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today was busy, and full, and I am tired, but I had biscuits and vegetable soup and I had made both of them, and that was very nice. and now I am going to do some dishes and sit and hopefully write and go to bed, while listening to BSG music and being completely and overwhelmingly in love with it, and missing Kara Thrace and Lee Adama and the Fighting Agathons and Tory-who-stayed-with-her-people and GAH. (omggg, you guys, the Adama family theme! it is like the embodiment of all the sad Scottish songs that I have sung, the last year my sister and I were in choir together, and in our last concert we sang to each other and I cried during Auld Lang Syne because my sister was horrible and LOOKED at me during the verse I'd told her reminds me of us so much and it is the ADAMAS, who are heartbreaking in every way, and also bent around Kara Thrace. GUYS. D:)

last night's SPN! spoilers! )

today's poem is by Richard Siken, who I love, and it starts out odd but you have to stick with it because it is absolutely amazing and it ends with a sucker punch that makes you want to re-read it again and again. The formatting is off, but you can see it in it's original formatting here as well.

Boot Theory by Richard Siken

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all kinds of things!

first things first, and out of the way. I am fabulous. doing well, controlling my mood swings (yesterday with the aid of horribly sad TV - don't ask how that works, but it totally does. catharsis or something.), and getting lots of work done. signed up for Remix, and cannot wait. have been writing quite a bit, including ~1K of sequel-ish Edmund/Ianto hijinks. Unfortunately for easy writing, Jack just had to go and add onto Ianto's already considerable abandonment/intimacy issues, which means I cannot write gratuitous kissing until I resolve said ~issues~. also, it is raining and generally being spring-like in FL, and it is FANTASTIC. I cannot get over how much I have missed the azaleas and the tall tiny purple flowers and the clover and SPRIIIING. so pretty!

NOW FOR RECCING. you guys, this could take a while.

Oh, fandom. You'll be the death of me yet. )

And now I'm going to go to sleep! WOOO.

EDIT: Fixed the link to the SGC training days story, thanks Mercury!
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(so, I think I'm mostly back! Finals next week, some A.P. Gov left, nothing in Latin but my final exam, and I'm done! OMG YAY.)

okay, so. remember the three-sentence ficathon that everyone at your f-list has probably been talking about. yeah.

this is a story in which [ profile] grim_lupine and I make our best efforts to expose the entire fiction world of characters to Edmund Pevensie, because everyone should Edmund. ("NEEDS MORE EDMUND." "What does?" "EVERYONE.")

a fabulous saga )

Other things I've written this ficathon.

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My life in bullet points! (the last week or so, that is)

+ Mary is home! Obviously, this is fabulous. With her she brings Esther, who actually makes an appearance now, many games of Catan, lots of music, carved wooden spoons, and a need for adventure approximately three continents wide.

+ I've done a fair bit of writing. One Narnia fic, finally almost finished What Images Return, wrote Holland and Cedric just being, and a little bit of Celia and Sebastian together in Canada.

+ I start college classes this week. I mean, I was already taking AP American Government, but my two dual-enrollment classes start tomorrow. And one of them is a math class. Oh, joy.

+ The past three Fridays, I have biked at least 5 miles.

+ Esther bought two mice! The school year has started, and since she is working in a Montessori school, her classroom has to have animals in it. So she got mice! I have named them Hermes (black with no tail) and Apollo (gray and bigger, definitely the dominate one) after Greek gods. Esther has said 'NO we are naming them sensible names!' but she hasn't come up with any yet and people are starting to call them Apollo and Hermes. Sooo. *snickers*

+ I'd forgotten how utterly AWESOME the Season 4 finale of Supernatural was, and now having seen the promos for Season 5 I'm really excited. Also, for Season 2 of Merlin! Did you know this will actually be the first time in my life I'm watching a TV show as it airs?

+ I didn't sleep last night. No, really. I never woke up that I can remember, and I remember really long periods of being wide awake and fully aware of it. Also? Really vivid periods of dreaming/daydreaming, in which my mind took BSG and completely rewrote it. I suppose it could have been dreaming, and I woke up and didn't realize it, but I got very, very little sleep at most last night. I have no idea why this happened, though I suspect the aspirin I took for the killer headache I had yesterday afternoon (must remember to ask mom to get Tylenol).

+ During this period of not being asleep, my mind decided it needed to fix BSG. That show was fabulous, but after Season 2 it was a lot of talk and very little interesting stuff happened. It was only fun when Kara and Lee were spotlighting, which wasn't often enough. Honestly. I wanted space battles and Kara/Lee, and tey couldn't even give me that for more than two seasons. Hmph. Anyways, the first thing my mind did was think about biological warfare, and then characters started interacting and I went 'HEY that's Lee! And Kara! Wha?' So basically, the reworking of BSG is that there are no human Cylons, so while the surprise was large the Cylons only destroyed approximately a half of the fleet and bombed a few cities. Working from the idea of computer viruses, the Cylons had managed to come up with a clumsily effective disease that they injected into a few test subjects, who then then let 'escape.' The disease spreads rapidly at first, wiping out several million people, until doctors are able to develop a cure. However, a few mutated strains remain persistently, and prove difficult to isolate and destroy. I wrote three scenes out in my head last night. This is not happening. I have Cedric and Holland Celia and Sebastian to attend to! I have Harper and Connor to watch over! I cannot be writing fanfic that would most likely end up at least novel length!

+ Well, I am participating in [ profile] autumnwrite, so you never know. It might get a little bit written. *headdesk*

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Stuff that isn't me whining!

1) the next Renesmee piece is considering killing me and taking over the world. It's currently clocking in at 2K, and I still need to go back, make sure Seth is mentioned, and it wants me to completely rewrite the ending and leave the Cullens out of it. Which, ugh. UGH.

2) So my mom is gone to Virginia for the weekend to see her parents and brother at the big family mansion they turned into a b&b, a place my dad is convinced God doesn't want us going near, hence making me worried he's going to freak out at anything and also the most responsible person in the house because so far my dad has suggested pizza, subs, watching the old Battlestar Galactica on a sort of marathon run, playing card games, and spent the rest of his time in his room not caring whether we're working or not.

3) If I do not get at least 2 Latin and 4 Government assignments turned in over today and tomorrow, I am so screwed.

4) Like said, I've been watching the old Battlestar Galactica because my dad likes it now, and it's kind of fascinating watching it and figuring out that 'hey, that's where they got so-and-so!' It's nowhere near as good, and there are nasty alien bug things all over, and honestly I sometimes want to punch the characters, but my basic reaction is still 'Oh, babies', and my excitement over characters I barely know is confuzzling my dad. Also, my really good guesses as to what's going to happen next. Hee.

5) My erasure, completely opposite to my narnia fic, is going surprisingly well! I've erased around a thousand words, maybe a little more, and am working on the rest now that Narnia is off to beta and I don't have to worry about it for a little bit more.

6) No, seriously. I have to turn in that Latin and Government. agh. need to work on it.

7) I completely overhauled my icons just a bit ago. It was lots of fun!

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mmm, hi guys

So, uh. I more or less abandoned LJ from last Friday to today (I checked my f-list every so often and left a few comments, but not nearly as many as I should have) because of three reasons.

a) almost all of Sunday I was cooking/eating a five-course Italian-themed meal with my sister Esther for the family (which has its precedents in our family - my sister Mary and I did a five-course French-themed meal once, and a few smaller meals).

b) massive meltdown this weekend, argh.

c) BATTLESTAR GALACTICA OMG. I watched ... way too much in much too little time. Season 1&2 Kara/Lee is my current happy place, honestly. With a little bit of Season 3&4 Kara/Lee, but then they are all screwed up in so many ways then (along with, well, EVERYONE ELSE. EVER.).

So, here's my reaction to the show, season-by-season. Um, spoilers-ahoy, of course. Rather short.

eeeeee! )

so yeah. I'm back! I don't think I missed anything momentous?


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