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things I did tonight while avoiding an essay.

creatures with unknown gods
Supernatural. Castiel & Balthazar. PG. ~150 words. Title from the poem Waves.

He found Balthazar deep in the heart of the Badlands, high on a rock. 

"I've been expecting you," Balthazar said lightly, and shifted over to make room for Castiel to sit. 

"I mourned for you," Castiel said. 

"I know," Balthazar said. For a while they didn't speak.


"Fight with me, brother."

"I have stopped fighting."

"Even when the cause is just?"

"Especially then." 


"Where are the weapons?"

"I told you not to ask that." 

"We need them."

"Perhaps, but it is impossible to sell something that you don't have."

"That is not quite true."

"Maybe so."


"Have a drink?"

"I'm busy."



"There are many battles, Cas. Any of them would work."

"I will never be that weary."

"You will say that up until the moment you are."


"You always did have a penchant for Antarctica."

"It is very quiet here."

"The Winchester boys are in danger. I thought you might want to know." 


"Brother, please."

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Betsyyyyyy, this is delightful!!! omg omg i just it's like Cas and Bal now can have the sort of conversations that Cas and Anna could have. Not that he's at all a replacement for Anna, but ANGELS AND THEIR WOOORDS AND THEIR MEANINGFUL SILENCES I LOVE IT!



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