Nov. 30th, 2011 08:25 pm
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it is probably telling that it ended on my MC telling off and threatening the collective governments of earth for not being nearly good enough people and then going and destroying a facility experimenting on posthumans. and by destroying I mean completely and totally levelling it piece by piece after getting everyone out. 

It's not so much a coherent story as this wide, sprawling collection of things that are a big part of this universe I'm building around it, but I think it's a pretty fair amount of work for one month.

beta request, don't look if you're in crossover exchange )

lol hi

Nov. 5th, 2011 11:17 pm
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 I will feel better when the stats stop telling me I'll finish on Dec. 15th. Which they won't stop telling me until it's not true anymore. Which means I have to write... two thousand something words? Which I won't accomplish tonight. But if I make word count tonight, I'll only have like - 2500 words to write tomorrow!

I am finally achieving some sort of breakthrough, which is good, because if I don't have any inspiration for NaNo but have loads for my RP characters, guess who gets written and who doesn't? 


p.s. oh my god I have to catch up so I can start writing college application essays I hate those things. also I need to write and ask for recommendations. also one of our hostel girls came home from a party drunk tonight. thank goodness I wasn't on duty. (instead I am on tomorrow. and don't even get the hour more sleep in of the weekend because some girls have to be let out early. and I worked like three extra hours Friday. I'm being cranky ignore me.)

so! NANOING FLIST, how's your novels going?

REST OF FLIST, how's life? I.. haven't checked anything in like three days now. Oops.

will be posting this on Tumblr too feel free to ignore it.
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1) NaNoWriMo with a 70,000 word goal. (LADY SUPERHEROES.)
2) reapplying to UofC if I get up the courage to ask for new recommendation letters. :/
3) RPing with my most lovely Maxine Gibson and Alex Rider! SO MANY FEELINGS. 
4) Still watching too much TV. Especially TV that involves superheroes. Especially tiny teenage superheroes who just want to snark in peace.
5) Working. As normal. 
6) Trying to make sure two of my hostel girls remain okay. One of them has some sort of long-term illness that she has never gotten addressed and the other is almost constantly on the verge of a psychological meltdown and her parents are not helping.


GOOD NIGHT. NaNo starts in an hour but I need to be sleeping because I have to be awake at 6.30 again tomorrow. I SHALL BEGIN TOMORROW. someone teach me how to write action scenes in the interim like ten hours. while I'm sleeping and working. that would be great.

ETA: So within half an hour of posting this I had to call the dean of girls for the sick girl and she went to hospital fifteen minutes later. And I have a protective streak, and I like her, and I'm the one who took her to the hospital when she had pneumonia and I've been pushing her to get a doctor's appointment ever since to figure out what's wrong and I am worrying my head off for her.

hey flist!

Oct. 25th, 2011 10:59 pm
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 I feel bad, I have been neglecting - um, everything?

I picked up a few people at the YJ friending meme! I feel like I should introduce myself, but I am really super bad at introductions. Um. Hi, I'm Betsy, I'm working in New Zealand for a year before college, I like reading and writing and music and watching things and LADIES and superheroes (and superhero ladies are double awesome) and politics in the sense of wanting to beat up all the politicians and do something myself and languages and silly things and RPing and Susan Pevensie. (You may think the last one is overly specific compared to the others. It is not. Susan Pevensie is the actual best. She is an entire category of awesome all by herself.)

NaNoWriMo is in five days! This is really exciting to me. I have been wanting to write and doing planning for writing a lot this past year, but I've been so fragmented in my actual writing, bits and pieces of things. NaNo makes me sit down and write a complete narrative, which is always a good and needed thing. HEY HEY HEY you should talk to me about NaNo, anyone else doing it or anyone who just wants to talk! 

Also Crossover Exchange (which I should get written this week if I am smart, which invariably I am not when it comes to deadlines), Yuletide when it comes around, and Festivids. 

some RL chatter! ) 

TV-wise, I have nothing but incoherent joy at Downton Abbey, even more incoherent joy for Young Justice (TEAM TEAM THIS TEAM OH MY GOD), an admission that I have GOT to catch up on Criminal Minds and Nikita, and a note that I've been watching a few episodes of Alpha and it seems quite interesting. But I am so open to discussing these shows, definitely.

And that is all I have for today! <3333 Love you guys!


Oct. 14th, 2011 04:29 pm
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 in much lighter fare than I've been recently!

I'm doing NaNoWriMo again, as I do - well, every year. :P this year it is teenage superheroes and the dawn of the superhero age! I want to get to know my characters a bit better, so I'd like to do a meme thing with you guys if I can? 

Three options!
1)  Give me one, two, or three characters and a prompt. (Anything from one word to a song.) I'll write ... something. 
2) Ask my characters questions about themselves. Anything goes!
3) Anything else you think will help me build their characters. :P

The characters are:

Pavati, 18, protagonist and main character, just graduated high school and acquired superpowers. Not a very brave person, retiring, considers herself a follower, highly developed sense of responsibility and justice, pretty naive. 
Andrea, 18, protagonist, Pavati's best friend, also just graduated. A big fan of explosions, sarcasm, and a fiercely loyal friend.
Terry, 16, protagonist, about-to-be-a-senior-and-turn-17, just realized he's a mutant/posthuman, geeky, very anti-government, increasingly bitter about how his kind are being treated. 
Mr. Brown, age unknown (middle aged), antagonist, in charge of the squads responsible for bringing down and imprisoning dangerous posthumans. Paranoid about posthumans. Willing to go to extremes to keep them down.
Hana Saab, early 30's, mostly antagonist, commander of the squad sent after Pavati. Has her doubts about the methods being used. 

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Betsy rambles at Tumblr about how I Am Number Four could have been a way more interesting story with some crucial changes, and then gets wrought-up in general about sexism and racism in books/movies.

so I just watched I Am Number Four

first post )


"The sequel book is is called “The Power of Six” and has been out in the UK for a couple of months. You are aware that the film is based off the book by Pittacus Lore, right?"

Betsy still wants to smash things )


"Anonymous asked:
but the movie is based on a book, so we can't blame the movie for telling the wrong story-line

the book clearly told the wrong story too!

more explosions, guys. Who would pass up on MORE EXPLOSIONS. )

later post:

oh man guys I am being kind of serious and text-y today. uh, sorry?

problems! )

I would also like to add that I am fucking pissed that I live in a society that tries to tell me that because I am a woman it is weird that I like superheroes and action movies. (DOCTOR PEPPER I AM LOOKING AT YOU ASSHOLES) I think I just have a lot of rage today. most of the time I can acknowledge how fucked up society is without getting this angry about it. not today I guess. 

also I'm doing lady superheroes for NaNo! They will be awesome. :D


Nov. 29th, 2009 11:28 pm
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Last line: "Behind you, Anna smiles at the ceiling."

I'm kind of sniffling right now, because I saved the emotional high point of the story for the last scene to write, and I just wrote it for the last thousand words and it made me sad. *sniff* But I am also riding a complete high right now, so. wheeeeee!


(things to do before I'm fully back: English portfolio, College algebra project, FINISH THE BLOODY A.P. GOV. AND LATIN II CLASSES DEAR GOD. also, will be doing puppets every night this week except for Monday at a church Christmas thingie. but the crossover exchange is out to beta, so!)

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hi guys, this is just a short drop-by.

+ I have been reading my friends list, just not commenting on much of anything. time time time! I has none of it. sorry.

+ I kind of sort of really hate my period. cramps, I have plenty of.

+ nanowrimo is actually going pretty well. I'm still a little bit behind, but not by enough to actually be worried about, especially if I can get in 3K today (which, uh, I can, since I can write 1000 words in 15 minutes, consistently).

so yeah. I've been keeping an eye on the progress of those of you who are doing it, but I'm just curious - where is everyone? wordcount, how's the story going?

+ something is totally relevant to interests! I am writing, for my English class, a 1-1.5K paper on social interaction on the internet and how it can totally be good for teenagers and other such things. obviously, I'll be drawing on personal experience - I found a journal called 'Computers in Human Behavior' (!!!) which has several good articles, and I was wondering if any of you knew any good articles I could use. I'd ask for blog posts, but citing them would be... problematic. :P
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hello all, this is Betsy! I'm currently away from the LJ doing:

a) writing NaNo. *assorted screams and moans in the background*
b) reading the transcripts of/watching Stargate: Atlantis.
c) procrastinating in other ways.
d) having a nervous breakdown.
e) hiding from people.
f) ALL OF THE ABOVE. *manic eyes*

Be back later!
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My sincere congratulations, ladies, and good luck!

15325 / 50000 words. 31% done!

Still behind, but catching up! Off to neglect things more, work on school (I signed up for my spring classes today - General Psych, Human Bio, and Lit. and Comp.), and then write a lot hopefully.
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Just dropping a note - there's a campaign going on to raise money to donate classical books to schools in the Philippines who have lost many/all of their books due to the four typhoons that have hit them. The government is replacing schoolbooks but does not have the money to replace any other books. Just wanted to spread the word.

the icon, by the way, is completely appropriate to the research I'm doing for school right now. and I'm off to class! hopefully getting a few thousand words in tonight.

I hope everyone's November is going fabulously so far!

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oh hai guiz.

so, yeah, this is the obligatory 'IT'S NOVEMBER' post in which I tell you things you already know. like the fact that I'm crazy and am doing NaNoWriMo again this year and so will be extremely busy and will probably miss half your posts and/or forget to comment on them. sorry! I'll probably emerge from my cave in December, at which point I'm really hoping I'll not only have finished NaNo but three of my classes and the crossover exchange. so yeah.

in World View class on Friday, depression came up. I wanted so badly to be able to talk coherently about it and explain some things, because one of the girls was being an idiot about it, but my brain was too busy completely freaking to handle talking about it beyond telling her quietly "You are not qualified to deal with someone who is suicidally depressive. Make sure they get help." I want so much to be able to talk about these things in RL as well as online, but I just fall to pieces whenever I have to talk about it. I think mostly I was worried if I talked too much about it I would let personal details slip?
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SO! [livejournal.com profile] zempasuchil posted a link to you are here: the journal of creative geography (!!!!!!) which made me whimper with glee because CREATIVE GEOGRAPHY oh academia you can be so RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME SOMETIMES. ahkhdlgkhsdlkfjsdlg

but I am busy I CANNOT TRY TO WRITE FOR THIS JOURNAL NOOOO I have [livejournal.com profile] xover_exchange due in two months, and one of said months is NOVEMBER during which I am doing NANO (I got my prompt for the crossover exchange, btw, AND OMG YAAAAAAY I cannot give things away but I shall have LOADS AND LOADS of fun!) and then there's the SPN fic I've been writing off-and-on for a little bit with [livejournal.com profile] marycontraire 's birthday in mind (it's going to be late, but most everything from me is late these days D:) and well at least I finally finished that Susan fic and posted it! because the next three months there is going to be one hell of a lot of writing! NaNo = 50K, [livejournal.com profile] xover_exchange = at least 1.5K but considering what I want to write will be probably at least double that, the SPN fic is threatening to be long if I can't curtail it (but I don't really WANT to), and the imaginative geography thing if I do manage to get around to it (which I had better!) promises to be full of ridiculousness and squeeing and stuff. *headdesk* 

Happy two-days-after-your-birthday, [livejournal.com profile] marycontraire ! I'm sorry this is late, for some weird reason I thought your birthday was today (my brain is scattered). eventually there will be SPN girls-being-awesome fic for you! <333333333333 you're awesome!
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+ my library got in around 11 new Pratchett books. feast on those words. ELEVEN NEW PRATCHETT BOOKS THAT I HAVEN'T READ ASHKLGHDLFKDJGS. well, that's no longer true. I've already finished three of them - Jingo, Equal Rites, and Thief of Time, all three of which were FABULOUS. I now feel a great desire more of Susan Sto Helit, and thoroughly understand why so many people seem to adore her. she's fantastic! not to mention, my mom picked one of them up because she was certain she would disapprove, started reading, and got hooked! AHAHAHA. she picked up Going Postal, which I'd just brought home and haven't read yet, and was all 'how come I have never heard of him? he's hilarious! how did you find out?' :DDDDDD yayyy! I don't know how long her interest will last - probably until she finds out there are witches - but until then, hooray!

+ hahaha, TV this week was fabulous. more on Merlin... sometime later.

+ NaNo! NANO NANO NANO. in short, NaNo. :D I'm reworking my nostalgia novel into a story about revolution and magic and oppression and lots of geekery on language and philosophy and mythology and idealogy and who knows what else. it will be fun!

+ speaking of which, music! I went through my music and wrote down the songs that fit the story. so here's a... for lack of a better word... fanmix for my novel. heh. no download, but they're all available on songza.com

musiccccc )


Oct. 3rd, 2008 04:19 pm
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So this is my playlist for NaNo so far. It's going to be huge by the time this is over. O.o

Just click on popout player to get it if you can't see the whole thing.


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