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May. 17th, 2010 10:31 am
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+ omg, Remix done and out to beta turned in! WOO.

+ TeeVee. Criminal Minds - lovely. SPN finale - good and also really mindscrewy. Doctor Who "Amy's Choice" - lovely.

+ Speaking of Doctor Who. This is some lovely meta on the differences in writing style between RTD and Moffat, and pretty much pinpoints why I love Moffat's style so much more. <333 What it boils down to for me is, I have huge issues with people trying to manipulate me emotionally (so many issues with that, I can't even), and that's what RTD frequently feels like he's trying to do.
I love all of Doctor Who on a shallow level, but I've only had major fangirl attacks over Series 1 and 5 of nu!Who. I'm also a fan of the careful plotting and the myth arc and the fairy tale references, and Matt Smith's version of the Doctor makes me want to dance around in glee. I think I've mentioned bofore how his delivery of the "only me now" line about the Time Lords in The Beast Below got to me on a much deeper level than any of Ten's emoting did, and I felt similarly about his treatment of the Dream Lord in this episode. beautifully done and my hat off to Smith, along with his crazy flailing about that turns into extremely effective acting. His 11 is a thing of genius and beauty, all old professor who thinks he's totally cool and is kind of crazy and utterly mad, but also extremely clever and perceptive and scary.

Going back to Moffat v. RTD, I think I can put it best like this. I'll watch RTD when I want to sob my way through catharsis and then be perfectly fine a day later. I'll watch Moffat when I want consistent characterization and long-term beautiful plotting and episodes that'll stick with me for a long time. and also PERUVIAN FOLK BAND OH AMY (she FAKED LABOR as a shut the fuck up to the Doctor I LOVE HER). Rory/Amy is a pair of people with lots of issues, and I like that Rory says they have to grow up. I hope they do, together and with the Doctor. If Rory gets killed of/kicked off/written off, I cannot even convey the depths to which I would be pissed. (The end of my comment on the meta was: I think what I'm saying here is, I dislike childishness when it feels selfish and a little spoiled, and I think that's the feeling I get from RTD and Tennant's run. So while many of the episodes are great fun to watch and I <3 Martha and Donna and Rose and Mickey and frequently Ten, I really didn't have the emotional connection with RTD's run that I do with Moffat's (so far). All of which is still holding very true.)

+ Did Pirates of Penzanze today, and it came off okay. I think I even did all right myself! So yay for that. :D

Date: 2010-05-17 05:28 pm (UTC)
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Found your post through Latest Things. I just wanted to say word to everything you've written about Moffat v. RTD in Doctor Who. I love the show but I spent half the time hating RTD for almost always being crack fic crazy and his need to just rip you apart bit by bit. I'm truly enjoying this new season, not least for the fact that I can breathe and slowly enjoy the characters and the plot in each episode.

Date: 2010-05-17 05:50 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] madame_parker
I'm as shallow as the next person for the pretty, so it's been a really nice surprise that I'm enjoying this season. I'm head over heels in love with Amy and Matt. And that last episode really sold me on the new team TARDIS, not least for the fact that both Rory and Eleven have admitted that they're Amy's boys, which just made me grin.


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