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 BEFORE I GO TO BED (as it is 11:30 and I am going ROCK CLIMBING in the morning, wooo!):

you GUYS, what is up, why is all of the fandom getting so upset about this? I know it is not a happy storyline, but we are getting resolution, fast, and Sera knows better than to not fix this quickly, or at least get it back on the right path. 

Besides, now that it's been acknowledged that something's wrong with Sam and that they're going to try to fix it, I'm totally on board with this season. It has been utter CRACK, but it is also delicious and fun crack mostly, with the exception of Sammy (SAMMYYYYY you guys I love him so much I just want him to be OKAY he's scared of himself and DEAN'S NOT HELPING HIM unless you count beating him down as helping him, which... yeah I don't) and Castiel's brief appearances (you know my feelings on war-torn souls and revolutions and angel brotherhood, yes? *sob*). So yeah! I am enjoying it so far. It is basically the same show it has always been - cracky, occasionally surprisingly earnest, and full of daddy issues, alcohol, and brotherly strife and angst. <333 but they vary up the crack and sometimes they drink different types of alcohol, so I'm all good. 

(While we're on the subject of booze, CAS POURING DEAN A DRINK. awwwww!) 

also I totally respect Lisa's stance on this. She's very insightful when it comes to Sam'n'Dean! She tried, okay. She TRIED, because she cares about Dean and she wanted to be able to keep at least some small part of him and because he was good to Ben and maybe she'd grown to love him. But the second he touched her son he was fucking out of there. I sincerely doubt she lets him back in ever again. 



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