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First up! There were some beautiful things written for me recently.

written for me + two vid recs + comic rec )

stuff I've written recently )

And while I don't feel like tracking down all the stuff I wrote this year, I figure I might as well answer the end-of-year writing questions meme because why not?

talking about fic )

Um, I'm also going to declare this free-for-all on asking me anything about anything I've written. I kind of doubt there are questions, but if there are feel free to ask, or tell me that I got something wrong, or other stuff.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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how so ABSURDLY AWESOME, Doctor Who?

I shall flail tomorrow! Tonight, I have the seven drabbles I wrote this week for my summer drabble project.

tea and time
Doctor Who/Narnia. Rory & Susan, 152 words.

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Narnia. Lucy. 170 words.

Lucy likes summer the best. )

blood on his hands
Original fiction (Harborverse). Cedric Monroe. 145 words.

It's not enough to make him hesitate. )

Princess of Thieves. Gwyn/Philip. 174 words.

She never stays long. ).

sisters in arms
Narnia. Susan & Lucy. 112 words.

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soaking up culture (so that’s what they’re calling it now)
Chronicles of Narnia/Torchwood. Edmund/Ianto. 179 words.

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the shore tide
Original fiction (Harborverse). Cedric & Holland Monroe. 165 words.

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apparently I'm now writing SPN ficlets about where angels go when they die. or rather, the people who loved angels/vessels and how they have to wonder about it. yeah, I don't know either.

no stamps required
SPN/Narnia, Susan/Anna. 384 words.

Susan has taken to writing letters. )

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Title: Winds To Catch
Authors: [ profile] animus_wyrmis & [ profile] be_themoon & [ profile] lassiterfics 
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia/Mary Poppins (a mix of movieverse/bookverse)
Characters/Pairings: Susan Pevensie & Mary Poppins
Rating: PG
Warnings: none.
Wordcount: ~1,300
Summary: "Come with me," Mary says, and Susan doesn't hesitate because this is the second chance she thought she'd already lost alongside everyone who could give it to her.
Author's Note: This was an absolute JOY to write and edit. I <3 Lass and Wyrm endless, endless amounts, and I think everyone should fics where Susan runs around having friends and being AWESOME. Also, we don't really remember who wrote which parts. :P Anything to add, Lass & Wyrm? I can edit it in for you!


Mary Poppins measures Susan with her measuring tape. )

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hey guys! my x-over exchange fic is up.

Whose Other Side Is Salvation
for [ profile] beatrice_otter
Doctor Who/Chronicles of Narnia crossover, Susan/The Doctor. Another installment in my firm belief that 'OMG the Doctor and Susan would be FABULOUS together.'


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