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 Back from camp, done with the last day of work, HOLIDAYS.

oh yeah also Mary broke her collarbone. so. um. that happened.

Also Crossover Exchange!

Nevcolleil wrote me a lovely Criminal Minds/Inception crossover, Life Ain't A Dream, about Spencer and Arthur and their tangled life together. You guys should go check it out, it's really nice and I love the idea of Spencer and Arthur being childhood friends who wreaked havoc together before turning into something more.

I wrote The Curious Case of the Time Agent and His Sister for turkeyish, a Torchwood/Narnia fic which is actually set roughly in the same universe as that other Torchwood/Narnia fic I did ages ago, To Go Nowhere With You. (I strongly suspect there will be an Edmund/Ianto coda to this fic prettyyy soon. Also there is the fic that is specifically a sequel to TGNWY.) I am also writing a pinch hit which will show up sometime soon. Also I want to thank flyakate again for being an invaluable and wonderful beta. That fic was in a horrific state when she got it, and she did a quick turnaround and a very good beta on it at the same time. <3333

ALSO erasureathon has started and the person erasing for me is amazing and has already done one. xenoamorist erased Far From His Home and turned it into as small as a world and as large as alone, which is an amazing, beautiful piece of poetry about Castiel and Dean being in love and the awkwardness of bodies and it is really, stupendously well done. YOU SHOULD GO READ IT.

ps I am sort of watching TV but mostly just sitting around joining Aidan and Mary in their epic Battlestar Galactica watch. It mostly goes like this. "Betsy is it going to get better? At all?" "... Well, no, not really." "ARGH." *puts on another episode* 

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I interrupt my still-going-and-starting-to-catch-up NaNo to bring you this important news


And you want to do it.

um information about erasures - it is when you take a piece of writing and you pick and choose words from it to form a poem? it is SUPER FUN.

EXAMPLES: last round Lass did this one for me based on 'this temporary flesh and bone' and it is excellent! I did this one which is based on a Bond story by the lovely nextian. If those are not enough examples just browse through the erasureathon comm!

BASICALLY if you like language, poetry, words, etc. You will like erasureathon.

oh my god I keep misspelling things.

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Today: assorted everythings. (Technically it is the morning of Day 5. It's still night time for you guys so there! :P Day 5 post will come later.)


recs and link to vid. )

Cassandra Cain

friendship! )

Artemis Crock

clip and comic panels )

Martha Jones (who was technically my Day 3 additional lady but I forgot halfway through that I needed to do two extra ladies because I was doing two days)

some recs! )

Ginny Weasley

a little bit of talking. )

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I have been FICCING on Tumblr! I've still got Katakokk's prompt to write, probably sometime late tomorrow. :) CAN'T STOP WON'T TRY TO.

that's rosemary for remembrance
Narnia. Edmund, Lucy, Caspian. ~750 words. Mostly gen? For metonomia.

It's quiet in the early dawn. )

toast and frogs
Narnia. Pevensies. Gen. 170 words. For intrikate88.

Lucy and shenanigans. )



Here between the country
that will not remember our love
and the sea, our clothes spill

like sand from a tilted
palm. Then we are walking
arm in arm. We are gazing

in the same, unwavering direction.
There is no need to mourn
for what we have left behind.

Look as our footprints
evaporate when we approach
the chiming of waves, waves

rising and tugging at us like joy.
This is not an ending
and time has not been

unkind. We reach the edge
of our lives. We stop in awe
of how much further we have to go.

Cyril Wong


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 things I want: lots more indulgent world-building fic about a world Doctor Who  )

you know, the more things I hear about SPN S6, the more I get excited for it! it's sounding kind of epic. 

poetry is EPIC, guys! especially when you're relating it to fandom, which means that [ profile] gid_hanasheh and [ profile] motherlessguns are awesome and that everyone should watch them.

man, SPN is addictive, isn't it? and it spreads like wildfire! let's see. I got Lass hooked, Lass got Z and Wyrm into it (and I think others I don't know), Larm and I got Meto and Irish and Kate into it, and now I'm sort of worried for ALL OF YOU GUYS' SANITY. SPN will steal it! and rip your heart out! oh wait, you know that now. 

I want to watch Happy Town, because it's crazy and fun, but at the same time - it creeped me out SO badly, and that was just the first episode. I think I have to be very careful about how I'm doing emotionally before I finish watching it. 

I did, however, watch the SyFy Alice, which has been on my list for a long time, and Alice/Hatter is adorable, y'all. Also everyone kicks ass! I always enjoy that.

I get to plan hopeful college-visiting! YAY.

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you guys, so hilarious. my sister, Esther? she is not in fandom. I think fandom would scar her horrifically. for years. she kind of pats me on the head and looks amused when I talk about it, and I have to censor a lot of stuff.

but apparently? vidding is totally Her Thing, especially (maybe only?) when it's the Bourne series. she's completely freaked out over me doing it and keeps watching it and being like "THIS SONG IS VERY JASON, how about you vid this one?" it is HILARIOUS. it is also awesome! so that's what I spent yesterday night doing - talking to Esther about Jason Bourne, vidding, music, fandom, etc., doing some prep work on a song, and naturally from there into how we both find people about five times hotter when they are being competent.

so that was very very fun. :D

here is some poetry, since National Poetry Month is coming to a close!

Head, Perhaps of an Angel by Debora Greger

limestone, with traces of polychromy, c. 1250 )

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this weekend (and this week), I went on a Matt Damon kick, which means I watched all three Bourne movies and then Ocean's 11, 12 and 13. but it is The Bourne Trilogy that I want to squee about, because JASON and MARIE and all of them and eee! For spy movies, they're surprisingly character-oriented. It's all about Jason's journey to figure himself out. I went back to Identity yesterday to watch it with my sister, and it's a bit of a shock after Supremacy and Ultimatum to see him looking so innocent and young. Oh, Jason. (Not that he does not always look almost absurdly young. I swear, in that scene in Ocean's 11 where he's got his backpack and baseball hat, he looks like he is fourteen. Maybe.) anyways, I'm busily being ridiculously thrilled by how competent he is, and how wonderful, and how Landy is pretty much made of hard boiled awesome from the moment she steps on screen, and how Marie adjusts and learns and is fabulous, and how Nicky helps him even though looking at a man she may once have loved who doesn't even recognize her now must hurt like hell. (I was so pleased they didn't go the Nicky/Jason route, by the way. I think it would have been a cop-out, and I loved that paralleling of the disguise scene, when he looks at her and you know he's remembering Marie. oh Jason!)

I cannot eveeeen. when he smiles! kahglsdhskhhsld

oh! for those of you who are Narnia fans, this is revisionist fake history for Narnia at it's collaborative best. it is HILARIOUS. Jadis; a victim of British Imperialism? Lucy the Bloody Crusader? Jadis' Always-Winter-Never-Christmas Policy explained? READ.

and now a short poem, and bed! I do not want to wake up early tomorrow. I am feeling lazy and unmotivated and I haven't done anything I was supposed to today. I shouldn't go to that baseball game tomorrow. I probably won't. argh.

Delayed Reactions by Sherman Pearl

After the hammer slams down on your thumb
or the hurtful word penetrates,
a stunned moment follows.

You're like a soldier who feels no pain until he sees the wound.

Happiness, too, is sometimes slow to register.

It was years after the rain had sent
me and the girl huddled close to me dashing for cover
that I suddenly felt the drops.

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+ Hey guys! the [ profile] femgenficathon is running! sign-ups just finished a bit ago. I picked #17: The worst walls are never the ones you find in your way. The worst walls are the ones you put there--you build yourself. Those are the high ones, the thick ones, the ones with no doors in. --Ursula K. LeGuin (born October 21, 1929), present-day American author, particularly well-known in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

Now, clearly this is a VERY Susan quote, but I am considering writing about someone else, as I am a little Susan/Narnia-ed out. (Well, not really, but I don't know if I could write enough new material on Susan for it.) My options are varied, but I am considering a Criminal Minds lady, or perhaps Samantha Carter? I like the Leverage ladies too, and the SPN ladies! ANNA OMG she would be a good pick! but I do not know if I can write enough of her. I don't think I have a good enough handle on her awesomeness. Morgana, though I have watched, uh, almost none of Season 2? I feel a desire to write Doctor Who or Torchwood, toooo. GUYS I CANNOT PICK there are so many awesome ladies with so many barriers! HELP.

+ WHILE WE'RE ON SPN (even though we weren't) OMG 100 EPISODES I can't even. guys, this is the first show I ever started watching regularly, last year somewhere in the middle of Season 4, and I have been faithful ever since, and it has not failed me. by not failing me, I mean that it has gotten CRACKIER and CRACKIER in the awesomest of ways, with fanservice galore. They have even delivered some on ladies being awesome! though I would like more. I would ALWAYS like more.

and this episode! oh, this episode.keymash OMG AKSLHDGLKSHD;G SPN <33333333 )

And now poetry!

How To Greet Death by Gabriel Gadfly

Wear a hint of a grin / and a dash of cologne. )
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let us talk about my day, in which one of three random guys who were playing hooky while I was at Park told me to "keep running, whore!" ... on second thought, no, let us not. I am still unsure of whether my non-response was the best one. (the rest of the day was fine, though!)

we shall, however, talk about how I got my mind completely blown by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles over the past three days, and am now flailing about how there are only TWO SEASONS and I want moooore and they can't do that not after the end of Season 2 they just can't omg NOT FAIR. I just. D: DEREK. and Cameron! and the MUSIC. "Donald, Where's Your Trousers" my heaaaart. JOHN AND SARAH <333. I cannot believe that cliffhanger they ended on, that's just mean. D: I was pretty much in shell shock after I finished the season finale, unable to get out a single coherent sentence about it. I'm still having trouble with that. you guys, John Henry and Savannah were so adorable, and Weaver was just askdhfls I looooved her and CHARLEEEEY. and John was really starting to come into his own those last six episodes.

this means, however, that I am all shell-shocked out and probably won't watch SPN until sometime tomorrow, because I have to save some for Doctor Who today (<3333).

we can also talk poetry!

Belfast Tune by Joseph Brodsky

Here's a girl from a dangerous town. )

We can also talk about how I wrote this up very, very late at night and got my internet connection cut off before I could post it. :P

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+ I have my Remix assignment! I am quite pleased. We are matched on fandoms I am quite excited about writing in, wheee!

+ Last night I dreamed about my entire family being home, all together, doing crazy awesome things together, with a guest appearance by Mary, who had magically transported us all to New Zealand. Well, that didn't take much interpreting. *misses Mary*

+ Mary, you couldn't have warned me about 2x01? D: oh, CAMERON. John! PB&J KEEPS THE RESISTANCE OKAY. I finally get that icon of yours. :D

+ I have a very short poem tonight, and then tomorrow I get a Criminal Minds! which has so far been having favorable reactions in areas I trust, so YAY!

it is not so much that I miss you by Dorothea Grossman

It is not so much that I miss you
as the remembering
which I suppose is a form of missing
except more positive,
like the time of the blackout
when fear was my first response
followed by love of the dark.
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Hey hey [ profile] marycontraire , I think you will be interested to know that today I finally fully watched the first two episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. :D I am watching the third and about to go to bed now. :P

And oh yes, I've been meaning to mention in here how much I loved last week's Doctor Who. Now, I do want to have down on record that I have some issues with the issue of forgetting as relates to women's agency, but I haven't yet decided if it warranted concern in this episode or if it was just a knee jerk reaction on my part due to what happened to Donna. (D:) But any which way you parse it, Liz Ten was fabulous, and Amy was fabulous, and even more fabulous was "Gotcha," which gave me warm fuzzy feelings of joy and sibling-hood and love.

ETA: This explains why I love Haley Hotchner SO MUCH very very well. (Criminal Minds Season 5 spoilers at link.) She was amazing, and is totally on my list of ladies who rocked their world. <333

Wound by Corinne Wohlford Taft

If I have loved, it is mostly / because that is what I have / called it. )
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Mom is home! This is wonderful. Have some poetry, and then I am Off To Bed, as I must be at school tomorrow, and then do all my reading parts which I need to actually memorize at choir, and I also need to sign up for fall classes. <333 oh f-list, how you restore my faith in humanity!

Frida Kahlo to Marty McConnell by Marty McConnell

leaving is not enough; you must
stay gone. train your heart
like a dog. change the locks
even on the house he’s never
visited. you lucky, lucky girl.
place it / on whatever altar you fashion / with a knife and five cranberries. )
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oh, internets, I am tired and weary, for I have spent over a week worrying about whether my dad will freak out today or not, and being in charge of the house, and trying to make Kat and Sam do what they are supposed to do, but they will never listen. And today was not really that good, because there were People and my dad dragged us to his church at the last minute, and though I wore heels (in point of fact, my most fabulous purple shiny heels) to intimidate People, the music still shook my bones. And Papa was very irritable, and my sister got married yesterday in New Zealand and she was beautiful and I love her and I am very, very tired. Also there were People.

religion wearies me right now, especially after I was accidentally linked to the Narnia forums on Internets, I was horrified. Together with Unsavory Business in the newspapers, my faith in humanity has been dealt a serious blow, though Doctor Who yesterday did much to help restore it. <333 ("There is an escaped fish in the area." also, "Gotcha.")

have poetry! it makes me happy.

Manifesto by Margot Schilpp

To love something / you must have considered what it means / to do without. )
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today was busy, and full, and I am tired, but I had biscuits and vegetable soup and I had made both of them, and that was very nice. and now I am going to do some dishes and sit and hopefully write and go to bed, while listening to BSG music and being completely and overwhelmingly in love with it, and missing Kara Thrace and Lee Adama and the Fighting Agathons and Tory-who-stayed-with-her-people and GAH. (omggg, you guys, the Adama family theme! it is like the embodiment of all the sad Scottish songs that I have sung, the last year my sister and I were in choir together, and in our last concert we sang to each other and I cried during Auld Lang Syne because my sister was horrible and LOOKED at me during the verse I'd told her reminds me of us so much and it is the ADAMAS, who are heartbreaking in every way, and also bent around Kara Thrace. GUYS. D:)

last night's SPN! spoilers! )

today's poem is by Richard Siken, who I love, and it starts out odd but you have to stick with it because it is absolutely amazing and it ends with a sucker punch that makes you want to re-read it again and again. The formatting is off, but you can see it in it's original formatting here as well.

Boot Theory by Richard Siken

A man walks into a bar and says: )
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things I am doing: being rubbish at keeping up with my f-list. being rubbish at ScriptFrenzy, though I am finally starting to catch up. being absolutely rubbish at not procrastinating. woo, 10-page paper due in about three weeks! uh. heh.

Today in poetry, we have something short and not really sweet. sort of? but lovely.

The Spirit Says, You Are Nothing by Larry Levin

But you were young, and you had
Plenty of time:
Going west,

You slept on the train and did not smile.
Under you the plains widened, turned silver.

You slept with your mouth open.

You were nothing,
You were snow falling through the ribs
Of the dead.

You were all I had
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things that are important about April: it is National Poetry Month! I have been very distracted from this for various reasons, but have a poem! I shall probably be posting them haphazardly throughout the month, though I shall cut them if they are very long.

Emptying Town by Nick Flynn

I want to erase your footprints
from my walls. Each pillow
is thick with your reasons. Omens

fill the sidewalk below my window: a woman
in a party hat, clinging
to a tin-foil balloon. Shadows

creep slowly across the tar, someone yells, "Stop!"
and I close my eyes. I can't watch

as this town slowly empties, leaving me
strung between bon-voyages, like so many clothes
on a line, the white handkerchief

stuck in my throat. You know the way Jesus

rips open his shirt
to show us his heart, all flaming and thorny,
the way he points to it. I'm afraid

the way I'll miss you will be this obvious.

I have a friend who everyone warns me
is dangerous, he hides
bloody images of Jesus
around my house, for me to find

when I come home; Jesus
behind the cupboard door, Jesus tucked

into the mirror. He wants to save me
but we disagree from what. My version of hell
is someone ripping open his shirt

and saying, Look what I did for you...
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I just realized that over the past few months, I've accumulated quite a new friends - some from Narnia, some from isurrendered, some just picked up in various places.

Things Those Of You Who Are Fairly New Should Know:
1. I vary wildly between being very honest about my depression (possibly bipolar disorder) or only talking about good things. Pretending it doesn't exist is my gut instinct. I'm trying to be more honest about it, if only because it forces me to be honest about it with myself. So warnings for occasional discussion of mental issues.
2. I also occasionally discuss my familial issues.
3. Things I will almost never discuss on this journal: religion or politics. If I do, they will be cut. I'm not bothered by other people writing about them, it's just a personal decision on my part.
4. I'm a feminist.
5. You start drama, bad things happen.
6. LOVE YOU GUYS. <333

OH HEY that essay is due tomorrow SHIT. Tune in tomorrow to find out if Betsy can BS two-three pages of imagery discussion on Larissa Szporluk's Menace of the Skies, partially picked because I delight in baffling my professor with my actual interest in poetry. (He said in class "Attach a copy of the poem to your essay if you think I haven't read it before. I'll probably recognize any poems you do." Me: "HAHA" *searches through collection of bookmarks*)
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you guys omg Lass erased this temporary flesh and bone and it is beautiful and you should all go read it! so pretty. *_* in other, less important news, I wrote Lethe being confused about religion. I have mentioned fanfic is my catharsis, yes? though this ended up not really being about my issues at all, oddly.

: how to split your heart open
Fandom: Cabin Fever by [ profile] be_themoon 
Characters/Pairings: Mary, Lethe
Rating: G
Warnings: None!
Summary: Lethe does not understand religion.
Author's Note: Once upon a time, this also had a coda ending with a Latin prayer that I translated because I am a dork like that. Sadly, it didn't fit. So now it just doesn't have any ending. :P Title from the poem Marfa by Linda Gregg.

She lights a candle and you watch her kneel. )
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+ today is apparently the International Day of Awesomeness? that's cool! I shall therefore pimp out [ profile] erasureathon, because the mini one is coming to a close and there are some absolutely GORGEOUS poems up.

+ in that vein, I just posted my own erasure for this erasureathon. :D

and call it correspondence
~500 words
an erasure of Operating Instructions by [ profile] nextian 

The next morning send a neat note.

+ Tired but happy. Hopefully I can get in some actual reviewing tonight? That would be nice. :D


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