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Right! So. Dearest of Yuletiders, I pretty much adore you, and I really love these stories, so I'll love pretty much anything you write for them.

I do want to give you some sort of suggestions as to more specific things I like, because I know that I like having some specifics, but don't feel too bound by anything I say. I like a huge range of stuff and I tend to forget to list half of what I like, so. 


Okay, let's see. Shipping wise I'm a multishipper, so unless I actually state I'm violently opposed to a pairing or it falls in my triggers categories I'll probably be totally content with it, be it monogamous or poly, het or queer, whatever. I don't tend to like romance being the main point of the fic, and I'm not a fan of porn, but otherwise it's great. 

Tropes wise, I love competent characters kicking ass, UST, hurt/comfort, angst, snarky characters/witty banter, worldbuilding, codependent relationships (especially if it's clear they're sort of unhealthy), competence (seriously I adore it), women who are confident in themselves and their abilities (whether those abilities are beating everyone up or sewing), people who are Bad at Emotions but learning, explorations of characters, endings that allow for life to continue, and quiet, atmospheric pieces. I also like a bunch of other stuff, but those are things that definitely come to mind. I love humorous stuff too, and action can be quite fun too. 

In regards to triggers, I strongly dislike relationships with large age gaps where one person has all the power. Mocking of mental disorders can be difficult for me too, unless the narrative is pretty clear on it being a Bad Thing To Do. Things that are not triggers but I find squicky are infidelity, porn (I have a privacy thing that has weirdly extended to fic), and embarassment/humiliation. 

Specific fandom stuff!

Alex Rider - Anthony Horowitz

I love Alex and his competence and his snark and his endless courage and improvisation in the face of peril and his horrible, horrible life decisions (YES ALEX LET'S GO TO VENICE ON THE WORD OF AN ASSASSIN that sounds GREAT). What I'd really like to see is an exploration of Life After Spying. I mean, the kid's gone through an incredible level of trauma - he's going to have to deal with his PTSD and his loss and try to return to normal life. The books say that he adjusts well after his adventures whenever he's in school for extended lengths of time, but I imagine he must be missing the adrenaline rush to some extent. 

If there happened to be some adventures with gangs or whatever small crime he managed to find and beat up, I would not be adverse. I love Sabina - I'd rather they weren't romantically involved, because I don't think Alex would be ready for a relationship, but I'd like her and her parents to be around and try to help, even if they don't always understand how to. 

Jane Austen's Fight Club

I find every bit of this tiny thing we've been given utterly hilarious. I'd love a witty, ridiculous story about these women and their lives, whichever one of the women you choose. In this fandom I'd like to avoid any sad endings and I'm not concerned with historical realism at all - basically whatever you want to do with it is fine by me. I love that one exchange - "You're very clever, aren't you, Miss Dashwood? How's that going for you? Being clever?" "Splendidly." - and it basically sums up everything I'd love in a romance if that came into play, though romance is totally not necessary. I'd love humor and witty snark and just - I dunno, whatever you wanted to write in this fandom would probably be absolutely lovely. I love the ridiculousness of the set up, it's great. The spirit of that is what I want, I guess.

Fables - Willingham 

I requested Snow White and Cinderella, but I'm pretty sure I meant to add Beauty as well, so if you like her feel free to add her into the story, and Sleeping Beauty or Rose Red would be fine too. I basically love all the women of this comic, and their determination and dedication and how very, very good they are their jobs. I'd love to see a slice of life of them being incredibly good at stuff, or an exploration of some of Cinderella's adventures as an undercover agent, or "The Prince Charming Club" over the years, or just them hanging out with each other, or a girl's night out on the town, or whatever, so long as it was primarily about the women. (I do rather love Boy Blue as well, so if he showed up I wouldn't be upset.) 

Hardy Boys - Franklin W. Dixon

I've never read the Casefiles, just the old series. I'd like a story about Frank and Joe and their incredibly codependent but awesome relationship. If they're closer than brothers sometimes, that's fine by me, if they're not, also fine. I'd like to see what happens when Frank goes to college without Joe, or one of them gets kidnapped by a serious threat and the other goes crazy trying to find them, or in a similar note what happens when one of them gets actually hurt on the job, or something that showcases how completely in sync they are when they work, or a combination of any or all of them! 

I also love Callie and Iola, and something about what they choose to do with life, and how competent and lovely they are would also be great. If you go with a story about the brothers, I'd like for Callie and Iola to remain important parts of their lives, if possible - they're pretty excellent and understanding girlfriends, and for a high school relationship I feel like they all work really well. 

Hey, if you wanted to write the 0T4 adventures of fiercely loyal and competent Frank/Callie/Joe/Iola as adults, I would TOTALLY be down for that.

So, uh, yeah. I hope that's not too much detail, and I hope it's enough, and I'm really, really excited for whatever you will write. Seriously. If it's in one of these fandoms and avoids my triggers/squicks - I'm good. And also I love you for this, and I'd really like you to have fun writing this story above all, so. Please, do something that gives you joy.


Date: 2011-12-21 05:41 pm (UTC)
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Hi... so since you've disabled receiving messages, this is the only way I can think to reply to you. You asked me to beta a Batman Beyond yuletide story. The answer is yes under the following two assumptions: 1) it is a Batman Beyond cartoon fic NOT a Batman Beyond comic fic. I am *very* familiar with the cartoon and have absolutely no knowledge of the comic. So you know. And 2) it's a pitch hit and thus is due on the 24th. If it's due the 22nd (today!), I'm not sure I can finish in time.
Send it to lizard_gizardathotmaildotcom. I tend to edit by hitting "track changes" and inserting a ton of comments, so .doc or .docx files are preferred.



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