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First up! There were some beautiful things written for me recently.

written for me + two vid recs + comic rec )

stuff I've written recently )

And while I don't feel like tracking down all the stuff I wrote this year, I figure I might as well answer the end-of-year writing questions meme because why not?

talking about fic )

Um, I'm also going to declare this free-for-all on asking me anything about anything I've written. I kind of doubt there are questions, but if there are feel free to ask, or tell me that I got something wrong, or other stuff.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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(so, I think I'm mostly back! Finals next week, some A.P. Gov left, nothing in Latin but my final exam, and I'm done! OMG YAY.)

okay, so. remember the three-sentence ficathon that everyone at your f-list has probably been talking about. yeah.

this is a story in which [ profile] grim_lupine and I make our best efforts to expose the entire fiction world of characters to Edmund Pevensie, because everyone should Edmund. ("NEEDS MORE EDMUND." "What does?" "EVERYONE.")

a fabulous saga )

Other things I've written this ficathon.

:DDD this is fuuuun! )


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