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Nov. 23rd, 2011 02:26 pm
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I am going to do a kind of big post right here. This is partially because I have been absolute crap at updating recently and therefore have a lot to, but also because I am procrastinating on a) NaNo, b) college essay, c) Crossover Exchange, and d) Yuletide. (I know, right, I just received my assignment and I'm already procrastinating. Even though I like my prompt. I'm a GENIUS at this stuff.)

FIRST OFF omg omg you guys you know the book Avalon High by Meg Cabot? It's about how this girl moves to a new school and finds herself in the midst of the reincarnated King Arthur's struggle to survive against his half-brother Mordred, and ends up finding out that she's the Lady of the Lake and crucial to Arthur's success. Which, pretty cool story and I really enjoyed it when I read it! I've been meaning to watch the movie version for AGES, though, and finally did last night.

HOLY FUCK OMG THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE ADAPTATION OF ANY BOOK, EVER. Remember that girl who moves to a new school? Yeah, SHE'S King Arthur in the movie adaptation. The quarterback? Her faithful knight Sir Bedivere. Bedivere's awful half-brother, who she and Merlin/Miles thought was Mordred, actually a good guy faking being back for Plot Reasons! Wise Old Teacher Mentor dude? TOTALLY THE BAD GUY.

There's nothing about it that's, like, SUPER subversive (except LADY KING ARTHUR) but it's all these little things they just casually go "oh, nope, we didn't want to stick to the norms because the norms are boring and heteronormative" and despite it being a Disney movie and there not being a hint of romance that isn't het it is totally deliciously non-binary. and a Lady King Arthur totally in love with, y'know, one of her knights, makes such excellent implications about King Arthur and his knights and raises such fascinating questions about the lovely Jen and Allie and Merlin is snarky and adorable and the whole thing is just SO. MUCH. FUN. Like, it is a cheesy movie and kind of ridiculous at times and the dialogue was sort of painful in a few places. But eeeee! YES YES YES. I am so sad that I didn't find it before Yuletide, but I'm comforting myself by remembering that my requests were all for fandoms I'd REALLY love to see fic in too and I had enough difficulty shaving it down as is. Next year, Betsy.

So yes I think you should all go watch that, or just like skip through anything that's not about her being awesome and then write fic about it because LADY. KING. ARTHUR. guys.

...this was going to be longer but my attention span is approximately a blink right now. I seem to be rapid cycling the hell out of today, which is irritating and has me completely on edge and my ability to concentrate totally wrecked. also, a lot of crying over Steve Rogers asdkgd this poor guy RIPPED OUT OF TIME it's like Narnia feelings all over again you should all go watch greensilver's vid about it because it is completely heartbreaking a;slkdhgd :(((((((((((

god I am such a mental wreck right now. I suspect it's because I've been working so hard on keeping an even keel for so long, and I've been doing pretty well, and this - this is my payback. because my brain hates me.

anyways I love you all and someday I will write a PROPER update that involves things like Stuff That I'm Doing instead of just lists of things I'm procrastinating on and crying about. I promise.

oh and yes I also made like. a MASSIVE icons post. it is HERE.

it includes:
7 Avalon High (Allie as King Arthur)
16 Fables (Cinderella) (remind me to talk to you guys about Fables, DCnU, and Once Upon a Time at some point)
20 Alex Rider
7 Batman Beyond (Max Gibson)
7 Young Justice (Artemis)
7 The Authority
27 Miscellaneous Comics (Lady Sabre, X-Factor, Young Avengers, Birds of Prey, Ice, Wonder Woman, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Aquagirl, Gunnerkrigg Court)

here are some of the icons in it 

Date: 2011-11-23 04:59 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] snacky
I will remind you to talk about Fables, since I love it a lot!


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