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May. 17th, 2010 10:31 am
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+ omg, Remix done and out to beta turned in! WOO.

+ TeeVee. Criminal Minds - lovely. SPN finale - good and also really mindscrewy. Doctor Who "Amy's Choice" - lovely.

+ Speaking of Doctor Who. This is some lovely meta on the differences in writing style between RTD and Moffat, and pretty much pinpoints why I love Moffat's style so much more. <333 Spoilers for Season 5 through 5x07. )

+ Did Pirates of Penzanze today, and it came off okay. I think I even did all right myself! So yay for that. :D
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Whether I feel the urge to act older or younger depends on the day.

Today in choir we were rehearsing Pirates of Penzanze. Alas! Neither our Frederick or our Mabel showed up (the two romantic leads), so their understudies both took their parts for the rehearsal. The thing that makes this hilarious is that Frederick's understudy is Erin. E, and Mabel's understudy is her sister Taylor.

I mean, since we're practically an all-girl choir, we already had the lesbian text running rampant, but today it was incestuous lesbian text.

Other things I'm doing today: listening to Vienna Teng. A lot. Especially Whatever You Want, Antebellum, Gravity and Say Uncle.


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