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Oct. 25th, 2011 10:59 pm
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 I feel bad, I have been neglecting - um, everything?

I picked up a few people at the YJ friending meme! I feel like I should introduce myself, but I am really super bad at introductions. Um. Hi, I'm Betsy, I'm working in New Zealand for a year before college, I like reading and writing and music and watching things and LADIES and superheroes (and superhero ladies are double awesome) and politics in the sense of wanting to beat up all the politicians and do something myself and languages and silly things and RPing and Susan Pevensie. (You may think the last one is overly specific compared to the others. It is not. Susan Pevensie is the actual best. She is an entire category of awesome all by herself.)

NaNoWriMo is in five days! This is really exciting to me. I have been wanting to write and doing planning for writing a lot this past year, but I've been so fragmented in my actual writing, bits and pieces of things. NaNo makes me sit down and write a complete narrative, which is always a good and needed thing. HEY HEY HEY you should talk to me about NaNo, anyone else doing it or anyone who just wants to talk! 

Also Crossover Exchange (which I should get written this week if I am smart, which invariably I am not when it comes to deadlines), Yuletide when it comes around, and Festivids. 

some RL chatter! ) 

TV-wise, I have nothing but incoherent joy at Downton Abbey, even more incoherent joy for Young Justice (TEAM TEAM THIS TEAM OH MY GOD), an admission that I have GOT to catch up on Criminal Minds and Nikita, and a note that I've been watching a few episodes of Alpha and it seems quite interesting. But I am so open to discussing these shows, definitely.

And that is all I have for today! <3333 Love you guys!


Jan. 19th, 2011 06:08 pm
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+ still sick! but I'm pretty sure everyone is. :P

+ PRIMEVAL, OMG. This season is killer.

+ White Collar has returned! JOY, etc. And I just remain so pleased that though Neal and Peter are the main characters, they really utilize everyone they've got. Jones and Diana and Sara and Elizabeth aren't just tossed out. Which :D (P.S. LOLZ NEAL TRYING TO FIGHT.)

+ Nikita soon? Yes? I thought it was tomorrow, but I'm not seeing any place saying that. Maybe next week.

+ So they're adapting Being Human to America/Canada. I've watched about half the first season of the UK version and loved it (and then got busy and couldn't finish it).some of it spoilery )

+ The Cape is out - very classic superhero, etc. I'm watching for Summer Glau, but the story is interesting enough that I'm not pulling out anyways. At least not yet.

+ I have had my first and second day of classes, and seen all four. I think I'm going to enjoy them (well, not Statistics much, but I won't hate it). I already know one of my teachers is awesome, and the other three all seem very engaging and fun, and the subjects are ones I really like. So yay!

and lastly, this meme is going around again, and I can never resist it.

Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any or all of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, and possibly a short excerpt as well.

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 Nikita last night. OMG.

Never has my icon been more appropriate. 

argh midseason finales HELP. )

I need to flail, people!

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so I really haven't been updating, um, almost at all.


TV: I am keeping up on - uh, nothing? I kept up on Merlin! at least the last three weeks. and enjoyed the finale very much, while being amused at the weird mixing up of myths going on (as always). Sam and Kat have found Psych through my older brother and are devouring it, so I've seen random episodes of it while they're watching. It's really, really fun, and relaxing, though it totally hits my embarassment squick buttons all the time. some Glee, too, though I tend to skip loads of it and mostly watch the Kurt parts and the music.

my dad: came home tonight. He's exhausted and not feeling well, and I'm kind of unsure as to how this is going to work without us all feeling a deep desire to murder things, but at least he's out of the hospital.

college applications: in process.

other stuff: I'm doing puppeteering every night this week for this thing my church runs. my choir concert is this Sunday. finals are next week, but they shouldn't be that hard (not cumulative, yay!). Mostly I just want to get this school year and my applications done and turned in, and then watch TV for ... a REALLY LONG TIME. Law and Order: UK! (JAMIE AND FREEMAAAAAAA.) The Good Wife! (KALINDA.) Supernatural! (fairies, I hear!) Psych! the whole way through this time! The Event, which I am deeply behind on. .... that might be it. I can't remember. (OMG DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL SOOOOOON.)

other things I will be so happy to have more time for! the 3-sentence ficathon. :DDD GUUUUYS IT IS SO MUCH FUN and so low-key and stress relieving and beautiful. Come play with me!
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 BEFORE I GO TO BED (as it is 11:30 and I am going ROCK CLIMBING in the morning, wooo!):

spoileeeeers. (oh hey can I have River Song back now pleaaaaase?) )


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 1. L&O:UK last week was excellently done, SO GOOD in an artistic sense and Bamber gave a fantastic performance, and also it took a jackhammer to my triggers. but it was also sort of cathartic? I don't know if I can explain it.

2. awwwwww to SPN 6x02. I think I may be in the minority of my flist in that I am really enjoying S6 so far. it is sort of nuts, but I expect no less of my SPN! and we get Cas back next week, which is cool. :D

3. Z AND WYRM, IN EIGHT DAYS. <333 part of me cannot believe this is actually going to happen. :D

4. a friend of mine was pretty seriously ill these past few days - he hadn't been feeling good for a while, and then he went into the hospital and then it wasn't salmonella or e. coli like they thought and they were like TESTS and it was kind of crazy to get the news thirdhand, especially since someone was like "they are testing for cancer!". They finally found what it was, and it should be relatively easy to cure, so thank goodness for that. but yeah, that was not cool. 


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 have been seeing several negative SPN reactions?

I guess that makes sense - it has a really different feel than it used to. But I really enjoyed it. It wasn't an "OMG FANTASTIC" episode, but I felt like it was put together pretty well, made sense, and was true to their characters. Spoilers! )


Sep. 24th, 2010 02:11 pm
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First, the internet at my house has been being awful recently, so I may be pretty absent in the next several days. UGH UGH UGH so annoyiiiiing. 

So, TV stuff! 

The Event pilot. 
3/5? maybe a 4/5? )
Supernatural S6 premiere tonight! I look forward to watching it tomorrow. :D

What else? L&O has been back, though I have to wait another week for the episode all about Matt. (MATT <3333). I am hopeful that we will get a lot more this season about his fantastic boss Harriet, because I adore everything I've gotten about her so far. 


I think I have a new Show. )


Well, just 3. Cold War by emthiessen on LJ, a video around the Doctor Who S5 finale. GORGEOUS. "This is a cold war, do you know what you're fighting for?" You guys know how the finale gets me - this vid is all about WHY, I guess. 

I have not, in fact, abandoned SPN, despite my love for Nikita. Man With A Thousand Faces, a Gabriel vid. OH GABRIEL. Sometimes I just adore you. :(

When You Were Young, another Doctor Who S5 vid, because apparently when you put Doctor Who to The Killers I will fall over myself to watch it. Oh Amy&11! "We're burning down the highway skyline on the back of a hurricane that started turning when you were young." I LOVE THEM SOOOO.

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 Things I have been up to in RL - mailing in voting registration! going through stacks of college info! I have a list of 5 colleges I'm almost definitely applying to - Yale, Brown, Adelphi, Tulane, and U of C, which about fifteen other colleges I'm going to look through to bring that up to 8 total. 

Flist, you are fantastic, by the way. Out of the five colleges I am definitely applying to, my flist is either going to or knows people at four of them. I am like this \o/ at how amazing you are, and how kind and helpful. <33333

Also I am joining a rock climbing team most likely, as of tomorrow! So that'll be interesting. Hopefully with instruction and frequent guided practice I'll be able to start getting V3's, which would be fabulous. (I will also possibly be competing. Ack!)

Fannishly I am fairly quiet. I shall probably be signing up for the xover_exchange, and I have to finish my two help_pakistan projects (A;TLA fic and T:SCC vid), but other than that I won't be doing much. Watched the first episode of this season's Merlin and just couldn't get into it except for a few moments, which made me sad. I might keep trying, but I don't watch TV when it feels like a chore more than anything. 

On the other hand, L&O: UK has a new episode! Jamie Bamber and Freema Aygeman on my screen again was a delight, and the rest of the cast is pretty great too. The episode was kind of horrifying but also quite well done, and I enjoyed it a lot. Pity there's so little of it. :(

Off to do homework and SAT prep! Maybe I shall cook today too, if I can get it in before I go to Teen Court.

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 Hey guys! My NFE fic should be done tomorrow (Saturday at the latest). Obviously I can't give anything away, but could I get some offers for beta-ing? I'd like to have two different names to submit so if I can't do one of them I don't have to run around searching for a second one, since I'm going to be just scraping deadline as is. (How do I always end up doing this? Don't answer that. Rhetorical.)

In other news, DIANAAAA. NEAAAAL. JONES & PETER & EL and date night! White Collar frequently just makes me SO HAPPY. *flails*

I want to vid ALL THE THIIIINGS. White Collar's camera work is absolutely GORGEOUS. I've been getting episodes all day yesterday and today, and soon I will be ready to vid it up! Although it'll have to go on hold once help_pakistan bidding finishes. (It ends Saturday night, guys! You are missing out if you have not checked out what is being offered! It's pretty epic. :D)

ALSO rock climbing is epic and makes me so HAPPYYYYYYY.

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 Things that have been happening - me having alternatively a fantastic time and then freaking out quietly 'cuz of all the socialness. 

A lot of late night watching House with my dad, because my mom's been using the laptop a lot for her own work and so I have nothing to do late at night. 

Transcribing for my mom.

Far too much solitaire than is probably healthy.

A lot of Ultimate Frisbee and rock climbing (one or the other six days in a row last week!) 

Hey, I turn 18 in like two months! and my sister turns 21 in three days, and my other sister turns 16 in 3 months, and my younger brother turns 13 in three months too. All these significant birthdays! it's weird.

Rewatching the entire first season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles yesterday and today, mostly today due to the cranked-up-to-11 cramps I had. 

Uh, Teen Court yesterday, which was interesting.

How did it get to almost 12 again? Agh, I have to stop DOING this. Goodnight!

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Have hit a downslump in emotions, which. Well, was guaranteed to show up eventually, because it's been more or less nonstop around here since Mary and Aidan got here. Which is loads of fun! but I reallyyyy can't handle that much socializing and activity. So yesterday kind of sucked, in that after socializing through the morning I got home and just flipped out and spent a lot of time crying in my room and watching TV shows in an attempt to calm down. I quit White Collar halfway through because Neal said "There's no way it can go wrong!" and I really wasn't up to worrying about characters at all. I rewatched Sherlock, the Moffat one. It was a fun watch, just... fun, you know? I like that. 

Mary and I are worried about Esther and have been for a while, because seriously, if the way her potential in-laws treat her is bad, and I'm not all that keen on her boyfriend either. (Or their church! which, you know, they said she had to start attending before she could officially date Matt.) They've isolated her from most of her friends - Matt doesn't want to do anything with our family, or friends, and he gives her the silent treatment or just sulks when she does something without him. It's just... there are some really disturbing signs. 

I'm not really doing all that well today, either, really. Just. ugh. 

Okay, heading out. Mom's got the laptop again, she's been using it to do school things. But I'll get to snatch Esther's later, so that's good. 

akh;sldghs;dk so TIRED. Do you have something that would cheer me up? I would welcome it!

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A STEAMPUNK-ISH A:TLA SEQUEL WITH A WATERBENDER LADY AVATAR. plus a bonus interview in which the creators are like "... why not?" when asked why they decided to have a female avatar. and scoff at the notion that a male has to be the hero of an action show! and acknowledge their female fanbase OMG. (and there is already a friending meme! also shipping wank. OH FANDOM. how can you be made of such fail and such awesome all at once? *sigh*)

Guys, the television gods love me. As I said elsewhere, first I got Season 5 of DW, then I get this? IT IS LIKE A HUNDRED CHRISTMASES ALL AT ONCE. MAYBE MORE. 

2011 is going to be SUCH A GOOD TV YEAR. New season of Doctor Who! New season of Primeval! Avatar: The Legend of Korra! 

Watching White Collar 2x02. Instareaction!

Spoilers, naturally. )

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Am all caught up on Leverage for this season! OH OT3 OF JOY AND BEAUTY. <333333 breaking beer bottles! shooting jealous glances! calling each other "baby!"! (Elliott NOT MINDING.) being made of WIN and WONDERFUL and breath-taking AWESOME. yessss.

in other news, even Leverage has not been enough for me to do some really bad mood switching today. UGH. so now I'm going to watch some of Alice, because it makes me smile A LOT, and then I'm going to go to bed. and hopefully wake up at a reasonable time tomorrow. heh.

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 + played a good two hours of Ultimate Frisbee today, with a lot of old friends and a lot of people I didn't actually know but were cool. Feels great, but now I'm really exhausted.

+ Been watching Primeval the past few days, which I will admit I got into solely for the hot guys (so shallow, I know). It's good, though! Just so little of it. D: I really love them all, and the plot isn't that bad at all. (And it does a better job at ripping my heart out with character death's than Torchwood does - which is basically what it is -  Torchwood + Dinosaurs - Everyone Having Rampant Sex + Some Sense - Aliens = Primeval.) 

+ Bed. So tired. And Mom interrupted me just before I hit post to send me off to do some more chores. 
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Just. YES.

Thank you, Stephen Moffat and Team TARDIS and EVERYONE involved in this season! ("Gotcha.")

I cried. I have my perfect season. I can't even comprehend the thought that next season could be better, because. This SEASON. this FINALE. 
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RL things. )

so, Doctor Who 5x09 Cold Blood reaction post.

akshdgd NOOOO. )

*deep breaths* I attempted to self-therapeutize myself through vidding. The result is a 1:22 Rory vid that did absolutely nothing to make me at peace with it. It'll probably be up soon - it's rough, but I didn't make it for perfection. I'm reserving my perfectionist tendences for the Susan Pevensie vid I have been patiently working on for days now. No, it's not done yet. Almost, but I've got to get one last bit adjusted.

I've been planning to do one drabble every day this summer - most of the time I'll probably do round-up posts once a week, but today I'm just going to put it in this post.

just a nurse
Doctor Who. Amy/Rory, 137 words.

For one, he's a nurse. )

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Now playing only on Dreamwidth: Sixteen Pounds, Titanium (my Generation Kill meta/picspam/pimping post).

oh, last night's Criminal Minds! a thing of BEAUTY. Pitch-perfect character interaction, focus on the victims and their agency, Reid and Prentiss and Morgan being adorable, Garcia being <3333333333333333, Rossi dry and snarky, Hotch and his non-reassurances, JJ and how she still worries when parenting and children are involved. Criminal Minds is always good, but when it's at it's best it's like no time went by at all while you were watching it, and last night it was at it's best. (Prentiss and Reid gambling for pretzels and cheetos! omg adorable.)

you guys tonight is the second-to-last episode of Supernatural Season 5. *panicky eyes* I don't know how they're fixing this. but at least there is a Season 6! and the producers have sworn that they're wrapping up this plotline the way they always meant to, so I don't have to worry about plot decay.

and Saturday a new Who! in VENICE, with Rory and vampires! it's going to be fabulous.

Unfortunately, I won't get to see Doctor Who until Sunday. Friday afternoon my sister and I are driving down to St. Petersburg to visit a really close friend in college. She got engaged recently and she's moving out West to be with her fiance and switching colleges, so this may be one of the last times we see her for a while. D: but we're going to be staying overnight and coming back only late on Saturday.

on a last note, [personal profile] newredshoes asked "What ridiculous AU do YOU want?" to her f-list, and I immediately went "OMG GK BASEBALL AU" (of course! if only my dad realized what an influence baseball has been on my life, despite only playing one season of softball). I want it, guys. where is the baseball AU? must I write it myself? I do not have time! (Fact: if it's a team show, I want a baseball AU. I just want it much more desperately than normal for GK.)

maybe I just desperately want all kinds of crossovers and AU's? that's probably part of it.

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... it feels kind of weird to be referring to Recon Marines as adorable, but !!! THEY ARE. (omg Ray pointing to Brad and Brad doing the clapping for the song completely deadpan without even looking at him. <333 they are hilarious!)

things that are fascinating: [personal profile] eumelia 's theory on the Church + The Weeping Angels in 5x04 of Doctor Who. I mean, horrifying, but fascinating. ALSO that crazy spoiler for 5x08! interestiiiing.

so today in Psychology, we did the assignment given to us last week, which was split up in groups and present a skit to the class representing a psychological disorder, which the class would then guess. I got to a group late. They had already decided what they were doing. It was Bipolar Disorder. so today, because I was the only one in the group even remotely okay with acting in front of people, I got applauded for my very accurate depiction of a manic depressive, completely with someone saying "that was so bipolar!" it was kind of hilarious.


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