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 the placeholderest of placeholders for dear yuletide person thank you letter


FIRSTLY thank you very very much for writing this, i will be thrilled with anything i get really :D write whatever will be most fun for you! and thank you 

so here is a link to my letter for last year, which should answer any questions you have about general things! it also talks about my request that year for Hardy Boys, and my request this year for Hardy Boys' has no changes! so that should hopefully help! I'm not going to go into a great deal of detail for the others but hopefully it will be enough. there are a couple shifts in personal preference, mostly that i don't mind fics where romance is the central point anymore and i am totally fine with porn being a thing that happens. 

batman beyond

okay so max gibson is like. the heroine of my heart! i would particularly love a story about her and dana and melanie in the years to come, and how life goes for them, and whether max becomes batwoman or not, and what dana does with her life, and how melanie and her brother are settling back in, and how barbara and max and dana meet. or any mix and match of the above, or just anything where the women of the show play a central part. 

elementary (tv)

i really love joan and her no nonsense attitude but simultaneous willingness to participate in the cases, i am really fascinated by the dynamic between her and sherlock, and i also really love the depiction of sherlock as someone who does in fact get the world and people, that his disconnect is that he understands them too well and it's overwhelming. anything that explores any of those things or really just anything about joan and sherlock and especially joan would be beautiful.

revenge (tv)

i am really really fond of emily and nolan's friendship, whether it just stays a friendship or turns into a full fledged relationship or whatever. i think they have fascinating and beautiful dynamics, and i'd be really interested in seeing anything that explores that relationship. 


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