my vague outline. Sam/Lucy/Edmund, Dean/Castiel, Peter/Susan, past!Susan/Dean.)

+ just something I wanted to mention - one of my friends who has watched the old Trek series/movies recently watched XI and was like 'I loved it all except for Uhura - she wasn't RIGHT. she was too sharp!' and I just sat there and went 'wut?' she also objected to the Spock/Uhura relationship because it wasn't in the actual series. which. I dunno, it was just frustrating to me, because everyone (in RL that I've talked to) seems to be bringing Uhura down when she was ridiculously awesome and so on top of things. I loved her! why can't everyone else? :(

+ I've still been neglecting my f-list, which is sad. I'm going to get back on top of things this week, though. I have been reading everything on my f-list, just been really distracted and busy, even after NaNo ended (portfolio! tests! omg for a second there I panicked and was like 'I HAVEN'T TAKEN MY MATH FINAL' but no. no, that was last Thursday. whew!). this week is purely for relaxing and hanging out online with y'all and writing. it will be fabulous!

+ it is rec time! divided up!

one show, two vids, three fics, lots of poetry. )
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(so, I think I'm mostly back! Finals next week, some A.P. Gov left, nothing in Latin but my final exam, and I'm done! OMG YAY.)

okay, so. remember the three-sentence ficathon that everyone at your f-list has probably been talking about. yeah.

this is a story in which [ profile] grim_lupine and I make our best efforts to expose the entire fiction world of characters to Edmund Pevensie, because everyone should Edmund. ("NEEDS MORE EDMUND." "What does?" "EVERYONE.")

a fabulous saga )

Other things I've written this ficathon.

:DDD this is fuuuun! )
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You guys you guys. I'm hosting [ profile] comment_fic this week, and my theme today was 'on the road.' And as a sample prompt, I gave "Merlin, author's choice, road trip AU." And [profile] mariana_oconnor (on her writing journal [ profile] definewisdom ) wrote a long, beautiful one called "Until We Run Out of Road." It's a modern AU, Merlin driving across England in the days after Will dies with a figment-of-his-imagination-Will in the passenger seat, and Arthur comes into it, and it's really lovely. From the back seat, Will laughs. He sounds a little hysterical. Merlin thinks that being dead will probably do that to you.
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so I had a FABULOUS birthday and I am spending most of today lounging around, doing some housework and schoolwork and trying not to fall asleep. heh.

yesterday! my dad's birthday present for me was subs for lunch and pizza for dinner, and I'd cajoled mom into letting me make coconut cake on Thursday, so there was lots of good food! also running around and stuff!

and, to top it all of, when I got home Lass had written me fic. Revolutionsverse fic. RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME FIC ahgksldghldskjfs. YOU SHOULD ALL GO READ IT. wheeee!

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things I read recently on the power of words and languages!

In my English reading book Major Themes for Modern Writers, the author Harvey Wiener wrote an introduction to a group of essays about language and said:

Yet we cannot help asking what exactly is language. ... It is a gift of the supernatural, societies with a strong belief in magic assert. In the Judeo-Christian world, the idea has lingered: In the beginning was the word, the Bible teaches; the word is divine.

the word is divine! see, that's one of the few things about Christianity that I love so much. words are important to them. REALLY important. I mean, some of the more annoying Christians manage to turn even that into this huge fuck-up, but still. words are important! I love religions that place an importance on language. *happy sigh*

anyway, it was one of the essays right after that one that I originally wrote down things from, because the guy writing it quoted something Samuel Johnson had said, and the something was awesome.
Sounds are too volatile and subtle for legal restraints; to enchain syllables, and to lash the wind, are equally the undertakings of pride.

a lot of the essay was talking about how languages change, which I really feel like just shoving in my dad's face and making him read it (this is the man who refuses to use the word 'fun' because it used to mean 'profane'. YES. I am not kidding - I could not make stuff like this up). and then there were two small things that made me sigh happily too in the essay itself (which was by Tony Earley).
Words and blood are the double helix that connect us to the past.

Sometimes the truest answer to "Who are you?" is "I don't know."

so yay for language stuffs!

tv this week? AWESOME, you guys. so awesome. )
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+ my library got in around 11 new Pratchett books. feast on those words. ELEVEN NEW PRATCHETT BOOKS THAT I HAVEN'T READ ASHKLGHDLFKDJGS. well, that's no longer true. I've already finished three of them - Jingo, Equal Rites, and Thief of Time, all three of which were FABULOUS. I now feel a great desire more of Susan Sto Helit, and thoroughly understand why so many people seem to adore her. she's fantastic! not to mention, my mom picked one of them up because she was certain she would disapprove, started reading, and got hooked! AHAHAHA. she picked up Going Postal, which I'd just brought home and haven't read yet, and was all 'how come I have never heard of him? he's hilarious! how did you find out?' :DDDDDD yayyy! I don't know how long her interest will last - probably until she finds out there are witches - but until then, hooray!

+ hahaha, TV this week was fabulous. more on Merlin... sometime later.

+ NaNo! NANO NANO NANO. in short, NaNo. :D I'm reworking my nostalgia novel into a story about revolution and magic and oppression and lots of geekery on language and philosophy and mythology and idealogy and who knows what else. it will be fun!

+ speaking of which, music! I went through my music and wrote down the songs that fit the story. so here's a... for lack of a better word... fanmix for my novel. heh. no download, but they're all available on

musiccccc )

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You guys, I'm kind of shallow when it comes to my TV watching. I want pretty people, characters that aren't radically OOC, awesome fights, and I'm willing to ignore a lot if I get the things I want.

Merlin 2.01 )

Supernatural 5.02 )

Glee )

Heroes 4.01/4.02 )

And now, to finish writing similes for homework and go to English class! (... huh. 20 minutes. I might have left this a bit late.)

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You guys, this is awesome! I've never had an actual TV season to look forward to before - Supernatural was the first show I ever had to wait for episodes on (what? I went straight for the classics! Buffy, Firefly, etc.), and that was just for a little bit last year! But now I've got all sorts of awesome shows to look forward to and hopefully I'll stop binging on shows and just watch a few episodes every week. I can handle that! (before I go into my excitement, the post-apocalyptic WarGames AU is being worked on, but it needs a fair bit of editing and I don't like the opening STILL, and I've been busily watching SHOWS YAY! Also, [ profile] narniaexchange has started posting, and there are some pretty awesome pieces up already. SO EXCITED AND HAPPY!).

This fall is going to be so awesome!

Heroes: don't look at me like that you guys! I basically watched/read my way through all three seasons (do you have any idea how much I adore TWoP?) this past week (I really need to stop doing this) and I'm tentatively excited for Season 4 - the second half of Season 3 went a long way towards being awesome again after the horror show that was the first half of Season 3 (the continuity screwups made my brain hurt). I really, really love Nathan and Peter, and because of inhibitions that Narnia fandom kind of completely stripped away, I ship Peter/Claire. What? Look at them! (I mean, it's not like half the show doesn't have completely incestuous subtext! and if it's not incestuous, it's gay subtext! sometimes both!). In short, I'm not like 'OMG YAY!' about Season 4, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye on it.

Glee: I was a little unnerved by the sheer amount of sex talk going on in the new episode (AND THAT SONG OMG so wrong and yet somehow REALLY funny!) and I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't end up being all soapy but it still delivered on being funny and adorable, so I'm still really really excited for all sorts of things about it! Especially if we get to see Tina more! (I LIKE Tina!)

Supernatural: The 5-minute preview at Comic Con! "I learned that from my friend Cas, you son of a bitch." OH, DEAN. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS SHOW TO BE BACK. *bounces up and down*

The Office: Yay for the office being back! That's going to be a lot of fun. XD

Merlin: ARTHUR/GWEN. GWEN/LANCELOT. I think the only thing that would make me happier about this season being potentially FABULOUS would be a Merlin/Morgana plot going (man, can you imagine how AWESOME those two would be together?).


In other news, oh my god school agh.

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My life in bullet points! (the last week or so, that is)

+ Mary is home! Obviously, this is fabulous. With her she brings Esther, who actually makes an appearance now, many games of Catan, lots of music, carved wooden spoons, and a need for adventure approximately three continents wide.

+ I've done a fair bit of writing. One Narnia fic, finally almost finished What Images Return, wrote Holland and Cedric just being, and a little bit of Celia and Sebastian together in Canada.

+ I start college classes this week. I mean, I was already taking AP American Government, but my two dual-enrollment classes start tomorrow. And one of them is a math class. Oh, joy.

+ The past three Fridays, I have biked at least 5 miles.

+ Esther bought two mice! The school year has started, and since she is working in a Montessori school, her classroom has to have animals in it. So she got mice! I have named them Hermes (black with no tail) and Apollo (gray and bigger, definitely the dominate one) after Greek gods. Esther has said 'NO we are naming them sensible names!' but she hasn't come up with any yet and people are starting to call them Apollo and Hermes. Sooo. *snickers*

+ I'd forgotten how utterly AWESOME the Season 4 finale of Supernatural was, and now having seen the promos for Season 5 I'm really excited. Also, for Season 2 of Merlin! Did you know this will actually be the first time in my life I'm watching a TV show as it airs?

+ I didn't sleep last night. No, really. I never woke up that I can remember, and I remember really long periods of being wide awake and fully aware of it. Also? Really vivid periods of dreaming/daydreaming, in which my mind took BSG and completely rewrote it. I suppose it could have been dreaming, and I woke up and didn't realize it, but I got very, very little sleep at most last night. I have no idea why this happened, though I suspect the aspirin I took for the killer headache I had yesterday afternoon (must remember to ask mom to get Tylenol).

+ During this period of not being asleep, my mind decided it needed to fix BSG. That show was fabulous, but after Season 2 it was a lot of talk and very little interesting stuff happened. It was only fun when Kara and Lee were spotlighting, which wasn't often enough. Honestly. I wanted space battles and Kara/Lee, and tey couldn't even give me that for more than two seasons. Hmph. Anyways, the first thing my mind did was think about biological warfare, and then characters started interacting and I went 'HEY that's Lee! And Kara! Wha?' So basically, the reworking of BSG is that there are no human Cylons, so while the surprise was large the Cylons only destroyed approximately a half of the fleet and bombed a few cities. Working from the idea of computer viruses, the Cylons had managed to come up with a clumsily effective disease that they injected into a few test subjects, who then then let 'escape.' The disease spreads rapidly at first, wiping out several million people, until doctors are able to develop a cure. However, a few mutated strains remain persistently, and prove difficult to isolate and destroy. I wrote three scenes out in my head last night. This is not happening. I have Cedric and Holland Celia and Sebastian to attend to! I have Harper and Connor to watch over! I cannot be writing fanfic that would most likely end up at least novel length!

+ Well, I am participating in [ profile] autumnwrite, so you never know. It might get a little bit written. *headdesk*

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Hey F-LIST! Head on over here!

Merlin Crack/Cliche Fest, with lots of fun to be had for all!

ETA: Currently containing, among other things - Greg, Arthur's talking sword. Merlin in Hogwarts (oh, Lass, you enabler, you). Hooker!fic, because Hunith is sick and the medicine is expensive (with bonus nurse!Arthur). Merlin as dinosaurs. Merlin the Evil Overlord. The doomed love of Merlin the Ninja and Arthur the Pirate. And much, much more!
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Today in things Betsy accomplished writing-wise.

-continued writing Buffy/Narnia crossover. Jumped time. Ignored actual canon show timing (of course!).
-edited M.Pop/S.Pev kind-of fic written by me and Lass and Wyrm some and sent it back. perhaps something shall come of this?
-procrastinated a lot
-had this conversation come up while writing roadtrip!origfic.
Katie: I stole Anna's iPhone.
Lance: Katie- what? Why would you do that? You have your own cell!
Katie: Hers was prettier. Also, I was inebriated. It seemed like a clever idea.
Lance: (in his this makes no sense voice.) Well, that makes sense.
-cracked up a lot (both laughing-wise and mentally)
-wrote meta-type-stuff in my nostalgia!origfic. it is turning into a lot of me alternatively hashing out my issues with religion and my family and being really really nostalgic. So. Uh. Also, writing poetry.

In other news! Ever heard of erasures? Well, [ profile] zempasuchil and [ profile] lassiterfics erased each other's Merlin OT4 fics and the results are drop-dead beautiful.

Then Sing, by [ profile] zempasuchil , an erasure of The Ink Still Drying
Writhe, by [ profile] lassiterfics , an erasure of Rewriting the Old Language

Interesting to note that while Zempasuchil's remains fandom-relevant, Lass deliberately left out proper names, so it technically has no fandom, except it does. So, um. Read! Seriously! Gorgeous poetry.


Jun. 24th, 2009 09:36 pm
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Guys I have been productive. I cleaned out the fridge - not the thorough scrub everything, but I rearranged everything so that there was actually, y'know, room. I did the dishes, which just falls under normal stuff. I made blueberry muffins for when Sam and Kat got back from baseball practice (about a minute ago). I finished my portfolio for evaluations this Friday. And I did all this in about an hour. BOO YAH.

Things still left to do: call the hair salon tomorrow morning and see if I can change the appointment to 3:30, not 4:30. Bike up to the bank and get some money out so I can pay for my hair-cut, which I am feeling a little queasy about. It's just so long, and it has never been this long before, and also? At least $20 bucks, and I do not have a steady job. Queasy. Iron out Owen's character. See if Celia's up to cooperating again. Figure out what Sebastian thinks he is up to, no you don't young man!

In honor of productivity, I shall spam you!

Spotted at least twice on my f-list: Katie McGrath picspam. Why so pretty, pretty lady?

'Get Out the Map' by Indigo Girls, posted by [ profile] marycontraire in a comment on Lass' journal. I've been listening to it pretty much nonstop on alternate with 'Joan' by Heather Dale, which was linked to by [ profile] bedlamsbard on her journal.

Peter/Susan fic by [ profile] chipping , one of the few not written by Bed or Lass that's, y'know, actually good. Linked to by [ profile] lassiterfics . And this is why (along with Lass' the only things that echo, which while linking to I'd also like to link to the poem that the title comes from because it's beautiful) that I love [ profile] 1sentence .

More stuff from [ profile] marycontraire (because she looks at [ profile] ontd_startrek more than I have the time to and also is awesome). The Brooding Moment with ZQ and Captain Fine. Nimoy and Taikei (the original Spock and Sulu) on The Daily Show. I know that sounds really weird, but trust me guys - it's hilarious. NIMOY TALKS ABOUT PON FARR. ON THE DAILY SHOW.

Does it need more Karl Urban? Yes, yes it does. (It does not help that he was amazing as Eomer in LotR.) Picspam by [ profile] caramelsilver .

Shit still going down in Iran. I can't trust myself not to rant about this, so I'm not going to.

I went to the mall last Friday with Esther and Lea, and this store has the awesomest home accessories. So beautiful. ALSO. Awesome cookbooks, plain books, TRAVEL BOOKS WHEEE, and journals.


more productivity hopefully tomorrow. also, new haircut. *wibbles*

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Feeling extremely restless, a little bored, and very very frustrated. Not entirely sure what at, so there you go.

I got linked to [ profile] lassiterfics and [ profile] zempasuchil writing Merlin actors OT4 taking a road trip around America and, well, it's not my fault! Seriously! They brought them into my home state on a road trip. my family/road trips is practically an OTP. like with the camping, which road trips are just a part of because we travel everywhere by car, almost never plane. hell, we drove to Vermont for a vacation. also? Boston, to see my brother play some games at Harvard before he graduated. thirdly, Connecticut, when he was in a summer wooden bat league there. they were called the Twisters, and there was a guy from Australia playing on it. he was awesome and wore these crazy sunglasses a lot and had an accent. we know most of the rest stops between here and like... Virginia. i am serious, i actually recognize the rest stops. because we don't believe in not stopping at rest stops, it's all part of the experience. i have gone up and down the entire Eastern seaboard, even to Maine, but that was just once and barely in.

oh no, now i'm going all nostalgic on myself. next i'll be going all weepy. >.<

i kind of just want to write something really really nostalgic for me right now, like road trips or baseball people, because it's just so awesome and i've pretty much just written fantasy for the past two or three years. seriously.

OH YEAH. Lass has corrupted me, guys. i have written RPF. just commentfic, at least.

Meme-wise. If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal. *blows kisses* you people are awesome. thanks for keeping me at least a little sane.
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A few things I found through my f-list and am passing on:

From [ profile] almostinstinct -
[ profile] cereta on rape and men. I was reading through some of the comments and realized that I'm very comfortable around men once I've sized them up and considered whether or not I could fight them. I'd never really consciously considered it before, but I'm very comfortable around short people and weaker guys, and I tend to be more tense and uptight around big guys. I generally am fairly comfortable around men, though, because a) I'm a tall girl (5'9" and possibly still growing), b) I grew up playing sports and running and wrestling my siblings (all 5 of them) and fighting in the water, and c) a large majority of the guys I know are homeschool Christians and guys that I trust. And yet, even then I'm wary, which shouldn't have to be necessary.

From [ profile] lassiterfics -
Merlin Season Two Press Release OMG YAYYYY! I can hardly wait for Season Two - I'm really, really looking forward to it.

From [ profile] marycontraire -
A Jack Knifed Juggernaut (I am born again) by [ profile] arenotvalid 
I've never watched T:SCC, though I've been meaning to try it out for a while, and know only the barest basics of the premise, but this fic is brilliant and beautiful and gorgeous. Everyone should read it, for serious. For very serious. WALK DON'T RUN. MOVE IT Y'ALL.

Also today, a list of randomness.
1. Received in mail today:
a. one beginner's bobbin lace-making kit, courtesy of my mother. I'd been remembering doing it three or four years ago at the Florida Folk Festival and being wistful and she found this on eBay for me.
2. Places I want to go:
a. The Florida Folk Festival. There is square dancing, y'all. You dance with strangers because it's just that much fun (last time we went, my sister and this guy totally had a crush on each other, and it was very sweet and adorable, and they danced turkey in the straw together), and you listen to music and look at practical exhibits and traditional dances  and Seminole beadwork (which you can also buy if you want) and make crafts and listen to story-tellers and lecturers and if the bobbin lace lady is there you can make bobbin lace at the one she has set up for others to try and there is kettle corn the way it was meant to be made and it's like some sort of fair, only with a lot more cultural stuff and not nearly as much inanity. It's awesome, okay? But you have to bring a skirt that swirls.
b. London. 'Nuff said.
3. Ways my mom was awesome today:
a. the bobbin lace kit.
b. not pushing me to go to the baseball games.
c. getting us to clean the schoolroom (trust me, this is a feat of amazingness).
4. Things my mom and Kat and I cleaned today:
a. about half the front yard.
b. THE SCHOOLROOM, WOOT. Well, it's floor. It's not really the schoolroom anymore, but it's still got the bookshelves that are pretty much around the entire room (we installed bookshelves on the walls two years ago around), a computer, our game shelves, all of our sewing materials, knitting materials, craft materials, SO MANY BOOKS. And it was a freaking mess.
5. Ways my sister was annoying today.
a. whined about coming home after work instead of going to see her GOLDEN LOVE MATT.
b. does not seem to appreciate the fact that he is immature and has no backbone, despite the fact that everyone else in the family sees this very clearly.
c. apparently mom 'asks him too many questions' when he comes over, and it makes him not want to come over. OH NOES, QUESTIONS. GASP. WHAT'S HE GONNA DO? ... damn, he's going to make a horrible brother-in-law someday if he doesn't hurry up and grow up.


Jun. 4th, 2009 07:13 pm
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I don't generally do fanfic recommendations, but this one is just too brilliant.

A Doctor Who/ Discworld crossover. Jack and Death's friendship through time. Alternately funny, clever, brilliant, witty, and heartbreaking. Also, DEATH, guys. DEATH. Who is totally the best Discworld character EVAR and I have a lot of love for some other Discworld characters so that is really saying something.

Death and the Definitely-Not-A-Maiden by [ profile] odsbodkins 

Two of the best parts

The first time Jack died, he had enough time to look round confusedly, see the figure in black and go “Wha-” before he was gasping back to life.

The second time he got as far as “Who ar-”.

The third time he was rather more badly minced by the experience, and got out a whole “Look buddy, you'd better have a pretty good explanation for-”.


Jack had been chasing after the alien, jumped a bannister, started running down the stairs – then tripped on his coat, fell down the flight and broke his neck at the bottom.


OMG OMG OMG. MERLIN CRACK, GUYS. MERLIN CRACK, I HAVE FOUND IT AND IT IS EPICLY HILARIOUS. Come on, it has Merlin using COUGHING as a metaphor for doing MAGIC. Also being pervy and very aware of things! And Arthur being jealous and adorable and emotionally messed up!

geoffrey of monmouth was a liar, but that's okay by [ profile] mclachlan 

Hunith sent him to Camelot in the hopes of being something great, to be molded into a man under the tutelage of Gaius, her old friend and the physician to one of the most mighty and terrible households in the world.

Merlin went to Camelot and developed a constant cold.

He doesn't think that's what she had in mind. Especially when coughing can result in one's head being off.


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RULES: Comment and I'll LJ stalk you to find THREE FANDOMS you apparently love. And then you answer these questions about them!

01: What got you into this fandom in the first place?
02: Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
03: Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
04: Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
05: Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

[ profile] marycontraire tagged me with Merlin, Narnia and Supernatural.

we saw the spaces inbetween )

Also, oh man command structure of a Roman legion is complicated. I finally found something that makes it a bit clearer, but it's still got it's moments. Also, I need to find out how many ships went in and out of Boston Harbor on a say, daily basis on average in about 1770 and I don't even know where to start.

I need to up my researching skills. D:

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I have a very odd history when it comes to watching TV. Very, very odd. As in, up until about six months ago I didn't watch any. At all. Except for maybe Jeopardy every so often.

I think it was around... December last year?... that I finally gave in to [ profile] etharei 's loud singing of Supernatural's praise and watched it and promptly fell in love (though since it is, after all, a horror show, I had to read a recap before I could watch it to skip the scary parts). I am still in love, by the way, though it is distinctly worrying me with this fourth season. WORRYING ME GREATLY. *eyes Dean and Sam* SHAPE UP KIDS.

Then I succumbed to everyone in the world singing Merlin's praises (this also included Rei) and watched it and CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SECOND SEASON HURRY UP OKAY YOU GUYS? *eyes* Mostly I watch Merlin for the lulz and the drama. AND THE BOYS, OF COURSE, BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST TOO ADORABLE.

I watch Legend of the Seeker on and off now too, though that's more of a 'when I have lots of time' show.

... and then, this weekend, I fell with a spectacular bang and found the actor who can make me laugh and cry simultaneously BUT HE WAS ONLY THE DOCTOR FOR ONE SEASON ARRRGH.

YEAH THAT'S RIGHT YOU GUYS. I am watching Doctor Who ([ profile] etharei , is it weird that I can at least indirectly blame you for THREE out of my FOUR TV shows? Or does it just mean that you have awesome taste?).

But.... but.. *wibbles* I liked the Ninth Doctor, can I have him back pls? No, seriously. David Tennant's cute and funny, but Christopher Eccleston ripped my heart out of my chest and then was all like 'OH WAIT LAUGH NOW!' I have never watched another actor who can do that. Never. Him with the Dalek in Episode 6 was heartrendingly sad and terrifying, and the finale made me sob. BOTH TIMES I'VE WATCHED IT.

I leave this random post of nostalgia with AWESOMENESS.

"Just this once, Rose! Everybody lives!"

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Title: Whose Fingers Brush the Sky
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Gwen, Morgana/Bayard, implied Arthur/Morgana, Morgana/unknown, Lancelot/Gwen
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
When: Approximately 20 years on from current show-timing.
Summary: To Arthur Pendragon, King of Albion, Lord of Camelot, from Morgana le Fay, Queen of Mercia, Lady of Tamworth, Greetings...
Disclaimer: No, the epicness is not mine. Darnit.
Author's Note: For [ profile] almostinstinct , who requested Morgana's son coming to court. This kept trying to grow a plot, which was completely inexcusable of it. I don't have time! I have school to do, languages to learn, houses to clean by Mom's order request! So the end is a bit disjointed. Title from Emily Dickinson's 'The Wind.'

To Arthur Pendragon, King of Albion, Lord of Camelot, from Morgana le Fay, Queen of Mercia, Lady of Tamworth, Greetings... )


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