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Betsy rambles at Tumblr about how I Am Number Four could have been a way more interesting story with some crucial changes, and then gets wrought-up in general about sexism and racism in books/movies.

so I just watched I Am Number Four

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"The sequel book is is called “The Power of Six” and has been out in the UK for a couple of months. You are aware that the film is based off the book by Pittacus Lore, right?"

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"Anonymous asked:
but the movie is based on a book, so we can't blame the movie for telling the wrong story-line

the book clearly told the wrong story too!

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later post:

oh man guys I am being kind of serious and text-y today. uh, sorry?

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I would also like to add that I am fucking pissed that I live in a society that tries to tell me that because I am a woman it is weird that I like superheroes and action movies. (DOCTOR PEPPER I AM LOOKING AT YOU ASSHOLES) I think I just have a lot of rage today. most of the time I can acknowledge how fucked up society is without getting this angry about it. not today I guess. 

also I'm doing lady superheroes for NaNo! They will be awesome. :D

Day 2 & 3

Sep. 11th, 2011 02:28 pm
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 Yesterday I was on duty or at a party all day, so there was no posting. It's still only day 2 for a lot of the world, though, so I don't feel too bad. :P Today I am also on most of the day, and I feel kind of like crap, so there will not be much today.

So for Day 2 & 3, you guys are getting tiny fics. This also comes with a tentative promise to write a three-sentence fic in comments for any prompts given. Prompts can be given for my main three characters, as well as my seven bonus ladies - Kara Thrace (Battlestar Galactica), Stephanie Brown (DC), Martha Jones (Doctor Who), Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter), Guinevere (Merlin), M'gann M'orzz (Young Justice), and Amy Pond (Doctor Who).

Narnia. Susan & Lucy. Gen. 173 words.

sisters! )

family affairs
DC. Cassandra Cain & Damian Wayne. Gen. 224 words.
spoilers for Gates of Gotham #5.

more family! )

secrets kept
Young Justice. Artemis & Dick Grayson. Gen. 316 words.
Spoilers for Young Justice 1x08.

I just feel like they should be best friends okay. )

three minutes down but who's counting
DC. Stephanie Brown and Dick Grayson. Gen. 436 words.

death traps and quipping all in a day's work. experience needed. )

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 So it's day 1 of the lady love fest! I've got three ladies

 - Susan Pevensie (Narnia)
 - Cassandra Cain (DC)
 - Artemis Crock (Young Justice)

I figured Day 1 I would just talk a little bit about each of these amazing ladies and why I love them so much. I also have a plan to each day have a fourth segment where I do one little thing about a lady I didn't claim but who tends to be treated poorly in fandom. 

Also, I'm open to requests/suggestions/prompts for picspams, short (VERY short) fics, questions you'd like me to answer about those three ladies, etc. 

That having been said, on to Day 1!

Susan Pevensie

it's Narnia guys spoilers for that I guess? ) 

Cassandra Cain

spoilers for Cass' series ) 

Artemis Crock

spoilers for tie-in comic and show )




and that concludes Day 1 for me! GUYS I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOURS.

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I think you will all appreciate this! and should join up and do it! :D

We Love The Women That Fandom Hates

GO GO GO. I want to see all the awesome lady posts on my flist! (Two guesses as to the two people I signed up with AND THE FIRST TWO DON'T COUNT.)

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So I made a post picspamming all the comics ladies I have totally fallen in love with!

But due to coding issues I posted it only on LJ. Link is HERE. Please do check it out, and if you don't want to comment on LJ feel free to comment here instead!
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 So today is International Women's Day! 

In honor of that, some vid recs!

Nikita, SJA, and multifandom. )

I'm busy and fine. <3 Have one college acceptance (Kalamazoo), crossing my fingers for more. 

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ugh, fail.

This one, where WWII and concentration camps are co-opted for magical white love. 

Or the one where people have *standards* for female characters. That mostly seem to involve bashing them? Including MARTHA JONES?

Today at park day, a lot of the boys got together, caught a lizard, and started trying to feed it to ants. Alive. Because this was fun? My brother told them to stop and then came to my mom when they didn't, whereupon my mom stormed over, released the lizard, and forced them to actually think about what they were doing for a good fifteen minutes, making me full of joy at her righteous wrath, because I was also full of wrath. (Mrs. T took pictures of them in a circle getting chewed out. Sometimes I love moms and their crazy senses of humor.) 

Awesome things, on the other hand!

My sister will be here MONDAY, with her husband. wheee! I am so excited. I have only met him once before, and I'm pleased to get to see him again, and to get my sister for almost a month. *so excited*

There is a Female Character Friending Meme going on! On DW and LJ. I approve. :D

[ profile] spnsupporting , a comm for claiming and writing minor SPN characters! I'll put my table here when I get it. :D I'm going to be requesting mostly Team Free Will: The Next Generation, and hopefully will continue their story. <333 

A cut to put the table behind! )
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Signal Boost: why Haiti after the earthquake is totally the appropriate place to set your J2 romance! /sarcasm

People are doing the explaining pretty well why exactly this is offensive, so I don't really have much to say beyond: oh, Author, that was not appropriate. I really don't know how you thought it was. And at this point, I really have to agree with the people who say that the intentions that went into writing this fic don't. mattter. They don't make it less offensive. 


OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE, WORLD. give me a break here! Must you give me race-fail AND gender-fail on the same day?

I cannot even begin to describe how really, really unhappy I'll be if they do let AJ and Paget go. Seriously. Oh Criminal Minds! I trusted you! Don't fail me now. D: See icon for further opinions.


Laptop out to the shop for back-up disc-making and defragmentation, I think my mom said? But it'll be back tonight, yay! While waiting for it to return so I can write Stonehenge Apocalypse/Supernatural crossovers in peace. In the meantime, I got distracted from my mission to watch Happytown by the glory that is Methos. Snarky English-accented cynical kind of amoral dorky 5000-year-old guy who claims he sticks his head out for no one and then REPEATEDLY attempts to fight the hero's battles for him? Because he's a loyal devoted LYING LIAR WHO LIES? You know I'm on it.

DON'T WORRY, LASS. I shall return to Happytown once I have finished with Methos. The first watch-through, that is. (GUYS IT'S LIKE DEAN/CASTIEL THE REMAKE (or the original?). They have a dramatic break-up, completely with throwing each other around on cars and sobbing! Only not always as serious, and Methos has a sense of humor.) I'm finding myself quite liking Duncan too - he's so honorable! An honorable guy can sometimes be boring but you can ALWAYS count on him.)

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First off, I would like to take a moment to pimp the Narnia Fic Exchange. (OMG YAY.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Go! Sign up! Enjoy! Sign-ups are open until June 19th. *claps hands excitedly* I am looking forward to this SO MUCH, you have no idea.

Doctor Who last Saturday! Guys, SO GOOD. 

Spoilers for Doctor Who 5x10,  )

Stuff from next week's blurb/preview. )

HEY DW FANDOM, while I'm on Doctor Who. Stop it with the slut-shaming and other absurdity! Feminism: you're getting it wrong. If you dislike Amy, try to dislike her in a rational manner. I know it can be done! I know people who are doing it in a rational manner! You can do it too. (Well, I'd prefer you just convert to thinking she is the awesomest, but I'll settle for disliking her for rational reasons that don't involve saying she dresses like a slut, which is especially insulting to me because - well, does that mean you think I'm a slut for having legs like hers and wanting to wear her clothes?) I encourage you to engage in reasonable discussions, thoughtfulness, and a deep deep look at internalized misogyny. Thanks!

no love until you stop the hypocrisy and vileness, 
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My (inarticulate) response to the feminism!fail discussion running around recently.

women are, in fact, awesome! )
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My sincere congratulations, ladies, and good luck!

15325 / 50000 words. 31% done!

Still behind, but catching up! Off to neglect things more, work on school (I signed up for my spring classes today - General Psych, Human Bio, and Lit. and Comp.), and then write a lot hopefully.
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Things wot I am reading:

Liberty: The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France by Lucy Moore. What I find really fascinating is that this really brilliant woman, Germaine de Stael, clever, witty, talented, was also against women's rights. And she wasn't the only one of these women to be against women's rights! it's a really odd dichotomy. apparently it's partly because of Rousseau, who was popular? and part of the argument against the old Regime was that it had let women gain positions of power (even though this wasn't really true - women gained an illusion of power, but they had almost no real control, and to gain it they had to sacrifice their reputations). so yeah, I find that strange.

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... sorry, I just got a little... outraged there. Possibly more than a little. Possibly a LOT. Okay, more than a lot. But REALLY. No jokes are offensive? Women should shut up and make babies? Feminism is EVIL? He doesn't even know what it is! Also, what the hell, women talking about pay discrimination are saying men doing the same jobs as them are getting paid more. This is important. Try to not be a misogynist jerk, okay? It makes me angry. Also, I'm tired of people outside various communities (fandom, feminism, etc.) making really stupid assumptions about them and saying they know everything about them.

Wait, what? Did he just... did he really? Oh, I will kill his dead. He claims that sexual harassment either doesn't actually exist or is because men aren't actually sexist (he's a bit confusing to read). I will kill him with fire. This is kind of relevant to me because the new job Mary has taken is working with a lot of men, and Matt (who is the Supervisor basically on the job) warned her that she would have to make sure she didn't look too nice or they would probably harass her. It's a problem, okay, and it is not cool that Mary had to go looking specifically for clothes that wouldn't emphasize any parts of her figure. Basically, t-shirts and loose jeans. I am extremely unimpressed with his stand, and would like to -

*deep breaths*

In more cheerful subjects, I have taken my first college class! Currently I'm hanging out in the library because we worked out my schedule so that I could come with my mom (who teaches here) and my class on Monday nights gets out about an hour and a half before hers.

Also, I slept last night! Hooray.

Mary drove off to St. Petersburg this afternoon, but I'm not particularly sad because both she and Matt are coming up this weekend for two days. I am really really pleased. Also, Matt has acquired a Southern accent. I pointed this out to him while we were on the phone and he said 'Oh yeah, people keep saying that to me!' Heh.

Feeling less rage-y now. Going to ... I dunno. I'll find something to do for an hour. I have a computer!
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Someone said recently that Uhura was 'just the love interest' in the Trek reboot, which irritated me a great deal. I wrote a bit of a rant/essay on women characters and then discovered that voila! [ profile] sarahtales had done it better! so go read it if you haven't already! (since it's been making a lot of the rounds, there's a strong chance you have.)

You guys, this song is so cute/pretty/awesome! Mason Jennings sings it slow kind of slow and ... peaceful? and my sister Mary sings it with this fast upbeat pace and both versions are really fun to listen to/sing along with.

On to the Top Five meme! Picture/.gif heavy!

Top five things to cook )

Top Five ships for [profile] sagee_x3
5. Polly/Mal (Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett)
Polly's a girl devoted to her family, protective of her older, slightly slow brother, and plenty brave and smart. Mal's a vampire who decided war would be exciting, who's developed a coffee addiction to replace her thirst for blood, and who's snarky, rarely talks about herself, and is decidedly smart. And together they are so awesome. Unfortunately, there's no real artwork for the book that shows them. D:

4. Zuko/Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

You know, Aang/Katara is sweet and fluffy and cuddly, but they're so young and Aang's only really got a crush on her (also, he's 13. I'm sorry, I draw the line somewhere). And I really do adore Zuko/Mai - I think it's a really wonderful relationship and I love the way Mai and Zuko complement each other. But Zuko and Katara work so well together, and there's always been tension between them, and she cared about him before any of the others really did, and he's had this almost fixation on her from the very beginning. They fit together so perfectly it's hard not to ship them. I really, really love how they fit together. (And that is post-series artwork by one of the main animators for Avatar, so.)

3. Starbuck/Apollo (Battlestar Galactica Reimagined Series)

You guys, this ship is fabulous. You should all ship them. You should all love them as much as I do. I really, really love these two together, in any respect at all, but especially as lovers. They work fantastically together, they're a really great team, she can make him laugh and he can make her actually smile, they know how to hurt each other and they try not to, they know how to fix each other and they try to, and seeing her in a dress makes him forget how to talk to women. Also? There's no take-backs. There are never any take-backs.

2. Morgana/Arthur/Gwen/Merlin (or any permutation thereof) (BBC Merlin)

First off, these people are all ridiculous amounts of pretty. Secondly, they all have ridiculous amounts of chemistry. Thirdly, they all run around constantly saying how much they all love each other. There is no end to how awesome these four people are, and I quite seriously do ship almost every permutation of this. The only one that's lost my interest is Arthur/Merlin, probably mostly because it is so obvious and everyone else in the whole world ships it. It is still a fabulous ship, I just currently find Arthur/Morgana, Morgana/Gwen, Arthur/Gwen and Merlin/Morgana the most interesting. (Also, I almost put Uther into the mix too, but I thought that might be taking it too far. XD)

1. Peter/Susan (Chronicles of Narnia)

You know what, guys? I get it, okay. C. S. Lewis is sobbing in his grave and needs anti-depressants, incest is wrong, they wouldn't think of each other like that, etc. etc. and so forth. I don't care (especially about Lewis, because his lack of research makes me angry). I love them together. He's the High King, the most important man in Narnia, and she's Queen Susan, his second-in-command, really, and they love each other. And it is as simple as that for me, now, though it took a fair bit of convincing originally. You want to know what convinced me? These and these. No more arguing. Just read them, even if you hate the pairing, because they are works of art.

Top five Peter/Susan moments )

Top five Edmund/Skandar pictures )

Top five favorite books )

I have two more things to do (Top Five fanon ships and Top Five canon ships for [personal profile] animus_wyrmis ) but I have to go to co-op in half an hour and I haven't finished my homework yet, and there's fourteen ships in all to detail (two honorable mentions for each category), so I really need to go finish that. I shall do them later! Oh my beautiful ships.


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