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First up! There were some beautiful things written for me recently.

written for me + two vid recs + comic rec )

stuff I've written recently )

And while I don't feel like tracking down all the stuff I wrote this year, I figure I might as well answer the end-of-year writing questions meme because why not?

talking about fic )

Um, I'm also going to declare this free-for-all on asking me anything about anything I've written. I kind of doubt there are questions, but if there are feel free to ask, or tell me that I got something wrong, or other stuff.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Day 2 & 3

Sep. 11th, 2011 02:28 pm
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 Yesterday I was on duty or at a party all day, so there was no posting. It's still only day 2 for a lot of the world, though, so I don't feel too bad. :P Today I am also on most of the day, and I feel kind of like crap, so there will not be much today.

So for Day 2 & 3, you guys are getting tiny fics. This also comes with a tentative promise to write a three-sentence fic in comments for any prompts given. Prompts can be given for my main three characters, as well as my seven bonus ladies - Kara Thrace (Battlestar Galactica), Stephanie Brown (DC), Martha Jones (Doctor Who), Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter), Guinevere (Merlin), M'gann M'orzz (Young Justice), and Amy Pond (Doctor Who).

Narnia. Susan & Lucy. Gen. 173 words.

sisters! )

family affairs
DC. Cassandra Cain & Damian Wayne. Gen. 224 words.
spoilers for Gates of Gotham #5.

more family! )

secrets kept
Young Justice. Artemis & Dick Grayson. Gen. 316 words.
Spoilers for Young Justice 1x08.

I just feel like they should be best friends okay. )

three minutes down but who's counting
DC. Stephanie Brown and Dick Grayson. Gen. 436 words.

death traps and quipping all in a day's work. experience needed. )

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I have been FICCING on Tumblr! I've still got Katakokk's prompt to write, probably sometime late tomorrow. :) CAN'T STOP WON'T TRY TO.

that's rosemary for remembrance
Narnia. Edmund, Lucy, Caspian. ~750 words. Mostly gen? For metonomia.

It's quiet in the early dawn. )

toast and frogs
Narnia. Pevensies. Gen. 170 words. For intrikate88.

Lucy and shenanigans. )



Here between the country
that will not remember our love
and the sea, our clothes spill

like sand from a tilted
palm. Then we are walking
arm in arm. We are gazing

in the same, unwavering direction.
There is no need to mourn
for what we have left behind.

Look as our footprints
evaporate when we approach
the chiming of waves, waves

rising and tugging at us like joy.
This is not an ending
and time has not been

unkind. We reach the edge
of our lives. We stop in awe
of how much further we have to go.

Cyril Wong


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 random mini fic! 

the birds and the bees
Narnia. Edmund, Eustace. PG-13. 271 words.

Edmund has a frank talk with Eustace )

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Title: In Some Dreaming State
Vidder:[personal profile] be_themoon
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia (
Music: "Blinding" by Florence + The Machine
Spoilers: For both movies.
Summary: No more dreaming like a girl so in love, so in love with the wrong world. Susan, and the wrongs done to her.
Streaming/Download: Streaming at Vimeo and download at FileFront.
Notes: I'm annoyed at some timing issues that won't go right, and definitely annoyed that I wasn't able to get copies of the movies that were both full-screen or wide-screen, rather than one of each. But in the end, this is the Susan vid that I really wanted to make. I wish I could do a full-length version of the song - maybe someday I'll be able to, if I use outside sources as well. In short - oh, Susan. This is my version of meta on the many, many ways she got screwed over by the narrative.

Seems that I have been held, in some dreaming state. )

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how so ABSURDLY AWESOME, Doctor Who?

I shall flail tomorrow! Tonight, I have the seven drabbles I wrote this week for my summer drabble project.

tea and time
Doctor Who/Narnia. Rory & Susan, 152 words.

Read more... )

Narnia. Lucy. 170 words.

Lucy likes summer the best. )

blood on his hands
Original fiction (Harborverse). Cedric Monroe. 145 words.

It's not enough to make him hesitate. )

Princess of Thieves. Gwyn/Philip. 174 words.

She never stays long. ).

sisters in arms
Narnia. Susan & Lucy. 112 words.

Read more... )

soaking up culture (so that’s what they’re calling it now)
Chronicles of Narnia/Torchwood. Edmund/Ianto. 179 words.

Read more... )

the shore tide
Original fiction (Harborverse). Cedric & Holland Monroe. 165 words.

Read more... )

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apparently I'm now writing SPN ficlets about where angels go when they die. or rather, the people who loved angels/vessels and how they have to wonder about it. yeah, I don't know either.

no stamps required
SPN/Narnia, Susan/Anna. 384 words.

Susan has taken to writing letters. )

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Title: Winds To Catch
Authors: [ profile] animus_wyrmis & [ profile] be_themoon & [ profile] lassiterfics 
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia/Mary Poppins (a mix of movieverse/bookverse)
Characters/Pairings: Susan Pevensie & Mary Poppins
Rating: PG
Warnings: none.
Wordcount: ~1,300
Summary: "Come with me," Mary says, and Susan doesn't hesitate because this is the second chance she thought she'd already lost alongside everyone who could give it to her.
Author's Note: This was an absolute JOY to write and edit. I <3 Lass and Wyrm endless, endless amounts, and I think everyone should fics where Susan runs around having friends and being AWESOME. Also, we don't really remember who wrote which parts. :P Anything to add, Lass & Wyrm? I can edit it in for you!


Mary Poppins measures Susan with her measuring tape. )

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hey guys! my x-over exchange fic is up.

Whose Other Side Is Salvation
for [ profile] beatrice_otter
Doctor Who/Chronicles of Narnia crossover, Susan/The Doctor. Another installment in my firm belief that 'OMG the Doctor and Susan would be FABULOUS together.'
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Title: lovely in my sight
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Characters/Pairings: Susan.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Death, as this goes through LB.
Summary: Susan, from LWW through to LB. Things she refuses to remember.
Disclaimer: Not mine, they're Lewis'.
Author's Note: The title is from Mnemosyne by Trumbull Stickney, specifically the lines "I had a sister lovely in my sight: / Her hair was dark, her eyes were very sombre; / We sang together in the woods at night." Part of me now wants to write more Narnia, just so I can title it from the first line of the poem, "It's autumn in the country I remember." I've been working on this off and on for a lonnng while.


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Title: tying ribbons around grief
Characters/Pairings: The Pevensies
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of sex, there-if-you-squint incest.
When: The various England intervals.
Summary: Because he has a way / of tying ribbons around grief.
Disclaimer: The Narnia universe isn't mine.
Author's Note: For [ profile] katakokk on her birthday. Happy (slightly belated) birthday, bb! Sorry, I couldn't wrap my brain around anything as complicated as politics or future-Merlin stuff, but I still wanted to write you something. I hope you enjoy it. <333 The title and summary quote is from 1999 by Kevin A. Gonzalez.

Here in England, they trip on distances that are wrong. )


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