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things I did tonight while avoiding an essay.

creatures with unknown gods
Supernatural. Castiel & Balthazar. PG. ~150 words. Title from the poem Waves.

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Rock climbing! OMG YAY. We've been going a lot the past few days. Also staying up really late, eating too much icecream, and watching lots and lots of House. (My mom is up in Virginia, has been since Friday. She gets back late tonight.)

ANYWAYS. Rock climbing! :D I'm really really thrilled because I've been kind of annoyed the past few times that I wasn't able to find a V2 to try, as I've finished all the V1's except for the upside-down one (I'm not so big on being upside down). But! They just redid a lot of the routes, so most of them aren't marked at all, which means I had to guess at difficulty. I finally picked one and started going for it, and I'm doing well! I've gotten to matching on the second-to-last move - I've just got to get the right hand up and then left hand over (ha. just.). I find it kind of hilarious how when I'm doing V1's most of the people are sort of casually helpful and the good ones mostly just ignore you, but once I started this one (which I'd say is at least a V2, poooossibly higher), the good guys are suddenly like "you have a hold there! come on you can do it!" and when you fall you realize THREE different guys were spotting you. One of which is the ridiculously good guy you've been envying for the past two weeks, and all three of whom are extremely good looking. Let me just say, rock climbing becomes even more awesome at that point. Yeah, yeah, shallow, but. :P

Oh yeah! Also I wrote my CasFest and turned it in. Finally.

Far From His Home
Supernatural. Castiel, over time. "I am not, as you say, a hammer." PG-13. Castiel, Anna, Gabriel, Jimmy, Dean. ~2,000 words.

At AO3. Original post at CastielFest.

Commenting at A03 is really easy. All they require is a name and an email address, or an account there. Or you can comment on these posts if you'd rather, I don't particularly mind.

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so I was just thinking about things like Casfest and how I am totally nervous about whether I can actually write Castiel well enough and then I realized that OMG IT IS [personal profile] whynot 's BIRTHDAY YAY! Happy birthdaaaaay, Lass! You are amazing! Not least of all for helping get together Casfest, that thing of beauty! FIRSTLY let me pimp Casfest for you.

[ profile] castielfest [ profile] castielfest [ profile] castielfest

SECONDLY have some fic! it is not much, but it is all yours. <333333333 You are FANTASTIC, okay?

us with our pilgrim hearts
Supernatural, Ben, Jesse, Claire, vague subtexty Ben/Jesse/Claire. 966 words. Title from Motel 1 by Allison Titus. For [personal profile] whynot /[ profile] lassiterfics .

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apparently I'm now writing SPN ficlets about where angels go when they die. or rather, the people who loved angels/vessels and how they have to wonder about it. yeah, I don't know either.

no stamps required
SPN/Narnia, Susan/Anna. 384 words.

Susan has taken to writing letters. )

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so today in English we finished watched Death of a Salesman, the one with Dustin Hoffman, a.k.a. the absurdly homoerotic one. I was pretty convinced that Biff was going to start making out with Happy any second now, and I was not the only one in my class to see it! others were kind of like '.... this family seems CLOSER than most.'

because I am just Like That, I naturally promptly wrote a snippet of fic while waiting to be picked up, and then a snippet of SPN fic, because tiny spoilers for SPN 4x16. must protect Meto and Winged! ).

(also I went shopping today, which was really fun. being girly can be quite nice!)

you were all I had
Death of a Salesman, 197 words, Biff/Happy. Title from this poem.

They don't buy a ranch. )

another path to carry her burdens
Supernatural, 287 words, OFC. title from this poem.

They bring your sister home with regretful faces and their caps in hands, a bullshit story of a car accident on their lips. )


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