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hey guys! remember that time I did a movie shuffle meme and didn't finish the majority of them? I have three and a half free days and a completely empty hostel and this makes me feel like creating stuff. SO, here are three of them. :D

for [personal profile] newredshoes

Title: The Moscow Rules
Cast: Jasika Nicole, Tom Hiddleston, Jaimie Alexander
Song: Extreme Ways - Moby

I had to close down everything
I had to close down my mind
Too many things could hurt me
Too much could make me blind

stuff )

for [personal profile] fly_to_dawn

Title: Truth Like Glass
Cast: Tom Sturridge, Ruth Bradley, Skandar Keynes
Song: Your Ghost - Greg Laswell

stuff for truth like glass )

for sagee_x3

Title: Blueprints For Escape
Cast: James McAvoy, Katie McGrath
Song: Free Energy - Free Energy

stuff for blueprints for escape )

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 a couple of things.


*coughs* I suspect most of the time I'm looking at it I look kind of like a cat that ate a canary. It is shiny and perfect and beautiful and I love it. I ended up getting a Dell Inspiron 15R. It's a 15.6", which is smaller than I'm used to but not too small, thank goodness. It runs fast, I used Windows 7 to transfer most of my files over to it from the old laptop, and it feels pretty sturdy. also, so much space!

oh, and, uh, here's the X-Men fic I accidentally de-anoned on. totally ridiculous, feel free to skip. 
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 still pretty miserable. headache-y and not good in general. at least I am no longer nauseous? mostly? this is so stupid. 

I've been meaning to do this since Remix went live but have been kind of sick most of that time. 

He That Outlives This Day was written for me. It's a remix of my HP fic How Do They Rise Up, and it is FANTASTIC. It takes the same story and goes at it from Padma's perspective instead of Hermione's. Thoughtful and beautiful and lovely. I have been so lucky with Remix authors. Every time so far, they've just turned out the most amazing remixes of some of my favorite works. <3333 Read it. It's beautiful.


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