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i just finished mass effect 3

nothing will ever be okay again oh my god this gaaaame this trilogy i can't

my heart hurts so much and it was all so beautiful, seriously. 

hello my spring break has been going pretty well! apart from finishing mass effect today kind of sucked because i had a really bad migraine all day but all in all my upped dose has been going well and i've had a lot of time to myself and to hang out with a couple friends and to play me3 and rp and sleep, and hopefully this next quarter will be a lot easier!

how are you guys? 

who wants to talk mass effect!

Date: 2013-03-30 06:34 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] freudiancascade
Yes please, let's talk Mass Effect! :D Pfft, like Twitter squee-fests haven't been enough - heh, where do you want to start?

Date: 2013-03-30 07:02 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] freudiancascade
Okay, so, now that I'm done incoherently keysmashing about how BEAUTIFUL that was, can I agree a thousand times yes?

I don't think I could ever play Mass Effect with a Shepard that is not a woman.

Her body is a weapon and she uses it without mercy when to do otherwise would mean death, and she pushes herself past all human bounds of endurance (the walk to the beam, her armour flaking off in chunks along with the surface of her skin, all ash), and the physicality of her is, on the most basic of levels, what keeps her alive. She fights because she is breathing; she is breathing because she fights. Shepard is not a chaste saviour - she bleeds, she fights, she loves, she lives. She is real and her miracles are all grounded in the dust on her armour, in the scars on her face, in the grooves her fingertips have worn against the trigger of her favorite gun.

But her most important actions, the ones that will echo through generations, come not from the pull of her fingers against the trigger but from the slipping of words, syllables, sounds from her lips, and sound is just energy, words are just disturbances in the air. Choices are invisible.

She is not a weapon to be used in the traditional ways but a living, breathing woman. She was born not to start wars, but end them; she has learned not to light fires without reason, but to understand how rapidly they will burn, how much oxygen they will consume. And if adding fuel to it now will save a section of the forest later, then it must be done; if walking away from her falling homeworld will give it a chance, she will do it. Garrus spoke of the arithmetic of war, but that's not quite right. For Shepard, it is never so cold.

PS. I literally stared at this for AGES, went "rawrg" at Winged a little bit, and then finally got to typing. I am uncovering Shepard feels I never knew I had AND I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY.

Date: 2013-03-30 07:58 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] freudiancascade
Oh no, I try not to think about Thane because that line about the ocean kills me.

He's dying because he's adapted to the desert, and so water in the air is tearing apart his lungs. Yet his prayers are for the sea.

Shepard will kill herself for the sake of this war - she's torn up every part of herself that is not geared towards the fight, stripping the redundant parts away like tuning a machine. What she allows to survive is not a woman who knows how to sit still, not a woman who knows how to be calm, how to be anywhere but inside the hurricane. She is always dancing around the eye of the storm, close to the center but never quite still. Her body, her thoughts, her actions and her choices: all of her is beautiful kinetic MOTION. She IS momentum, the pebble that triggered a rockslide, the drop that introduced salt to the ocean. She doesn't know how to not be what she has become, and that's killing her, and she knows it, but she also knows there's no other way for it to end.

Yet if she prays, it is for peace. If she looks to the sky it is not to see war, but to fall in love with the stars all over again. Because they may revolve too quickly for the eye to catch, for anything but a machine to measure, but if you're far enough to see them sparkle studded in the fabric of the sky, well -

- they're completely and utterly still.

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Date: 2013-03-30 10:17 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] freudiancascade
oh no just feelings

Uncovering a whole wealth of Shepard feelings I never knew I had! I love the image of her and Garrus sitting on a beach in Rio, both drinking something strong and overly sweet (because the war is over so they went with the bartender's recommendation of some fruity little mixer that neither of them would have ever ordered alone). It will never come to pass - Shepard wasn't made for times of peace.

It's that simple, and that final.

She always knew how it would end, but until then, she pretended she didn't. Her people needed their Shepard, they needed to have faith and hope and a thousand other things she came against her will to symbolize. Only when it didn't matter - when Thane needed reassurance he would not die alone - did she let that facade slip. She always knew.

I would suggest changing the topic to Legion and EDI and the beauty of becoming a person, a living thinking feeling (oh god discovering how to feel in a time of war, in a time of pain, on the edge of losing everything they've just learned how to love, and oh god, the realization that it's worth it all the same), but I think that would almost be worse!
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Date: 2013-03-30 07:02 am (UTC)
goodbyebird: Tali'Zorah vas Neema from the Mass Effect games (ME I am clan Zorah)
From: [personal profile] goodbyebird
Gods yes MASS EFFECT. If you want some deep thinkies, try [personal profile] beccatoria's posts, very good meta! I also think the Hulk Filmcritic wrote a piece on it a while back, which I liked muchly.

Date: 2013-03-30 08:19 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] goodbyebird
She's one of my favorite vidders for a reason :)

I plan on replaying Mass Effect this Summer. Just gotta figure out how to restart with the same character design. I tried with a new character and it was just weird and threw me out of the game. I want my Shepard.

Date: 2013-03-30 05:28 pm (UTC)
beccatoria: (commander space jesus)
From: [personal profile] beccatoria
You can just reimport your character into the same game. Like, start up Mass Effect 1, and choose "import character" and you can pick your Mass Effect 1 save from the last time you played with her. You get to keep all your levels, etc. too. (I think the idea being you up the difficulty, but, AHAHAHAHAHA, Game, I only just about managed to play you on normal and that was the third time I did you.)

Date: 2013-03-30 09:41 pm (UTC)
goodbyebird: Battlestar Galactica: Six in silhouette, wearing her trademark red dress. (BSG then the devil is six)
From: [personal profile] goodbyebird
Ooh shiny! I kind of wish I could import and reset the skills tho. But since I want to play at the highest difficulty setting, it might be a good thing if I can't hehe. I really do want to improve at first shooter games, so I can start playing the war games online with my brother/friends, and ME is hella more appealing as a learning tool than some straight-forward war game where you gun everybody down with no emotional stakes in the game. Also I didn't do all the side-quests in the first game so I'll have new stuff waiting for me yay :D new content should make up for the emotional trauma of fighting swarms of husks on hard, y/y?

Have there been any new DLCs btw? (not the extended ending one, steering clear there)

Date: 2013-03-30 10:58 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] beccatoria
Playing it on HARD?! My hero. Maybe one day I'll get there, but, um, at the moment I'm just dealing with normal after having previously put it on casual like a wimp. I'll be honest I find online gaming kinda intimidating, though less so, I guess, if it's with friends? I did used to have a great time playing multiplayer PSP with my husband and our best friend over a local wireless network.

As to the rest, I think in ME2 and ME3 you can visit something in the medbay and reset your skills/reskill for a small financial or experience fee? I only vaguely remember cus I didn't do it. But I think it just resets everything to zero and gives you an equivalent amount of points to spend, so you could then choose not to spend them until you wanted to. But also, if you're just concerned about getting the same face, again, certainly in ME2 and ME3, and possibly also in ME1, you can get your character's "face code" (it's something you can look up in the "make your face" screen. So you could reimport your character "just" to look up her face code), and then I think you can enter that instead of going through the character creation screen? Um, sorry for half-information here, I'm not totally sure about what I'm saying...

But yes! DLCs! There have been! First off, you aren't going with the extended cut? I...that's just *clings to you* I get why people like it, I do, and there are even a few gorgeous moments, but in general, I's an apology, it's a retraction, it's a beautiful lie and its existence breaks my heart (as well as a few of their weirder, more specific, retractions/apologies). So I just...thank you.

Other DLCs though! There are three - Leviathan. This is a plotty investigation where you go looking for "Leviathan" - rumoured to kill a Reaper. It's got lots of secrets on the origins of the Reapers, and a little more information on the Catalyst/AI. It's partially awesome, partially a little "too much behind the curtain," but it has a good sense of atmosphere and variety of action, and you can get a screaming skull for your cabin, so I'm in favour of it on balance, though I think it plays best later in the game. It's 800 Microsoft Points.

Omega is basically where you team up with Aria and take back Omega! You can't take your squad with you, though, probably cus of the cost of getting Carrie-Anne Moss to do all the Aria voicework. The criticism of it is that it's basically one giant fight (albeit in a variety of locations within Omega with varying goals) and even if it's long, it's overpriced at 1200 Microsoft Points. Which basically I agree with, it is overpriced, but I'm kind of accepting of it because this game owns my soul and it's the only game I buy all the DLC for, so, whatever. I basically had fun because it was hours of getting to have Aria on my team snarking at everyone, and occasionally watching her interplay with her snarky, Turian ex-girlfriend who you also get for your team. But it's not groundbreaking in terms of plot or anything.

Finally, there's Citadel. It's the last DLC and is also 1200 Microsoft Points. But this time it's totally worth it and if you can only get one DLC, I'd get this one. It's a campy, crazy conspiracy adventure on the Citadel, with a whole new set of locations based around a sort of "Casino Strip" area of the Citadel. There's on-the-run with no armour stuff, undercover Casino stuff, giant everyone-on-deck fights through the Council Archives stuff, and even fighting on the Normandy! It's...fanservice in the best tradition - loving and indulgent but not icky. And it somehow manages to use the chief villain to hang just enough of a lantern on the "we're the big damn heroes!" cliches that the adventure throws out and mocks, that it all hangs together. It's over the top and ridiculous and fun, but also manages to make sense. Plus...okay I don't want to spoil it for you, but let's just say Traynor steals the best moment of the entire thing. And WREX is back as a squadmate!

But the reason it's worth so much money is that afterwards, you get to keep a giant apartment that you can decorate (to a minimal degree), you get to throw a party for all your friends (with HILARIOUS interactions and including your whole ME2 party), you get a ton of additional cutscenes with all your comrades, including the ME2 guys, like...probably 20 extra hanging out custcenes trigger in all. There are also a TON of minigames and stuff down in the Casino Strip area, including a whole combat simulator where you can become the Arena Champion (and a mini quest investigating glitches), and get all your squadmates (from ALL the games I think, or at least most of them) back as teammates for the simulated fights.

So yeah, Citadel is great, Omega is great if you love Aria, Leviathan is creepy and cool, 90% solid, interesting information about the Reapers and the overarching plot and 10%, "Eh...did you need to say that/ruin that reveal/did you actually mean that?"

Date: 2013-04-05 06:22 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] goodbyebird
Your hero might need therapy after its all said and done. But I certainly will try! I've actually played the first DLC package, it came out when I was nearing the end of ME3. The reviews said it had a bit of an info/spoiler-dump, so I finished first and then went back and played it from an earlier save :D

OMG that third one sounds priceless though! I want it so bad. I now have the most excellent of carrots for playing through the games again, so I can have party fun times :D but also, TALIA I WILL SAVE YOU I WILL SAVE YOUR PEOPLE AND THERE WILL BE SUNSHINE AND PUPPIES.

Also they got Carrie Ann-Moss? Cool cool cool. Thinking I'll wind up getting both of these. They sound awesome. Thanks so much for the write-up <3

Date: 2013-03-31 04:14 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] goodbyebird
I figure if I throw myself into the deep end I gotta learn how to swim. It's probably going to take me ages, but I'm playing Shepard; Shepard's life isn't supposed to be easy ;)

Date: 2013-03-30 03:49 pm (UTC)
beccatoria: (commander space jesus)
From: [personal profile] beccatoria

And aaaah, every time I find someone who finishes this game and sees the beauty and the completeness and the wonder of it I feel so overwhlemed with gratitude and kinship because so many people just didn't. And I literally don't understand how that could have happened because it was wonderful, to me, on a level that made me want to run up to strangers on the street and scream at them, Degrasse-Tyson style, HAVE YOU HEARD THIS?!

It's also odd because I have...there's Shepard in my mind, my Shepard, who did this, and didn't do that. But then there are other ways the story plays out too, and there's this element...there's always this core of who Shepard is even in those variations, and the existence of those variables, powerful, subliminal, they make the story more important and more true. I'm not sure how I feel, in general, about branching narratives. There's a power to a definitive tale.

But I have a Shepard who was true and heroic, a war hero, the daughter of a soldier, loved by her mother. She was sure of herself and her love and her choices and never begrudged trying to live up to her own legend because it made her strive to be better, to do more, to save more people, to spare more pain. She loved Liara fearlessly and honestly and singularly; she was the one person who made her want to be that swaggering hero to impress a girl, not just to talk down a terrorist. She loved Tali with the fierce protectiveness of an older sister, and, later, after learning about Tali's father's failures, as a parent herself. She understood that idealism was sometimes misguided, but acted on it anyway, because cynicism was worse. By the time the death of her civilisation became inevitable (because even after you save it, it is changed, it is forever, forever changed), she was filled more with sorrow than exhaustion, her sober choices forged from a quiet determination to be as kind as possible in the time she had left, because either she'd find a way to die to save the world or she wouldn't, and it was likely nothing else mattered. When she finally threw herself into that beam of light, she realised how beautiful and terrifying new world would be. She felt sad, for a moment, that she'd never get to see it. And then the light was taking her, and she was creating the future, and she was free.

But I have another Shepard, who was abandoned as an infant and grew up in gangs, who fought her way to a better life in the military, only to lose her entire unit and then be given a medal for surviving. Just for surviving. She's quieter, more introspective, more prone to neutral answers and pragmatic (though never cruel) choices, because she's keenly aware that she might screw up, that she hasn't actually earned the trust people have put in her. But it's not her way to complain, so she does the best she can, because...she wants to be worth that.

She loved Liara like a sister from the moment she heard she was abandoned by her Dad, too. Tali was the best friend she got into and then pulled out of so much trouble. It hurt her more than she was expecting, when Kaidan turned away from her on Horizon, and she found herself drawn to Thane - his solemnity, his silence, even the inevitable brevity of their place in each others' lives - because it resonated with that orphaned, survivor's lesson; everyone will leave somehow. At least this way she understood when and how and why. As the war pulled her universe apart, her overwhelming feeling was frustration, pain she couldn't fix it; she should be good enough to fix it. She tried not to think too often about whether she only returned to Kaidan's arms because he was there. But when she curled her fists around the machinery in the heart of the Crucible, and felt the electric currents burn away her body and claim her mind, it was Thane she thought of, and how sad it was that she would never, now, meet him beyond the sea. Surviving when anyone else would die, even when she didn't want to, was always her trick, after all. Finally, finally, she had done something good enough. She saved them. She saved every single one.

And I just...they're so different, and I have this one unified ideal of Commander Shepard, but it relies on these diverse things, these aspects of all my experience, that are sometimes contradictory. Like, I don't understand how a Shepard can ever not be in love with Thane. But I also don't understand how a Shepard can have anything other than an epic space romance with Liara. Shepard is optimistic and powerful and claims her heroic legacy and it was also thrust upon her and she struggles to be worth it. Shepard overcomes the odds in impossible situations, and Shepard fails, sometimes in those same situations and has to live with the fallout. I just...aaaaah, it's the first time I've really fell this much in love with a character in a branching narrative, and it's fascinating.

And that's without even getting into the fact that, despite all the things that are variable, there are these wonderful, thematic questions that run all through the series, and like, the places where there's clear authorial intent versus the places where you're supposed to be using your ability to interact with the environment and characters to form opinions and positions is fascinating. THIS, THIS is what video games can do, like, as a medium.


I need to stop talking though, or I never will. ♥


Date: 2013-04-01 10:38 pm (UTC)
beccatoria: (commander space jesus)
From: [personal profile] beccatoria
Aaah, dude, I wouldn't have minded - late comments about stuff that's awesome are the best. :D

As to the Extended Cut, if you're just looking to see the differences, you're probably better off watching a YouTube playthrough with the original ending. Reason is, uninstalling it should be easy (at least on XBox, you just look at your hard drive, find it, and delete it), but the problem is that any saves you make are like...entangled with any DLCs installed, so you need to have those same DLCs installed to reload it (it doesn't work the other way; you can ADD DLC with no problem, just once you have it, you can't "go back"). So if you uninstalled the EC, you couldn't use any of your saves until you reinstalled it - you'd have to play through the WHOLE GAME to see the ending again.

As you might have gathered from other comments/posts I'm not a fan, but don't let my rabid purism influence you! ;) About 50% of my dislike is based on the parts of the EC I can't see without thinking of the fan reaction that spawned them anyway which, mercifully, won't be an issue for you!

To give you the cliff's notes version, or perhaps just to prepare you for the insane barrage that will hit you if you ever dare utter, "but it was always going to end in sacrifice!" in most mainstream locations, you'll get a lot of people arguing that it wasn't the sacrifice so much as the fact they believe the whole ending betrayed the "themes" of the series. I'm...not really sure either - I think a lot of people missed the technological themes in favour of believing it was a space shooter. I know I was genuinely surprised to see a lot of people opine that "beating the odds!" was the overriding message of the series, so I think a lot of people really did see it more as a Hollywood style space opera shooter than a scifi epic, which makes me kinda sad.

I think probably a lot of people would have been kind of all right with a Shepard death that fit more into that Hollywood oeuvre, you know, like, Gladiator or something. But ultimately, that'd still be about resentment towards the ending for not fitting into that moral framework in the first place. :/

I'm still just...awed and depressed simultaneously by the sheer force and volume of the portion of the fanbase that set about on a crusade to prove that if you chose anything other than the Destroy option at the end, you were personally morally suspect. It was all just...very sad. So um, my point is, yeah, caution with regards to the wider fandom is very, very wise.

and I love how many decisions you have to make without all the information and just

UGH I KNOW. And can I just say that's like, one of my favourite things about the ending? Is how you have this choice, this impossible, enormous choice, and you have to make it without enough information and without enough time and without being able to know, exactly, what will happen because of it? But the ships are dying above you - you can see them - another one every second. And there's no one else there to ask, no one to check with. There's just you. And every single choice you can make - including nothing - will affect every living being in the galaxy.


And now I've filled too much of this comment up on technical information, and sadness about the ending instead of the beautiful, shifting creature that is Shepard. So to make up for it, have an article -

- all about her mythic, many-faced existence; how she exists in the way characters existed in the songs of bards.

Date: 2013-04-02 09:50 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] prosodi
I don't have nearly as much time to sit down and type out what I've been meaning to type out in response tot his before work, but I wanted to get the ball rolling anyway because I've been drowning in Mass Effect feelings and wanting to touch this post since the weekend and can NO LONGER STOP MYSELF SO WHATEVER. DOIN' IT.

Which is to say oh my god I love everyone here and can we please talk about Shepard forever and the sheer beauty in how ME3 essentially acts as one massive love letter to the choices you make. And by love letter I mean terrible, perfect, infinitely tragic but ultimately complete and rewarding experience that is an of itself an act of stripping away. Of paring down. Of reigning in focus so that eveything that matters, all that ever mattered, was Shepard. Was how she shaped the universe. Was how the small choices she made elevated her to something beyond humanity (part figurehead, part real savior) while at once whittling her down to the basest elements of what it means to be one. And how while ME2 may be about exploring the greater reach of the universe and all the frightening and wonderful things in it, ME3 is a series of goodbyes. To Mordin. To Thane. To the galaxy Shepard knew and fought for and the beginning of something better that she won't live to see but the beginnings of. And how at the end, you say goodbye to the Normandy and to your crew and to your squad and to Anderson until nothing is left but Shepard and she's the only thing that matters.

(Reason #432535 why I don't care for the EC is how that narrative kind of gets interrupted at points, but whatever that's mostly a different topic alltogether.)


Date: 2013-04-05 06:13 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] prosodi
I LOVE THAT THERE'S A SENSE OF COMPLETE DISCONNECT BY THE TIME YOU'RE TALKING TO THE STARCHILD OR WHATEVER THE FUCK PEOPLE ARE CALLING THAT AI ON THE CITADEL. Because yes, it doesn't matter. Because Shepard can't know and neither can we but you have to draw the lines yourself and hope that a difference was made. That something changed. That jumping into that beam doesn't corrupt everything. That destroying all synthetic life doesn't radically cripple every society in the galaxy. That controlling the reapers isn't all a ruse.

And on that note how much of Shepard's journey is about faith in a universe where gods are almost non-existent, either torn down (Liara had so much love for the Protheans but in the end they're ash and dust or one lonely solitary creature who is too filled with the need for revenge to be anything but painfully mortal) or abstract to all by a few (and again, how Thane is just such a concise, gorgeous mirror/foil/whatever to Shepard's hero's journey).

AND YES. YES. OH MY GOD THROWS THINGS BECAUSE FANDOM GET OUT. YOU SEE IT IN THANE'S DEATH SCENE - THE WAY HE PRIORITIZES SHEPARD'S NEEDS OVER HIS OWN EVERY TIME. HE'S DYING AND WOULD RATHER PRAY THAT HER HAND BE GUIDED AND HER PATH HOME A SAFE ONE, WHEREVER THAT HOME MIGHT BE. Because faith. Because he has to think she'll do better, but also is aware of how... Shepard isn't impenetrable. She may be armored, but he better than anyone knows how to find the gaps in that. Knows that she is vulnerable and doesn't want to be the one to put yet another knife between her ribs.


Date: 2013-04-06 08:58 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] prosodi
It's such a gorgeous, wonderful, scarily beautiful idea: gods and monsters and men, how mortals arm themselves to fight things that are bigger than they are and how they always have but ultimately the only way to fight ideas bigger than yourself is to become so equally removed. Because men don't kill gods, but heroes do and as deeply flawed as Shepard is (she is blunt and often impatient, she loves fiercely when it would be better to let go) that's what she has to become: give herself up to a purpose greater than herself. And just the element of using things proto-gods left behind to achieve flight is so strange and wonderful: the Asari uncovering Prothean technology and how mortal creatures using the tools not meant for them as the door which leads toward their own decay. And how then do you harness that without it destroying you and-- incoherent sounds.

And god I literally was driving to work yesterday and listening to the soundtrack (BECAUSE I HATE MYSELF APPARENTLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME) and suddenly overcome by a wave of EDI and Joker feelings because yes, god. The transhumanism aspects of the series seriously get to me. Between EDI and Joker and Legion and the utter goddamn tragedy of Legion (every possible outcome to Rannoch literally ruins me for a multitude of reasons, but achieving peace between the Geth and Quarians - Legion disseminating for the sake of earning a sense of individuality? And how that parallels Shepard, everything of her crumbling away into a multitude of unrecognizable pieces as she submits herself to whatever choice you make up there on the surreal, impossible deck of the catalyst? KILL. ME.), I honestly don't even really know what to do with myself.

and I don't think he was actually any more at peace with his own death but he cared more about her and any small peace of mind he could give her than his own worries because it doesn't matter what he feels, he will die regardless, what matters is what he can do for her before that moment.


One day someone is going to write a very polished, beautiful paper about Mass Effect that somehow addresses All Of My Feelings, but I will never be that person because pretty much all I can do is /INCOHERENT KEYSMASHING

Date: 2013-04-09 07:16 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] prosodi

(Real talk where are the podcasts and "video game journalism" websites that are all about examining gaming from a literary critique standpoint? I wish to know so I can a) listen and or read them and b) work for them. If they don't exist, who do I talk with to make that happen???? Like the only way to illuminate how important story is in particular media is to start to pick it apart and examine it on a rock solid level that visible to developers and oh my god it's such an exciting medium and I want that to be a thing runs howling into the night

Okay I'm ending this parenthetical now--)

Also I wish to hear ALL OF YOUR THANE FEELINGS because me. Me too. I have so many feelings it's frankly gross.

God and I love how ME2 brings in all these ideas of humanity (and I use that term loosely in a way that I hope incorporates the myriad of alien life in the series as well - I'd say human experience but that's kind of equally flawed when applied here) and the concept of stripping away and acknowledging vulnerability to effect change and achieve a kind of other worldliness. Shepard does it. Thane does it. Samara goddamn does it oh my god my heart for Samara, who is more Justicar than woman while equally and thoroughly a mother who wishes the best for her children even when the best she knows how to give is to denounce them to their face and violently -- there's no sentiment in her hand at Morinth's throat and there's none of it later either.

And Liara, sweet Liara who is such a child in ME1 and who loses her mother if she ever had one to begin with, who creates a new place for herself even if that place is-- information isn't a clean business, and she's so much sharper two years later. Or how-- and I know this is a total fluke and probably something all of .01% of players had happen but OH MY GOD LIARA SHOT AN UNLOYAL KAIDEN FOR ME IN ME3 WHEN SHEPARD COULDN'T AND OH MY GOD LIARAAAA CLAWS AT MY FACE

I'm not even sure what point I was trying to make there beyond 'Mass Effect. It's good. I have emotions. A lot of them. About everyone.'

Date: 2013-04-16 04:53 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] prosodi
I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO RESPOND TO THIS WHEN I ACTUALLY HAD REAL COHERENT THOUGHTS TO CONTRIBUTE but let's be real that's obviously not happening any time soon so uh-- ugh just. JUST ALL OF THIS. I want to roll around in your opinions about ME and curl up in them they're all just so good and insightful and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


I have them


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