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firstly, happiest of happy birthdays to Lass! I was going to post that, y'know, yesterday, but I didn't want to until the fic went up. <333333333333334569101 YOU ARE MY SUNSHIIIIIIINE, YOU MAKE ME HAPPYYYYYY WHEN SKIES ARE BLUUUUUE.

secondly, and this is kind of RL important - I need advice on buying a laptop. I don't like Macs, for starters. (I don't like working on them or their set-up style, and would need a really convincing argument to buy one.) I need a laptop that's good for graphics, is very sturdy, and as lightweight as I can get it. I want a pretty large screen, but I also need to be able to travel with it easily. I guess a 13" or 15"? And it needs to either have a lot of space on the harddrive or there needs to be an easy way for me to get more room to put stuff on. So - advice? What laptops have you found are really good? Which ones fail all the time? Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!

LASTLY AND ALSO TOTALLY IMPORTANT. This Sunday (EST) afternoon, probably starting around 2 but maybe later, I'm going to be rewatching all the Narnia movies. Timing depends somewhat on who else can be there when. I should definitely be around all afternoon anyways. I'll be on Skype and the NFFR chat rooms and Tumblr and Twitter and pretty much everywhere and would love company.

This brought on by me having a really bad headache Monday night and rewatching bits and pieces of all three movies, and continuing to do so today. (oh my god, how come the last bit of LWW always makes me cry? SO BEAUTIFUL, SO HAPPY, SO IN CONTROL and then it is all just STRIPPED AWAY FROM THEM LEWIS I HATE YOU FOREVER.) like - I don't even want to fic, there are too many feelings to fic them. TOO MANY FEELINGS. ALL I KNOW IS FLAIL AND SQUEE. 

as reference, here are the Tumblr posts I made:

so I have a horrible headache
Posted on Monday, 16 May
and I’m watching Narnia to feel better (I know, I know, lol Betsy why so predictable but seriously their precious faces are so cheering).

and I would just like to re-observe that the looks Edmund gives Caspian are very, very ‘come hither’. and flirty. or ‘I am so proud of my boyfriend!’ or ‘oh my god I would hit that like lightning’. and then occasionally he just hangs out on Caspian’s balcony looking suggestive and clearly being impatient with Caspian looking at the swords instead of his really-super-seductive pose. and woooow the hug at the end.

Edmund, you are so subtle about your feelings.

and then Caspian looks at Edmund and Lucy both like he would just like to make out with them. A LOT. like all the time this is how he looks at them, when he is not busy trying to impress them. or that one time at the Glasswater when he obviously just wants to throw Edmund up against a wall.

which leads me to the obvious conclusion that actually the entire trip was just a diversion and Edmund and Caspian and Lucy spent it all making out. or other stuff.

you know.

guys I am so intelligent when headache-d, amirite?

*falls over*
tagged: skandar keynes' face (thank god we are both legal now), people who are so in love it's hilarious, narnia, fandom, text

still watching Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Posted on Monday, 16 May
also can I just note that basically all of the battle with the serpent thingy is Edmund throwing himself off stuff or daring the dragon to eat him while everyone else alternately goes ‘yay Edmund go you!’ and ‘holy shit stop being such a dumbass and get out of it’s way!’

there is also Lucy with Susan’s bow (AWESOME) and Caspian tackling his boyfriend out of the way because Edmund apparently doesn’t know how to move anymore.

lolol guys I love this movie.
tagged: edmund pevensie enjoys leaping off of tall things, lucy gets so many points for being smart enough to remember they have a MAGIC BOW on board, once a fangirl of narnia always a fangirl of narnia, narnia, fandom, text

Posted on Monday, 16 May
seriously Edmund stop daring sea serpents to kill you

your sister and boyfriend are really angry at you about that

(… I have reached the level of trying to pat their heads through the screen. okay Betsy, time for bed.)
tagged: edmund pevensie enjoys leaping off of tall things, and daring sea serpents to kill him, multiple times, it's his thing okay it is totally awesome!, once a fangirl of narnia always a fangirl of narnia

and then grim_lupine and I yelled back and forth at each other about our FEELINGS and how much we love these people omg omg omg.

and then I kept rewatching bits and pieces of the movies, all hearts in eyes and stuff.



(rewatching VotDT again: nnnnnnnngh boys in chains why is this cast so pretty.)

Also Doctor Who this week was spectacular. Oh, Gaiman. Thank you. I do not like all your stuff, but you did well. 


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