Sep. 24th, 2010 02:11 pm
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First, the internet at my house has been being awful recently, so I may be pretty absent in the next several days. UGH UGH UGH so annoyiiiiing. 

So, TV stuff! 

The Event pilot. 
3/5? maybe a 4/5? )
Supernatural S6 premiere tonight! I look forward to watching it tomorrow. :D

What else? L&O has been back, though I have to wait another week for the episode all about Matt. (MATT <3333). I am hopeful that we will get a lot more this season about his fantastic boss Harriet, because I adore everything I've gotten about her so far. 


I think I have a new Show. )


Well, just 3. Cold War by emthiessen on LJ, a video around the Doctor Who S5 finale. GORGEOUS. "This is a cold war, do you know what you're fighting for?" You guys know how the finale gets me - this vid is all about WHY, I guess. 

I have not, in fact, abandoned SPN, despite my love for Nikita. Man With A Thousand Faces, a Gabriel vid. OH GABRIEL. Sometimes I just adore you. :(

When You Were Young, another Doctor Who S5 vid, because apparently when you put Doctor Who to The Killers I will fall over myself to watch it. Oh Amy&11! "We're burning down the highway skyline on the back of a hurricane that started turning when you were young." I LOVE THEM SOOOO.

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Excuse me, I have to go flail over how ridiculously awesome fandom is. help_pakistan is doing quite swimmingly! Bidding has started now - I'm offering one 1K fanfic here and 1 fanvid here. Starting bids $1 on each. For those of you who have money and are looking to buy, you can also check out the delicious account for the auctions, where you can search by type offered, fandom, etc. 

Flist, your response alone was awesome. <33333 I loooove you guys. 

The only other thing currently of interest is the pattern I've been figuring out - when I'm in a happy phase, I can't sleep - when I'm in a down phase, I sleep for HOURS and HOURS. I would find this more amusing if waking up three or four times every night (I can remember three distinct dreams from last night alone) didn't make me inclined to be snappy and crankish. Can I not just enjoy being happy, body?

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Have hit a downslump in emotions, which. Well, was guaranteed to show up eventually, because it's been more or less nonstop around here since Mary and Aidan got here. Which is loads of fun! but I reallyyyy can't handle that much socializing and activity. So yesterday kind of sucked, in that after socializing through the morning I got home and just flipped out and spent a lot of time crying in my room and watching TV shows in an attempt to calm down. I quit White Collar halfway through because Neal said "There's no way it can go wrong!" and I really wasn't up to worrying about characters at all. I rewatched Sherlock, the Moffat one. It was a fun watch, just... fun, you know? I like that. 

Mary and I are worried about Esther and have been for a while, because seriously, if the way her potential in-laws treat her is bad, and I'm not all that keen on her boyfriend either. (Or their church! which, you know, they said she had to start attending before she could officially date Matt.) They've isolated her from most of her friends - Matt doesn't want to do anything with our family, or friends, and he gives her the silent treatment or just sulks when she does something without him. It's just... there are some really disturbing signs. 

I'm not really doing all that well today, either, really. Just. ugh. 

Okay, heading out. Mom's got the laptop again, she's been using it to do school things. But I'll get to snatch Esther's later, so that's good. 

akh;sldghs;dk so TIRED. Do you have something that would cheer me up? I would welcome it!

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Am all caught up on Leverage for this season! OH OT3 OF JOY AND BEAUTY. <333333 breaking beer bottles! shooting jealous glances! calling each other "baby!"! (Elliott NOT MINDING.) being made of WIN and WONDERFUL and breath-taking AWESOME. yessss.

in other news, even Leverage has not been enough for me to do some really bad mood switching today. UGH. so now I'm going to watch some of Alice, because it makes me smile A LOT, and then I'm going to go to bed. and hopefully wake up at a reasonable time tomorrow. heh.

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 + I, uh, may or may not have revamped all my icons. Again. (Note: the one icon that has remained constant since more or less the beginning is Susan-being-kickass. The icon might change, but it's the one type of icon I think I've always had. SUSAN.)

+ it's not my fault! it's just, there was Jo, and I LOVE Jo, and plus it was a wanderlust icon! and things just kept spiraling completely out of control from there. (also WANDERLUST. I have it so badly.)

+ People have been wonderfully awesome today! flist, carry on being awesome! <333

+ One thing that was not particularly awesome - in the lesson at Sunday school today, the teacher spent a good five-ten minutes talking about how it's your fault (and only yours) if you're upset, or sad. Which - okay, I think I'm a mindset where I can actually talk intelligently about this for a moment. rambling for a moment. )

+ Huh! I still feel happy. This is good. 

+ You guys, the "gotcha" moment from the Doctor Who finale is now guaranteed to make me start crying. Actual tears! OH SEASON FIVE, how so AWESOME?

+ I have writing mojo back! Interestingly enough, not for fanfic at all (oops! uh. I will get those things I need to write done! I will! Just not today. Or this week.). In fact, it is all for original fic, Harborverse and then I've got some 2K of character outlining and scene bits for something to put in the WIP folder and come back to later. Or possibly I'll just write today, whatever I want to, because I have inspiration and I have been missing this so much, so MUCH. The joy of writing is a beautiful thing, and I really needed that yesterday, and I love the feeling and the joy of visualizing things and writing them down and I just love it so so much. <3333 I'm off to write now! 

ETA: I almost forgot! I wanted to link you to all to this fantastic anti-rape ad - apparently it is being run in Scotland? It is really well-done.


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