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I have turned in all my applications except for the one that is due on the 1st of February! I am assembling some poetry for consideration in scholarships at two of them, which involves a great deal of polishing and going "aaaaaagh why don't I write short stories that are not fannish!".

ALSO I did Yuletide, because I was eligible for the first time eveeer and I wasn't going to pass up on that. And I got Eagle of the Ninth fic!

Aedific─üre, by opalmatrix. It is utterly delightful and everything I wanted. I can't believe how lucky I got! IT'S AWESOME. It is subtle, subtle Esca/Marcus/Cottia OT3 as they build the farm and tiptoe around each other and become bestest best friends eveeeeeer. :DDD you should totally read it.

And I wrote:

The Things We Say Are True
Skyhigh. PG-13. Penny/Gwen, Warren.
“I’ve broken a lot of personal rules for you,” Penny says.

Which was quite fun to write, in the end. I really enjoyed it. :D

in other news, I somehow ended up creating a three-part, 21 song fanmix for what's really nothing more than me messing around with typical procedurals/supernatural hunting shows. Or what I had thought was just me having fun! Apparently sometime my brain got serious over it? NO. Bad brain! get back to Cabin Fever, it needs you! no more new projects! 

also, my dad comes home this week sometime (which is good, mostly, though difficult as always), school is about to start up again (OMG YAY my schedule is so pretty this spring!), I have actual free time for another week, I'm doing some secretary work for my mom which I shall get paid for, and in general things are shaping up! YAY. TRIPLE YAY. IMAGINE ME GRINNING HAPPILY HERE. The only downside is me having been sick for a week, but even that is getting better!

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+ Am now all caught up with SPN, having finally watched the last four episodes. Oh, SPN. I am very glad I have never let you completely take my heart or it would be completely shattered right now. As is I am sad and worried and upset and at the same time SO impressed with what you are doing with the story. COME ON GUYS THINGS HAVE TO WORK OUT. Caaaaastiel! )

+ Leverage! This was actually about a month ago now (three weeks?) but I finally watched all the way through the Season 2 finale and ohhhhh my heart. OH TEAM. like familyyyy )

+ Criminal Minds returns next week! with what looks to be actually quite an interesting episode. The people for the spin-off intrigue me more and more the more previews I see. we shall seeeee!


Now off to bed, after I take a quick shower and brush my teeth! for I must be awake at 5 in order to get to the sunrise service at church. (I always go to the sunrise service on Easter. You don't have to be a Christian to appreciate the feeling of sanctity and joy that it has.)
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Whether I feel the urge to act older or younger depends on the day.

Today in choir we were rehearsing Pirates of Penzanze. Alas! Neither our Frederick or our Mabel showed up (the two romantic leads), so their understudies both took their parts for the rehearsal. The thing that makes this hilarious is that Frederick's understudy is Erin. E, and Mabel's understudy is her sister Taylor.

I mean, since we're practically an all-girl choir, we already had the lesbian text running rampant, but today it was incestuous lesbian text.

Other things I'm doing today: listening to Vienna Teng. A lot. Especially Whatever You Want, Antebellum, Gravity and Say Uncle.
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Cabin Fever: Season 1 Episode Guide.

feel free to shake your heads sadly over my ridiculous state about something that doesn't exist.

also, if this was real I would want Season 1 James/Liam vidded to Kiss With A Fist by Florence + The Machine. yes, yes I am a little crazy today.

other things that aren't really that important: uhhh, I may have a research paper due in Psychology next week. That I haven't even actually picked the topic for. oh, crap. also, we are ALL STILL SICK, though I'm pretty much recovered. this thing is ridiculous.
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+ [livejournal.com profile] isurrendered is having it's first Free-For-All! and when I say free for all I mean free for all. enjoy!

+ I have been sick for six days and I'm feeling ready to commit murder over it. We have no idea what it is, but we've all got it and it just keeps lingering and it closes up my ears so I can't hear and my throat is kind of raw from coughing so much and my head is constantly aching and I have no energy. I think part of the reason I've still got it so badly is because well, HI, I'm an idiot who always puts school above personal health. I went to school and choir Tuesday (11 hours in a row gone), and then school Thursday as well, though I ended up skipping English and coming home early. Not because I wasn't feeling good (I wasn't), but because I was starting to cough again and I was worried I'd get people sick. and now I can't pop my ears. AGH.

+ Almost done laying out Season 1 of Cabin Fever. Oh Dr. Eddie! Oh Fred! Oh everyone! Note: if an episode is titled in Latin, it's a pretty important one. Although, because I am STEALTHY (haha yeah right) some important ones are in English anyways.

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Fandom: Cabin Fever
Subject: general show mix
Title: our bodies breathe to one regression
Notes: This is one third fanmix, one third plot building, one third fic. I... don't even know. But it was fun. Spoilers through Season 3! uh. the non-existent Season 3. no zip, but there is a youtube playlist and the one song unavailable on youtube I have a download link for.
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+ Lass wrote more Narnia Durkheim fic, which is naturally awesome. Forms & Foundations. Susan & Edmund. This world tells her, You are Susan Pevensie, a whole equal to the sum of her parts, and she wonders what that entails.

+ Florida got a cold snap in the past few days and my hands are freezing. off. I'm not even really kidding about this - I have poor circulation in my hands and feet, and I pretty much always have cold hands, but in the cold weather they just don't warm up. at all. it makes typing a little annoying.

+ my little procrastination habit? really bad this past week. feels like I'm physically incapable of doing school unless there is a tangible deadline, and even then it's close. I finished my 1.5K essay due tonight about half an hour before it was due. makes me feel stupid. I've got to stop that.

+ things are like... shifting? I dunno. I mean, I took the PSAT, which is suddenly feeling like a tangible piece of my possible history and every time I think about it I start worrying about the questions and if I did well enough, because my mom wants me to get the Merit Scholarship. and I mean, fuck, you have to be really really smart to do that and I just don't know if I'm that good. I could be, I think. I should be. but I've been distracted and unable to concentrate and just, fuck, you guys. if I want to go to a good college without pulling a couple hundred scholarship strings, I need that Merit Scholarship. I need the prestige that comes with it so that the colleges want me. agh. I don't want to be stressed by this but inexplicably, I am. I have a year and a half before I graduate highschool! I'm planning on taking a gap year, maybe two! I should not be worrying about this shit yet. *deep breaths*

+ on a much more cheerful note, MUSIC. "The Captain and the Hourglass" by Laura Marling. It's kind of melancholy, kind of hopeful, and I love it a lot because of these two lines - "He’s done with all this bullshit, he’s going back to war, / If Heaven is as Heaven does then this is Hell for sure." Also, because Kathy recommended it to me and now I can't stop listening, "Citadel" by Anna Nalick. And naturally, my very own theme song for cloudy days, "Defying Gravity" from Wicked. Complete with kickass Firefly vid, of course. Also a lot of Vienna Teng, because she has a gorgeous voice.

+ now I need to go to bed. so I can wake up and take a math test. oh shit. one that I haven't really studied for aghkshgdlg. I shall have to wake up early.
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+ my library got in around 11 new Pratchett books. feast on those words. ELEVEN NEW PRATCHETT BOOKS THAT I HAVEN'T READ ASHKLGHDLFKDJGS. well, that's no longer true. I've already finished three of them - Jingo, Equal Rites, and Thief of Time, all three of which were FABULOUS. I now feel a great desire more of Susan Sto Helit, and thoroughly understand why so many people seem to adore her. she's fantastic! not to mention, my mom picked one of them up because she was certain she would disapprove, started reading, and got hooked! AHAHAHA. she picked up Going Postal, which I'd just brought home and haven't read yet, and was all 'how come I have never heard of him? he's hilarious! how did you find out?' :DDDDDD yayyy! I don't know how long her interest will last - probably until she finds out there are witches - but until then, hooray!

+ hahaha, TV this week was fabulous. more on Merlin... sometime later.

+ NaNo! NANO NANO NANO. in short, NaNo. :D I'm reworking my nostalgia novel into a story about revolution and magic and oppression and lots of geekery on language and philosophy and mythology and idealogy and who knows what else. it will be fun!

+ speaking of which, music! I went through my music and wrote down the songs that fit the story. so here's a... for lack of a better word... fanmix for my novel. heh. no download, but they're all available on songza.com

musiccccc )

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Someone said recently that Uhura was 'just the love interest' in the Trek reboot, which irritated me a great deal. I wrote a bit of a rant/essay on women characters and then discovered that voila! [livejournal.com profile] sarahtales had done it better! so go read it if you haven't already! (since it's been making a lot of the rounds, there's a strong chance you have.)

You guys, this song is so cute/pretty/awesome! Mason Jennings sings it slow kind of slow and ... peaceful? and my sister Mary sings it with this fast upbeat pace and both versions are really fun to listen to/sing along with.

On to the Top Five meme! Picture/.gif heavy!

Top five things to cook )

Top Five ships for [profile] sagee_x3
5. Polly/Mal (Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett)
Polly's a girl devoted to her family, protective of her older, slightly slow brother, and plenty brave and smart. Mal's a vampire who decided war would be exciting, who's developed a coffee addiction to replace her thirst for blood, and who's snarky, rarely talks about herself, and is decidedly smart. And together they are so awesome. Unfortunately, there's no real artwork for the book that shows them. D:

4. Zuko/Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

You know, Aang/Katara is sweet and fluffy and cuddly, but they're so young and Aang's only really got a crush on her (also, he's 13. I'm sorry, I draw the line somewhere). And I really do adore Zuko/Mai - I think it's a really wonderful relationship and I love the way Mai and Zuko complement each other. But Zuko and Katara work so well together, and there's always been tension between them, and she cared about him before any of the others really did, and he's had this almost fixation on her from the very beginning. They fit together so perfectly it's hard not to ship them. I really, really love how they fit together. (And that is post-series artwork by one of the main animators for Avatar, so.)

3. Starbuck/Apollo (Battlestar Galactica Reimagined Series)

You guys, this ship is fabulous. You should all ship them. You should all love them as much as I do. I really, really love these two together, in any respect at all, but especially as lovers. They work fantastically together, they're a really great team, she can make him laugh and he can make her actually smile, they know how to hurt each other and they try not to, they know how to fix each other and they try to, and seeing her in a dress makes him forget how to talk to women. Also? There's no take-backs. There are never any take-backs.

2. Morgana/Arthur/Gwen/Merlin (or any permutation thereof) (BBC Merlin)

First off, these people are all ridiculous amounts of pretty. Secondly, they all have ridiculous amounts of chemistry. Thirdly, they all run around constantly saying how much they all love each other. There is no end to how awesome these four people are, and I quite seriously do ship almost every permutation of this. The only one that's lost my interest is Arthur/Merlin, probably mostly because it is so obvious and everyone else in the whole world ships it. It is still a fabulous ship, I just currently find Arthur/Morgana, Morgana/Gwen, Arthur/Gwen and Merlin/Morgana the most interesting. (Also, I almost put Uther into the mix too, but I thought that might be taking it too far. XD)

1. Peter/Susan (Chronicles of Narnia)

You know what, guys? I get it, okay. C. S. Lewis is sobbing in his grave and needs anti-depressants, incest is wrong, they wouldn't think of each other like that, etc. etc. and so forth. I don't care (especially about Lewis, because his lack of research makes me angry). I love them together. He's the High King, the most important man in Narnia, and she's Queen Susan, his second-in-command, really, and they love each other. And it is as simple as that for me, now, though it took a fair bit of convincing originally. You want to know what convinced me? These and these. No more arguing. Just read them, even if you hate the pairing, because they are works of art.

Top five Peter/Susan moments )

Top five Edmund/Skandar pictures )

Top five favorite books )

I have two more things to do (Top Five fanon ships and Top Five canon ships for [personal profile] animus_wyrmis ) but I have to go to co-op in half an hour and I haven't finished my homework yet, and there's fourteen ships in all to detail (two honorable mentions for each category), so I really need to go finish that. I shall do them later! Oh my beautiful ships.
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I feel very happy today! Therefore, while I can, I am going to talk about happy things. Happy things! *is enthusiastic*

a) This song. It has the lyrics 'how many of them can we make die!' How can you not love it? XD

b) Okay, just music in general. Kasey Chamber's 'Nothing At All', Imogen Heap's '2-1', which was written for the PC movie (!!!) but wasn't accepted because it was too dark, and Britney Spear's 'Circus.' (stop laughing at me! I've loved it ever since I saw this vid, which is honestly the best meta-vid for nu!Kirk EVER.)

c) Every single thing in [livejournal.com profile] erasureathon , omg. SO AWESOME. *hugs all the pretty erasures* I have yet to finish commenting on them, but eee!

d) I am feeling  a lot better about the Narnia Exchange piece right now. I've decided to leave it Edmund POV, but there is a possibility that at some point there will be an accompanying Peridan POV because I really, really want to know what he was thinking during all of this.

e) This new trailer for New Moon. SHUT UP. JACOB IS AWESOME, AND THERE ARE WEREWOLVES. This is honestly all I care about.

f) yesterday my mother was at the meat market, and she said something along the lines of 'My daughter will probably be biking up tomorrow to get stuff for our dinner.' (She had to go to a college about two hours away today for meeting her new TA and other stuff.) And the guy was apparently like 'Oh, is that your daughter? The tall, skinny girl who smiles a lot?' Which naturally made me smile a lot. XD I do make a point of smiling and talking to people who are checking me out or helping me out at stores, and it was just really cool to know it got noticed.

g) I am getting some school done! Probably not enough, but I'm doing okay. And I got dinner made again today and had to be responsible, and, I dunno. I'm just feeling happier today. XD

h) I am so excited for [livejournal.com profile] narniaexchange ! Now that I'm not feeling hideously stressed over mine, I'm able to look forward to all the fabulous fics that are doubtless going to come out over there. I've already seen two, and they've both been absolutely marvelous, and I cannot WAIT for all the rest! It makes me want to get mine done and turned in even faster!

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so, guess what I did this weekend?

made a fanmix, haha!

Notes: graphics by me. the songs have been collected over the past several months from my f-list and my family and friends and some are old favorites that I've learned to apply to Narnia, and specifically Peter/Susan. special thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] bedlamsbard and [livejournal.com profile] lassiterfics , from whom I have gotten an inordinate proportion of my Narnia song recommendations.

your dress is dark red and your opening eyes are bright green )


Jun. 24th, 2009 09:36 pm
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Guys I have been productive. I cleaned out the fridge - not the thorough scrub everything, but I rearranged everything so that there was actually, y'know, room. I did the dishes, which just falls under normal stuff. I made blueberry muffins for when Sam and Kat got back from baseball practice (about a minute ago). I finished my portfolio for evaluations this Friday. And I did all this in about an hour. BOO YAH.

Things still left to do: call the hair salon tomorrow morning and see if I can change the appointment to 3:30, not 4:30. Bike up to the bank and get some money out so I can pay for my hair-cut, which I am feeling a little queasy about. It's just so long, and it has never been this long before, and also? At least $20 bucks, and I do not have a steady job. Queasy. Iron out Owen's character. See if Celia's up to cooperating again. Figure out what Sebastian thinks he is up to, no you don't young man!

In honor of productivity, I shall spam you!

Spotted at least twice on my f-list: Katie McGrath picspam. Why so pretty, pretty lady?

'Get Out the Map' by Indigo Girls, posted by [livejournal.com profile] marycontraire in a comment on Lass' journal. I've been listening to it pretty much nonstop on alternate with 'Joan' by Heather Dale, which was linked to by [livejournal.com profile] bedlamsbard on her journal.

Peter/Susan fic by [livejournal.com profile] chipping , one of the few not written by Bed or Lass that's, y'know, actually good. Linked to by [livejournal.com profile] lassiterfics . And this is why (along with Lass' the only things that echo, which while linking to I'd also like to link to the poem that the title comes from because it's beautiful) that I love [livejournal.com profile] 1sentence .

More stuff from [livejournal.com profile] marycontraire (because she looks at [livejournal.com profile] ontd_startrek more than I have the time to and also is awesome). The Brooding Moment with ZQ and Captain Fine. Nimoy and Taikei (the original Spock and Sulu) on The Daily Show. I know that sounds really weird, but trust me guys - it's hilarious. NIMOY TALKS ABOUT PON FARR. ON THE DAILY SHOW.

Does it need more Karl Urban? Yes, yes it does. (It does not help that he was amazing as Eomer in LotR.) Picspam by [livejournal.com profile] caramelsilver .

Shit still going down in Iran. I can't trust myself not to rant about this, so I'm not going to.

I went to the mall last Friday with Esther and Lea, and this store has the awesomest home accessories. So beautiful. ALSO. Awesome cookbooks, plain books, TRAVEL BOOKS WHEEE, and journals.


more productivity hopefully tomorrow. also, new haircut. *wibbles*

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Because I utterly fail at dramatic introductions, here is my Narnia playlist.

[Insert pretty image with Pevensies on it <3]
Musicccc )

Finishing Up: Predominantly post-Narnia stuff, quite a lot of songs I associate with Peter and or Susan, and a lot of stuff that's Narnia itself talking to the Pevensies, or them talking to her. Much love to everyone, I hope you enjoy them!
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A) I have three prompts so far, and hopefully will have the first by sometime tomorrow (depending on how demanding Revolutionverse is and how well my muse cooperates).

B) My cat is sitting on me. Or was. Apparently it was very important to curl up on my lap for ten seconds and then get off and instead try to bite my fingers as I type. Of course. Cat logic makes so much sense. :P

C) My word, where has my sanity gone? Revolutionverse (which owes it's current name to [livejournal.com profile] katakokk ) is growing much more quickly than I'd expected, with everyone gaining personalities and interactions and ... awesomeness. LOTS OF AWESOMENESS. (Warning: about to link to TV Tropes. Go only at your own time-consuming peril.) My breakdown of their characters. Sebastian Monroe. Cedric Monroe. Holland Monroe. (In short, the Monroes.) Adam Bardsley. Cecilia Bardsley. (In short, these five.) Yeah, I love my charries. *hugs them all*

D) One of these days, I'm going to have to post my list of Narnia music. There's 13 songs (and 2 orchestral pieces) that I listen to pretty much nonstop when I'm writing, but especially when I'm writing Narnia.

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So I just realized that whenever I write the Merlin/Narnia commentfic, I'm listening to the same four or five songs. Red by Elbow, Mad Mission by Patty Griffin, and Mad World by Gary Jules. These are now my default Narnia songs, apparently, particularly for Peter. Especially Mad World, for right after PC, when he's just doomed.


Lepanto has always made me just want to cry because it's so well written and I will probably never write poetry THAT GOOD. But now I'm reading through the rest of his poetry, and OMG A PRAYER FOR DARKNESS.

If I dare snarl between this sun and sod,
Whimper and clamour, give me grace to own,
In sun and rain and fruit in season shown,
The shining silence of the scorn of God.

Gold Leaves is also freakishly beautiful. This is not FAIR.

I'm just going to go read poetry and be content. Maybe write some happy angst. Or just angst. Look, I don't know. I feel weirdly peaceful today half the time, but as soon as someone else walks into the room I go all tense.

I'd really rather just be by myself and write and talk to y'all today.

ETA: HOLY CRAP. LOOK LOOK. HERE. The Myth of Arthur. The last bit, what does it say?

Take comfort; rest--there needs not this ado.
You shall not be a myth, I promise you.



Oct. 3rd, 2008 04:19 pm
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So this is my playlist for NaNo so far. It's going to be huge by the time this is over. O.o

Just click on popout player to get it if you can't see the whole thing.


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