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+ my library got in around 11 new Pratchett books. feast on those words. ELEVEN NEW PRATCHETT BOOKS THAT I HAVEN'T READ ASHKLGHDLFKDJGS. well, that's no longer true. I've already finished three of them - Jingo, Equal Rites, and Thief of Time, all three of which were FABULOUS. I now feel a great desire more of Susan Sto Helit, and thoroughly understand why so many people seem to adore her. she's fantastic! not to mention, my mom picked one of them up because she was certain she would disapprove, started reading, and got hooked! AHAHAHA. she picked up Going Postal, which I'd just brought home and haven't read yet, and was all 'how come I have never heard of him? he's hilarious! how did you find out?' :DDDDDD yayyy! I don't know how long her interest will last - probably until she finds out there are witches - but until then, hooray!

+ hahaha, TV this week was fabulous. more on Merlin... sometime later.

+ NaNo! NANO NANO NANO. in short, NaNo. :D I'm reworking my nostalgia novel into a story about revolution and magic and oppression and lots of geekery on language and philosophy and mythology and idealogy and who knows what else. it will be fun!

+ speaking of which, music! I went through my music and wrote down the songs that fit the story. so here's a... for lack of a better word... fanmix for my novel. heh. no download, but they're all available on

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oh, cedric

Aug. 2nd, 2009 03:09 pm
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Okay, I'm pretty sure this is going to be a post on the scale of epic.

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I've caught up with my f-list! I went back to around Thursday and hopefully caught everyone from then on. Sorry if I missed anyone!

Things I want to recommend to people.

A) [ profile] zempasuchil drew Mary Blake/Renesmee. It is adorable.
B) Anything on [ profile] houseofpevensie . I'm a bit erratic on commenting on them, but the writing is superb and I adore the characters.
C) [personal profile] animus_wyrmis posted her lovely Leah/Angela fic with no name. So pretty!

TV shows I watched while I was in a horrible mood - Chuck (about six episodes of the first season), Pushing Daisies (part of the first episode before I got kicked off the computer), Supernatural (a few of my favorite episodes), Project Runway (I have to admit, I generally skip to the reunion episode after my favorites get kicked off).

As proof that I really need to slow down on the fic writing and just concentrate on a few, I'm going to go ahead and do the 'give a line from each of your WIP's' meme. Um. For some of them it's more like post a paragraph.

harborverse, nostalgia!origfic, what images return (next renesmee), untitled susan!fic, untitlted narniaexchange, untitled erasureathon )

I must turn in one Latin assignment and two Government assignments, and then I shall return to play with fic! Renesmee metafic is being difficult. a) I completely forgot Seth b) I introduced the Cullens. I'm thinking that needs to be a later story, that this one should be only about Mary and Leah. I dunno.
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Today in things Betsy accomplished writing-wise.

-continued writing Buffy/Narnia crossover. Jumped time. Ignored actual canon show timing (of course!).
-edited M.Pop/S.Pev kind-of fic written by me and Lass and Wyrm some and sent it back. perhaps something shall come of this?
-procrastinated a lot
-had this conversation come up while writing roadtrip!origfic.
Katie: I stole Anna's iPhone.
Lance: Katie- what? Why would you do that? You have your own cell!
Katie: Hers was prettier. Also, I was inebriated. It seemed like a clever idea.
Lance: (in his this makes no sense voice.) Well, that makes sense.
-cracked up a lot (both laughing-wise and mentally)
-wrote meta-type-stuff in my nostalgia!origfic. it is turning into a lot of me alternatively hashing out my issues with religion and my family and being really really nostalgic. So. Uh. Also, writing poetry.

In other news! Ever heard of erasures? Well, [ profile] zempasuchil and [ profile] lassiterfics erased each other's Merlin OT4 fics and the results are drop-dead beautiful.

Then Sing, by [ profile] zempasuchil , an erasure of The Ink Still Drying
Writhe, by [ profile] lassiterfics , an erasure of Rewriting the Old Language

Interesting to note that while Zempasuchil's remains fandom-relevant, Lass deliberately left out proper names, so it technically has no fandom, except it does. So, um. Read! Seriously! Gorgeous poetry.

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In general interest, in my personal Narnia canon Aconite (commonly known as Monkshood or Wolfsbane in real life) is generally known as Queen Susan's Mantle, often shortened to Queen's Mantle or Susan's Mantle (the second is much less common). It's also sometimes called evening's mantle, though that's less common. (One of Edmund's titles was the King of Evening.)

In other news, writing Narnia Exchange a little. NARNIAAAAA. Also beta-ed someone! And am working on Redux some! And omg someone help I'm going to drown in writing and I still have three modules of Latin left and *hyperventilates*.

I'll just be in the corner, shall I?

ETA: This is totally relevant to your interests (not really, but it is to mine :P). This line just came up in my nostalgia-travel fic.

Halfway through Arizona, Jared decides that getting two hotel rooms has gotten completely unneccesary. "It's not like we really use the second one," he points out, and though Anna squirms and Owen looks studiously out the window, they have to agree. 

"Now that that's settled, who has been eating all my Twinkies?" Katie demands.

I'll just be in the corner. Headdesking. Probably repeatedly.
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First there are facts. “The King died.” Then are plots. “The King died and the Queen died.” Then there are motives. “The King died and the Queen died of grief.” And then there is story. "The King died. The Queen lived."

Yes, I'm well aware that that is not how the original quote went, but that's how mine goes. Writing is a story of life, and the best ones are a celebration of life.

Anna's curled up against Katie in the back seat, iPod in her ears, when the car stops moving. She wakes up slowly, still yawning as she glances out the window.

"Jared." There is no response from the first seat but the slam of car doors, and she sits up straighter, grabbing a few of the nastier items littering the front seat with one hand as she cranks down her window with the other. "Jared, this isn't a hotel!" she calls out the window, dumping the trash into a plastic bag. Beside her Katie stirs and Anna sighs and opens the door, crossing barefoot to where Jared and Owen are standing in the sand on the edge of the road. "Jared," she begins again, but he grabs her wrist and pulls her forward.

"Oh, Anna, shut up and look," he says.

"It's the desert," she says, and he circles her with his arms and rests his chin on her hair.

"I know. Look," he says softly, and she obliges him. Beside her Owen is silent, and the only sound is the car door closing as Katie comes out to join them, eyes rimmed in mascara that's rubbed darker than she intended and hair tangled. Anna relaxes and leans back into Jared's arms. The night air is cold here, and he is warm and comforting. The desert is bigger than she had ever thought, and it is unsettling to look at. But she's unwilling to break the hush that's fallen over them, and there's an almost full moon (waning, she thinks, analytical as always) coloring the desert silver. Everything is completely silent for several minutes. She digs her toes into the sand and wishes she could take out a cigarette without disturbing Jared's arms.

"It looks like it goes on forever," Katie says finally, wide-eyed, and Anna smiles at her.

"Who knows? Maybe it does," she says, and Owen grins at her. She can feel Jared smile against her hair, and she turns around.
 "That doesn't mean I'm not exhausted," she says more practically, and Owen gives a sigh of exasperation.

"Sometimes I think you don't have a romantic bone in your body," he says.

"Ask Jared," Anna says with a wicked smile and heads back to the car, taking out a cigarette and lighting it as she opens the door and slides in, avoiding the view out her window. 
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Places my four road trippers are visiting.

Lincoln Park Zoo, in Chicago. There is a sign somewhere with the quote "Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has," by Margaret Mead. When my family visited it while my sister was in college at Wheaton, we all sat under the sign and looked very very serious.

The desert. Just the desert. Any part of it really. They may even try camping on it!

Las Vegas.

That statue they're building of Crazy Horse. They buy postcards and donate to the fund, even though Anna says that it's just another statue and in a couple hundred years people will be excavating it. That's what you get for having archaeologist parents, Jared proclaims, and drops in another five bucks. Anna scoffs and tilts her nose up in the air and insists it's just the truth.

Times Square.

The Golden Gate Bridge.

And many others. The thing I didn't realize when starting this fic was that it would involve research. ARGH. Oh well, I still want to write it. *hugs fic*
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church annoyances )


So. This started out as me just being nostalgic and then turned into me going 'what i don't even know what... what are you doing? no stop that COME BACK HERE ANNA!' as the characters just kind of ran off and became a little bit thinly-concealed college-baseball AU of Merlin/Narnia (the FMC is named Anna. >.< there is also a Katie and an Owain and a Lance (although to be perfectly fair he's based on one of the guy's on my brother's Harvard team, also named Lance and kind of sort of awesome). I am never escaping these people, am I?) and a little bit my family AU-ified and our adventures in Connecticut and Massachusetts and Florida with baseball and road trips (only, um, it decided not to do so much baseball except for when they drop by Lance so much as just ROAD TRIPPPPPP, but there will be baseball THEIR NEXT SUMMER, WOODEN BAT LEAGUE WHEEE). Look I just don't know, okay? (also, obviously last names are indeterminate and may be changed at a WHIM.)

Jared (5:12): lance we need you to come take photos before we go )

TBC when my room is cleannnnn.


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