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First up! There were some beautiful things written for me recently.

written for me + two vid recs + comic rec )

stuff I've written recently )

And while I don't feel like tracking down all the stuff I wrote this year, I figure I might as well answer the end-of-year writing questions meme because why not?

talking about fic )

Um, I'm also going to declare this free-for-all on asking me anything about anything I've written. I kind of doubt there are questions, but if there are feel free to ask, or tell me that I got something wrong, or other stuff.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Am all caught up on Leverage for this season! OH OT3 OF JOY AND BEAUTY. <333333 breaking beer bottles! shooting jealous glances! calling each other "baby!"! (Elliott NOT MINDING.) being made of WIN and WONDERFUL and breath-taking AWESOME. yessss.

in other news, even Leverage has not been enough for me to do some really bad mood switching today. UGH. so now I'm going to watch some of Alice, because it makes me smile A LOT, and then I'm going to go to bed. and hopefully wake up at a reasonable time tomorrow. heh.

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+ Am now all caught up with SPN, having finally watched the last four episodes. Oh, SPN. I am very glad I have never let you completely take my heart or it would be completely shattered right now. As is I am sad and worried and upset and at the same time SO impressed with what you are doing with the story. COME ON GUYS THINGS HAVE TO WORK OUT. Caaaaastiel! )

+ Leverage! This was actually about a month ago now (three weeks?) but I finally watched all the way through the Season 2 finale and ohhhhh my heart. OH TEAM. like familyyyy )

+ Criminal Minds returns next week! with what looks to be actually quite an interesting episode. The people for the spin-off intrigue me more and more the more previews I see. we shall seeeee!


Now off to bed, after I take a quick shower and brush my teeth! for I must be awake at 5 in order to get to the sunrise service at church. (I always go to the sunrise service on Easter. You don't have to be a Christian to appreciate the feeling of sanctity and joy that it has.)
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all kinds of things!

first things first, and out of the way. I am fabulous. doing well, controlling my mood swings (yesterday with the aid of horribly sad TV - don't ask how that works, but it totally does. catharsis or something.), and getting lots of work done. signed up for Remix, and cannot wait. have been writing quite a bit, including ~1K of sequel-ish Edmund/Ianto hijinks. Unfortunately for easy writing, Jack just had to go and add onto Ianto's already considerable abandonment/intimacy issues, which means I cannot write gratuitous kissing until I resolve said ~issues~. also, it is raining and generally being spring-like in FL, and it is FANTASTIC. I cannot get over how much I have missed the azaleas and the tall tiny purple flowers and the clover and SPRIIIING. so pretty!

NOW FOR RECCING. you guys, this could take a while.

Oh, fandom. You'll be the death of me yet. )

And now I'm going to go to sleep! WOOO.

EDIT: Fixed the link to the SGC training days story, thanks Mercury!


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