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Keeping track of my 3-sentence fics.


Math, i/pi, "Be rational" "Get real" (*)

It's very difficult to hold a relationship with someone who doesn't exist in the same reality as you. i is hypothetical, and pi is hypothetical in another way completely, and they don't intersect very well.

It does, however, make the fights spectacular.

Battlestar Galactica

Apollo, Starbuck, "I've got your six." (*)

"Cylons on your tail, Starbuck!" Hotdog yells, and she curses and goes into manuevers.

"Got your six, Starbuck." The words are utterly familiar and welcome, and she ducks under and flips around just in time to watch the raider explode, Lee's ship swooping through the mess as he gives her a thumbs up.

Chronicles of Narnia

Susan, not enough sky to fill my dreams (*)

The sky of England is a muddy gray today, in defiance of all that Susan wants the day to hold, and she sighs and fetches her umbrella. Perhaps a raincoat - but no, she doesn't want to cover up the brightness of her purple dress, not when she's meeting up with her family after they finish their madcap quest.

It's still raining when she arrives at the station, and she gets mud on her dress as she starts running when she sees the smoke.

girl!Ed/Peter, outsider pov (*)

The Queen Edlyn of Narnia is well known for her fierceness in battle, her subtle cunning in diplomacy, but right now she is just a beautiful woman smiling at her lover.

"Do you need anything?" Madeleine says, and Edlyn looks up.

"I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean to ring the bell," she says, and Madeleine looks over where Peter's legs are tangled in the bell pull and smiles knowingly as she leaves the room.

Lucy and Ramandu's Daughter, roads not taken (*)

Sometimes, when the weight of the court sinks in, Lily wonders what it would have been like to travel to the end of the world with Lucy, and perhaps cross into her world - but she stops there, because she has duties, and a family, and she must not consider lost opportunities. They will only make her victory bittersweet.


"Did you ever think, what if we had stayed with the star and Lily longer?" Lucy asks, and Edmund shakes his head.


White Collar/Chuck, Neal & Bryce, the resemblance is uncanny (*)

Neal circles Bryce silently like a spooked horse and then steps back.

"Okay, that's just weird," he says, "because I'm fairly certain I don't have an evil twin."

"Look, I just need a bit of help," Bryce protests, and Neal holds up a hand to shush him, leaning in to poke Bryce's nose.

Chronicles of Narnia/Inception!verse AU, Edmund and Eustace, you didn't tell me there'd be DRAGONS! (*)

"I didn't KNOW!" Edmund yells, and perched somewhere up on the house above them Eustace roars.

"He's a natural forger, though, clearly," Eames says thoughtfully, taking a step forward, and Arthur and Edmund physically drag him back and away.

"Job over, we're kicking out!" Edmund yells above the crackle of fire, and shoots Eames in the face.

Doctor Who/Narnia – Edmund/Amy - the suns of other worlds (*)

"The sun of their world is dying," the Doctor says, "and in a few million years, their planet will die with it."

Edmund swallows and thinks of the dream he had had, Narnia's sun clenched in the fist of Father Time himself.

"They find a new world, though," Amy says brightly, passing behind Edmund, "Because we met them, the Doctor and Rory and I, not long before we picked you up, and they were lovely."

Narnia/Harry Potter, Susan/Tom Riddle, can you bottle time for me? (*)

"Stop showing off, Tom, it's quite unnecessary," Susan says, and Tom scowls, fierce and frustrated, as Susan sits up and says, "Come back to bed."

"I could bottle time," Tom says, sitting down and running his hand up her leg, "I could give you liquid luck, or stop someone's heart."

"None of your magic could give me what I want most," Susan says, and pulls him down to meet her.

Narnia/Harry Potter, Edmund and Weasleys, friendly Quidditch match (*)

"So, dragons, I hear?" Edmund says casually, and Charlie grins and nods.

"I do a lot of training - rehabilitation and relocation, too, for the wild ones," he says, and ducks the Bludger almost out of habit as he tosses the Quaffle to Edmund, who swerves past George and spins it towards the hoops.

"Oh, come on, Ron!" he yells, and Ron just grins and flings the Quaffle to George, who takes off for the other end of the field.

Doctor Who

Ninth Doctor, and the mourning and the evening were the first day (*)

The first thing he wakes up to is the overwhelming knowledge that he has changed, and the second thing is the empty space in his head where the Time Lords should be.

"So it worked," he says, and his voice comes out rusty and unused. His past self would have wept, but who he is now feels no inclination for anything but action.

Amy/Rory, anytime post-s5 finale, "Paper Anniversary," (*)

"It's weird," Amy says quietly, sometime after they've collapsed in the room the TARDIS thoughtfully provided. "It's like - I can remember three different lives now, with you the first time, without you, with you again."

"I suppose we should just be thankful we're here now," Rory says, and Amy laughs and tucks her hand into his.

Harry Potter

Gilderoy Lockheart, Wizarding World’s Go Fug Yourself (*)

Truly, I don't understand the ensemble Gilderoy Lockhart wore to the annual Witches' Weekly ball. The robes were great - in a sort of spangly, being-held-hostage-by-stars sort of way. The cloak, though - all I can really is bright fuchsia and puce.

Rose/Scorpius, sometimes I wonder if anything's absolute anymore (*)

Scorpius is Slytherin, yes, but she knows him now, knows that he is, in fact, shy and mild-mannered and that the driving, burning ambition that got him put there was to make things better. It doesn't mean that he's a hero, but she has to wonder now if that means, perhaps, other Slytherins have perfectly acceptable ambitions as well.

"Did you know about an eighth of the Death Eaters were actually Ravenclaws, and a few were Gryffindors?" Scorpius says, and she almost jumps.

Law and Order: UK

Matt/Alesha, friends at first (*)

He flirts with everyone, Alesha tells herself, and at first it's true. He does flirt with everyone, casual and amused and always a little distant. It does take her some time to realize, later, that he doesn't bring everybody flowers, though, or ask them out to coffee.


Arthur/Morgana, Nothing can make this right (*)

He loves - loved her, his sister, always had. He had once thought that there was nothing that could change that, nothing, but now he doesn't know what to think. He's lost Morgana, and he doesn't think there is any way to bring her back.


Nikita/Michael, You hit me once, I hit you back, I gave a kick, you gave a slap (*)

"That's all you can bring to the table?" Nikita taunts, dancing back out of reach, and Michael grins and comes again, their fists and bodies sliding just across each other.

"I haven't even started," Michael promises, and Nikita ducks a swing and scythes her legs out, sending him temporarily sprawling.

"I can't wait," she says.

Nikita/Michael, for caramelsilver (SPOILERS for midseason finale) (*)

They tell him first, that she's escaped, and for Percy's sake he lets the anger simmering in him rise to the surface, swears a few times.

"If it wasn't for this damned leg," he says, and Percy nods, calm as ever, and leaves. Michael closes his eyes, almost wishes a safe journey for Nikita, and only just catches it in time to turn it into a wish for her recapture.

Ocean's Eleven

Linus, look what I can do right under your noses (*)

Linus looks sweet, innocent, and fairly incompetent.

It makes perching up on a bridge and watching the slow realization down a road he'd just played even more sweet to him.

"Enjoying yourself?" Rusty says, and Linus blinks and looks over.

The bastard is holding Linus' wallet and eating a hotdog, and Linus considers strangling him until he realizes that Rusty picked Linus' decoy wallet.

"Yeah," he says. "Can I have my fake back?"

It's totally worth letting one of his secrets slip for the disconcerted look on Rusty's face, and not childish at all, okay.


two childhood friends, The years have not changed us (Sebastian/Celia, Harborverse) (*)

Celia looks at Sebastian sometimes and wonders at how he's changed - the weight on his shoulders, the scars, the limp, the heavy solemnity, the earnestness as he gives orders. She wonders how much she's changed, knows that she has as much as he has. Still, sometimes they're sitting at night in front of the fire and Sebastian laughs and looks so young in the firelight and she thinks after all, perhaps he's not so changed.

Sherlock (BBC)

Sherlock/John (can be romantic, but don't has to), Sherlock is annoyed that John has cleaned up and thrown some of his experiments away (*)

"John?" Sherlock inquires, deceptively mild. John knows better than to turn around and give him attention, because that will only result in death glares and sulking.

"Yes, Sherlock, I took the rotting fingers out of the toaster oven and returned them to the morgue."

Sherlock/John, John is drugged, Sherlock helps him through it (*)

"Come on, shake it off, he's got to be nearby," Sherlock ... wheedles? John wonders if that's the right word, but it's getting increasingly harder to hold onto coherent thought.

Sherlock hates physical contact, in general, and in the ensuing silence John finds it ridiculously surprising when Sherlock's palm touches his forehead briefly and then tightens in his hair.

Stargate: SG-1

Samantha Carter, The only girl on the team still has the boys outnumbered (*)

"How are you still going?" Jack asks, and Sam grins far too wide.

"Caffeine is a miraculous invention," she declares, and flips a switch. "Also clones."

Vala gen, "Look at Miss Ohio," full lyrics here, "She says, I wanna do right but not right now" (*)

Vala tucks the brooch into her bra, and then on second thought slips it into one of her more secret jacket pockets. She just might have to seduce her way out of here, and she doesn't want any awkward questions being asked.

One of these days, she really will go straight, when she gets the money - really.


Balthazar/Anna, sparring is the perfect time to flirt (*)

There's a comet in the way, and Anael turns a 360 around it and trails star dust behind as she hurtles towards Balthazar.

It's like reaching for a shadow, and she bites back a snarl of (far too human) frustration and wheels again.

"If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?" Balthazar says, who is nothing but dark matter, and Anael illuminates him in the glow of the comet she's towing.

Dean/Jo, Richard Shindell cover of "Northbound 35," (*)

Jo does not love Dean, not as some people might use the word love. She wishes for him to return safely, for his wounds to be healed, for him to lose the weight of the world somewhere on the road and not find it again.

She knows well enough these are not wishes likely to come true, so she settles for the insubstantial moments, the whirlwind times, and in between she works and flirts and shoots and catches a man or three and she never, ever waits, because she's a Harvelle.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Jesse/Derek, The Mountain Goats' "Old College Try," " (*)

The thing with Derek is that she really, truly loves him, and she always has, and she doesn't know how to stop that. The way she wants him to accept what she's doing is like a bruise in her side, like the shrapnel had felt when it tore into her skin, even more like watching the shrapnel tear through the others.

She would go to the end of the world with him, already has, but she will not stop doing what needs to be done, and she knows that he is the same.

Jesse & Riley OR Jesse/Riley, Rilo Kiley's "Paint's Peeling," (*)

It's a long trip to coordinates the bubble tech had given her, and Jesse and Riley struggle their way through the miles. Jesse's side aches often and sometimes Riley's almost supporting her, both of them kicking aside old bones as they drag their feet.

One night they find a spring, miraculously uncontaminated and clear, and they go skinny dipping and Riley smiles for the first time since Jesse met her and it lights up her face like a beacon.

Jesse Flores & Lauren Fields OR Lauren/Jesse, two women raising Sydney on the road sometime after present-day events of "Born to Run" (*)

"I'm going to get a drink," Jesse announces, and Lauren doesn't even look up from where she's changing Sydney's diaper.

"Remember last time you did that?" she says, almost mildly, and Jesse scowls.

"In my defense, he was a total asshole to you," she says, and Lauren smiles up at her and says,

"Stay in tonight?"

Jesse & Sarah or Sarah/Jesse, reluctant buddy-cop allies sometime after "Born to Run" (*)

"I heard John went after the metal," a woman says, and spreads her hands wide as she steps out to face Sarah.

"And?" Sarah demands.

"I'm Jesse," the woman says, "And I'm here to help."

Cameron and John, the heart is nothing more than a fist-sized muscle (*)

It beats in a constant rhythm of two, sending blood through the body to transport nutrients and oxygen necessary to life. According to Cameron's sensors, John's heart is not only clearly not broken, but it is working at optimal condition - she would have told someone if it wasn't.

"I don't understand," she tells Sarah, and Sarah sighs, an exhale of air, and her heartrate spikes for a second before she says, "I know."

The Unusuals

Casey Shraeger / Davis Nixon, a sweetness worth waiting for (*)

So maybe it took some negotiation, and a lot of talking, and a few too many stake-out interrupted dates, but Casey thinks this might be working.

"It is," Davis says contentedly, and she realizes she said the last bit aloud and smiles at him across their pillows.

"I'm really glad it is," she says, and he nods and smiles back.


John Hart/any, this time he bit of more than he could chew (*)

"No, really, I'm sure I can handle this," John insists, and bites off a hiss of pain as Gwen twists something and the handcuffs pinch.

"You're handcuffed to a stone wall, with the tide coming in," Gwen points out. "What the hell are these things made of?"

White Collar

Neal, watching it all slip away (*)

He still gets the itch sometimes, when they pass by stores that are practically begging to be robbed. There's a stack of paintings in one of Mozzie's hiding spots and that's not all he's forged, but he can't bring himself to do anything with them.

It's not that the chains are lightening, but that he's becoming accustomed to them, and perhaps that's the worst part.

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