Mar. 25th, 2011

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one of the reasons I'd always been a little bit wary of comics was because I wasn't sure I'd appreciate how they treated women, but Stephanie Brown just rapidly became one of my favorite characters ever. I haven't read her comics as Spoiler and Robin (partially because I know tragic things happen to her in them and that would make me horribly sad), but her run as Batgirl has basically been one long moment of total awesome. 

THINGS ABOUT STEPHANIE: ayries explanation of why she loves her on Tumblr, plus a little add-on from me. It addresses what I love most about Stephanie - she's not in this for the glory, or for revenge - she's in it for the people she helps, entirely, and she's here to bring hope to a line of work most of the Batfamily brings a gloom and despair attitude to. She never loses her smile. She may want others to approve of her, but their disapproval doesn't stop her from doing what she feels is her calling. She's still in love with Tim Drake, but when he comes back she realizes that starting up their relationship again would be about as far from healthy as it gets and tells him so, bluntly. 

more things! including two bits from her comics, icons, etc. )


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