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 in much lighter fare than I've been recently!

I'm doing NaNoWriMo again, as I do - well, every year. :P this year it is teenage superheroes and the dawn of the superhero age! I want to get to know my characters a bit better, so I'd like to do a meme thing with you guys if I can? 

Three options!
1)  Give me one, two, or three characters and a prompt. (Anything from one word to a song.) I'll write ... something. 
2) Ask my characters questions about themselves. Anything goes!
3) Anything else you think will help me build their characters. :P

The characters are:

Pavati, 18, protagonist and main character, just graduated high school and acquired superpowers. Not a very brave person, retiring, considers herself a follower, highly developed sense of responsibility and justice, pretty naive. 
Andrea, 18, protagonist, Pavati's best friend, also just graduated. A big fan of explosions, sarcasm, and a fiercely loyal friend.
Terry, 16, protagonist, about-to-be-a-senior-and-turn-17, just realized he's a mutant/posthuman, geeky, very anti-government, increasingly bitter about how his kind are being treated. 
Mr. Brown, age unknown (middle aged), antagonist, in charge of the squads responsible for bringing down and imprisoning dangerous posthumans. Paranoid about posthumans. Willing to go to extremes to keep them down.
Hana Saab, early 30's, mostly antagonist, commander of the squad sent after Pavati. Has her doubts about the methods being used. 

Date: 2011-10-14 04:25 am (UTC)
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Pavati and Andrea, "I trust you; that makes you true. I don't care if it isn't the way it is" (The Tragically Hip, "In View")

Date: 2011-10-18 07:52 am (UTC)
wordsatourbacks: standing in front of an elevator, mike reaches out for meldrick and touches his left arm—homicide: life on the street (sweet talk)
From: [personal profile] wordsatourbacks
Pavati had tried to listen, tried to catalogue the list of injuries, to calculate her guilt, but she kept being distracted by the limpness of Andrea’s hand in hers.

“I should have saved you,” Pavati says, and Andrea smiles and squeezes her hand.

“You’ve saved me a thousand times over,” she says. “I don’t mind that you missed once. You’re still my hero.”

Favorite bits, but this whole thing is such a sweet original ficlet! <33


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