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May. 17th, 2010 10:31 am
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+ omg, Remix done and out to beta turned in! WOO.

+ TeeVee. Criminal Minds - lovely. SPN finale - good and also really mindscrewy. Doctor Who "Amy's Choice" - lovely.

+ Speaking of Doctor Who. This is some lovely meta on the differences in writing style between RTD and Moffat, and pretty much pinpoints why I love Moffat's style so much more. <333 Spoilers for Season 5 through 5x07. )

+ Did Pirates of Penzanze today, and it came off okay. I think I even did all right myself! So yay for that. :D
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better now. )

fannish things!

Why I don't read porn. )

the Diana Gabaldon fiasco )

And last night's Criminal Minds! OH TEAM. <333333333333333xinfinity

ACK SPN FINALE TONIGHT what am I going to dooooo. Cas must not die!
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Disclaimers/Warnings: I do not own Generation Kill, etc. All screencaps are from Oxoniensis, found here. Quotations will likely include profanity and content that is either offensive, graphic, or both.

Generation Kill

Basic Premise: Generation Kill is a 7-series HBO miniseries, based very very closely on the book of the same name by Evan Wright. It is a fairly factual look at Evan Wright's time as a reporter for Rolling Stone embedded in the 1st Reconnaissance Marines Battalion during the invasion of Iraq. In short, it's an apolitical look at the lives of the soldiers as they were. The show made a strong effort at keeping close to the truth - one Marine played himself, another played a small role. Both (plus others) acted as military advisers. The result is pretty amazing, and I think the cinematography is pretty gorgeous too.
This is really long, but the (really) short version is that you should watch this show. )

There are like twenty other .gifs and lots of quotes and pictures I could spam you with, but you should just watch the show now, and then head over to [ profile] generation_kill and hang out there.

*falls over*


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