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 have been seeing several negative SPN reactions?

I guess that makes sense - it has a really different feel than it used to. But I really enjoyed it. It wasn't an "OMG FANTASTIC" episode, but I felt like it was put together pretty well, made sense, and was true to their characters. Also Lisa and Ben and new family and a LADY HUNTER. I am totally looking forward to how this goes, you guys. :D Especially with the Campbell's! I like the lady Campbell (whose name I didn't catch) - "yours or your wife's?" and that she likes a girly magazine. I like the silent Campbell cousin (whose name I also didn't catch). And I am so pleased to have Corin Nemec on my TV! I shall enjoy watching Christian. I reserve rights of judgement on grandpa, because I'm still sulking about him being resurrected and not Deanna. (DEANAAAAA.) Especially since he probably gets a special destiny. Lisa was great - I really like her, and that she genuinely likes Dean and that he's a great dad to Ben and that she's great. More Ben would have been great, because he is adorable.

Things I want: MORE LADIES, as always (oh SPN, when will you give them to me?). Teamwork! And Sam&Dean repairing their relationship (again). 


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